Niansheng also noticed that the eyes of these immortal masters refused to accept such a sword comparable to the innate Lingbao Excalibur. Besides, it was raining and evil to take out this sword and instantly make the sword feel a little tempted. Obviously, this sword has a strong fit with what he understands!

"Rain heterodox friend this Xuanyuan sword is too expensive for me …"
"I said that one thing for another, this sword may look very valuable to you, but it is not as good as this sword in my eyes." As soon as the words are finished, it rains and evils, and Niansheng refuses to directly hand this Excalibur over to Niansheng. At the same time, his eyes are swept away, and the greedy eyes of the onlookers Taiyi Xianzun and Da Luo Xiandi are closed. "I gave this sword away. If one day I find out that this sword is not a Niansheng, I don’t ask why to kill it!"
Yet those who had some ideas about Xuanyuanjian were abandoned by the practitioners.
Just now, it rained evil and the star palace palace master Yun Xinghe met. They still remember the scene clearly. This woman can compete even with the peak of Luo Jinxian and occupy the geographical advantage. Looking at the whole wild ancient world, Yun Xinghe can win him. I’m afraid it’s horrible. Qing Di has a wild ancient first person, Wan Xianchao.
Being cared for by such a terrible master, unless they take the Xuanyuan sword and never set foot in the wild ancient world again, even if they go to the ends of the earth, they can’t escape the fate of being hunted to death!
After the rain left this sentence, I turned directly to the huge sword that was a little bigger than the sacred sword of the heavens and the earth. It was so huge that it was like a hanging mountain. The sacred sword of the heavens and the earth immediately shrank less than a few breaths and became as big as an ordinary weapon!
Seeing this scene, many masters of the sword Sect, Gu Qingbu, are shining at the moment!
In particular, Niansheng immediately turned white. "We have owned this sword by a sword Sect for many years, but no one has been able to shrink it or get it into the fairy, let alone move it. The only thing is that it contains the meaning of the sword, which can help us realize all kinds of magical powers for a sword Sect. The heterodox friends can not only sense this giant sword, but also play some wonderful things to a certain extent. It can be seen that she must be destined for this sword!"
After thinking about this, I put away this holy sword and finally became comfortable.
If the evil of rain and rain can really exert the power of the sacred sword of heaven and earth, the value will not be a Xuanyuan sword.
"The evil hand in the rain has a sword whose name is absolutely fairy-like. I saw four swords and one immortal in the sacred sword of the heavens and the earth that day. The most famous word" absolutely immortal "in the world is the absolutely immortal sword among the four swords of the immortals, and this four swords of the sacred sword of the heavens and the earth are also visible in the four swords of the immortals. What’s the secret in the immortal sword she got? "
GuQing heart secretly thoughtfully!
Seeing the rain evil leave, he won’t stay in the palace for a long time. He bowed his hand to Taoist Qingyuan and Niansheng and flew directly to recover from the rain evil.
Watching Gu Qing and Tian Yu Xie leave Yun Xinghe’s heart, I don’t know how to relax a little. Only one of them can hear the sound to himself. "Tian Yu Xie, Gu Qing … These two people are getting worse and worse than a mystery. I have never heard of their names in advance. When did they become so many masters in the ancient world … It seems that the power of heaven is recovering and those great fairies who are asleep are gradually waking up …"
Guqing out of the star palace body law constantly looming in a short time has chased away the evil rain.
And the evil rain in front of him seems to be aware of the fact that he has stopped following Guqing, so he looks cold and cheerless and waits!
"You’ve made rapid progress over the years!"
Gu Qing shook his head and asked directly without answering, "If I’m not mistaken, the sword you just got from a sword Sect is a very famous four swords for killing immortals in the wild world. I wonder if it’s right?"
Rain evil was silent for a moment and bluntly replied, "Yes!"
"people do things with a purpose."
"If you must know, I can tell you that our goals are actually the same."
Qing Di?’
"Qing Di? Maybe. If he really has the concise power to break heaven, then we have the same goal, but … I don’t see this potential in him! "
The ancient green eye pupil is slightly coagulated!
What is the common purpose of his sudden daytime rain heresy?
Get rid of the control of heaven, fate and rules!
Her goal is freedom, restraint and freedom!
"Will you bear this cause and effect?"
"There is always a price to pay for getting strength. I am helping her to bear this cause and effect. I get strength from her and promise to help them free their souls and get … freedom!"
"She? They? "
Gu Qing frowned, thinking in the sea that it was natural to hear the female voice outside the virtual sword hall!
Rain evil shook his head as if he saw something. "It’s not direct to rush to the virtual sword hall. I stayed in the virtual sword hall for three thousand years, but I got some help from the owner. It’s a pity … those people don’t seem to have the courage to fight as I imagined. They are just poor people who bow to their fate!"
"It’s raining evil. I want to know that the whole thing went through the ancient robbery of the peerless devil, the owner of Chongxu Sword Museum!"
"I didn’t elaborate on these things with you before because you didn’t have the corresponding strength. Now we have a common goal, and you already have the strength to fight against fate. It’s no harm to tell you." As soon as the words were finished, it was raining and evil, and a picture full of realism suddenly appeared in front of them, which was the last scene of the ancient robbery
"This is the image of the ancient robbery!"
"Well, you know?"
Gu Qing glanced at the sword of the Heaven and Earth, which was put away by the evil rain, and nodded. "I got some memento mori from that sword!"
"The protagonists of the ancient robbery include the four-way heavenly robbery, the celestial world, the ten-square universe and the spiritual world!"
When it rains and evils speak, the image is also changing rapidly. Every time you say a place name, the image changes once. The appearance of heaven is a floating, chaotic celestial world 33 days away. The representative of the ten-square universe is the attacking party in the battlefield of the ten-square universe. The peerless devil in the spiritual world is the blue star.
"The whole thing goes back to the war of sealing gods, the war of sealing gods, the battle of the spiritual world, and the failure of the first world war. Zu Hongjun made a bet to break away from heaven, jump out of the three realms and not enter the five elements. He erased everything that had his own brand and entered the ten-square universe by coincidence after several cycles!"
"Everything happens for a reason, and God is sealed with fruit. In World War I, his strength hit the heaven world, and a gap in the ten-square universe made the two worlds contact and collide, resulting in cause and effect. The ten-square universe he entered still did not get rid of the power of heaven, which ended the cause and effect, so no one knew the situation. A new round of robbery started!"
"His chess entered the ten-square universe and killed the first master of the ten-square universe. It was his ten-square universe that ended in cause and effect, but the ten-square universe was unwilling to fail before it died. The identity of the master imposed karma on him, which made him entangled in karma, and then he played the ancient celestial channel and led the ancient celestial heaven forces to attempt to destroy him!"
Guqing is a positive response!
Everyone knows that if it is successful, there will be no rush to the virtual sword hall.
"What is inviting the wolf into the room? I don’t think it is possible for the first master of the Ten-side Universe to know, because he has fallen, but playing the Ten-side Universe Channel before his fall has become a new cause, just like borrowing and returning things can’t get rid of the causal cycle. He used the power of heaven to nullify the Lord of the spirit world … This is because … and the fruit … That is because he is far from bearing the whole Ten-side Universe … "
The third volume The stars gather together to break the path in the three hundred and twelfth time
The result of "the whole ten-square universe can bear it" has witnessed the final field of the ten-square universe.
"Heaven has invaded the ten-square universe!"
"Maybe it’s not an invasion. It’s the owner of the Ten-side Universe’s own kind of cause and effect. He doesn’t know that the price he will pay is so heavy. Greed makes people lose their senses. Desire makes people crazy. Only those who are deep in the so-called quantity robbery can seize the chance of life. When the first owner of the Ten-side Universe dies, his height law becomes the main thing. The so-called high law enters the Ten-side Universe and does not hesitate to wage war. Except for some people who are controlled by desire, the medicine can save them. It should be the quantity robbery and sacrifice
"It is very simple that a small country borrowed an army from a powerful country to suppress the national chaos. In the end, instead of suppressing it, even its own national forces were completely beaten. All the treasures were exposed, so those defeated soldiers turned into bandits and plundered all the resources in that small country!"
Speaking of this, a slight sigh from Guqing is a method to evaluate whether this matter is wrong or right!
"Everything happens for a reason. If the Lord of the spirit world kills the first master of the ten-square universe, the cause and effect will be owed, and then the second master of the ten-square universe will be born, and this cause and effect must be ended."
Gu Qing’s eyes fell on the peerless devil in the picture!