You know, the top array is the top array, and besides the avenue it represents, it also arranges things and information.

Chapter one hundred and four Ling Zhu
There are many innate array methods in the wild, all of which have great origins and are the embodiment of innate Tao.
Yin-Yang Tao, Three Talents Tao, Five Elements Tao … The innate array derived from several innate Tao supporting the universe is more powerful than representing the source of heaven and earth.
Can there be a large array of stars on Sunday, a large array of gods and evil spirits, and a large array of immortals and swords, which are listed separately as the three top arrays in the wild?
It’s not that its innate array method is not strong, but that these three kinds of congenital large arrays are too extraordinary and more than the other innate arrays.
It can be said that these three innate large arrays can overwhelm the innate array, but they still rely on the power behind them. As far as physical power is concerned, they are not stronger than the innate array.
The base of the 365 main stars of the Sunday Star Array is controlled and suppressed by more than 300 Luo Jinxian digital quasi-saints.
The base of Pangu’s heart array is controlled by twelve quasi-holy ancestors to gather Pangu’s true body;
The Sword Array for Killing Immortals is a set of heavenly treasures made up of five extremely innate spiritual treasures. After that, the ferocious spirit rolls around and slays the gods, which must be broken by four monks in the same environment.
This is what they rely on!
If you can’t get these things together, they are still the top law in the wild, but conan the destroyer’s power is exerted by the law
Compared with the large array, it is superior at the same level and can’t be named as the three major arrays in the wild.
Eye magic tire cloth congenital soil array is only a set of array methods, although powerful, but the lack of leading factors leads to the method to exert its power
Therefore, although this array can suppress the wind Zichen, it is not enough to try to kill him.
"Haha, I’m afraid you can’t kill me!" Looking at the petrified skin gradually, Zichen’s heart didn’t panic and laugh, and the mana exploded.
There is a glory in the thunder, and his body and mind are shining higher than the shadow of the gods.
In the ode, the virtual shadows of the gods are neatly printed, and wisps of light fly out of their hands and pour into the wind, and Zichen forms a heaven and earth oven.
"Heaven and earth oven for me to refine!"
When the oven of heaven and earth appeared on the first day, it turned around, and a huge suction suddenly came out, which would pour into the wind, zichen body and the earth’s source to suppress refining.
However, the earth source exhaustedly poured into the wind zichen body. Although heaven and earth have tried their best to refine it, many earth sources escaped and continued to destroy the wind zichen body.
"Well, no? Then come again! " Aware that it is difficult to compete with the earth’s source wind, Zichen frowned slightly and rushed out to bless it.
In an instant, the five-color brilliance shines, the oven vibrates and the furnace body vibrates, and the five elements of holy beast shadow emerge. At that time, the power can be multiplied and the speed of refining the earth source is accelerated in vain.
"Well, come again!" The change of heaven and earth oven makes Feng Zichen slightly happy and continue to exert her magical powers to bless it.
Whoosh The innate five elements of divine light swept out, wrapped the oven of heaven and earth, and the five colors of glow filled with terror, giving off the rules of heaven and earth, and the wind emerged, and all the earth sources of Zichen body were absorbed.
Boom Vientiane thunder is born with the sun’s divine light, and at the same time it explodes into a blazing flame. The power is magnificent, twisted, empty and brazen, and it burns to heaven and earth to help it refine the earth’s source.
All kinds of great magical powers have blessed the oven of heaven and earth, and amazing changes have taken place. A refined momentum has risen from its body in Ran Ran, distorting the broken rules of the avenue.
Hum, hum, hum!
See heaven and earth oven trembling for a moment unexpectedly broke through the congenital soil line large array blockade flying out of the wind zichen body suspended his head going round and round.
Suddenly, the huge suction distorts the square virtual, which makes the virtual collapse form a huge vortex.