Lonely cloud said yes.

Just after Piaoxuexian released the top spell of Piaoxuegu, more than a dozen high-order demons were frozen forever and didn’t wake up and fall.
It fell to the ground and broke into a pile of ice
Su Mo’s flesh and blood are strong, but it is absolutely unbearable for this kind of power to attack!
Fox thought for a moment and added, "The most important thing is how to get away from this ball of light."
Now the situation is different yesterday when Su Mo escaped from the sea of blood.
At this time, the six overlords and the three avenues are all kings.
And these nine top strong people are staring at this huge ball of light in the middle school. If someone fights for it, it will attract nine top strong people to besiege!
Even if Su Mo succeeds and then releases blood, he can’t escape!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Seal demon figure
deficient stroke
The war reached a fever pitch!
This time, the number of high-order demons that have fallen in kung fu has exceeded 100!
The six overlords are all angry in their hearts and have already moved the real fire.
They are subject to everywhere, except for the fact that Sandaojun is really a peerless arrogant Terran, but also because they have just experienced a big war.
When San Dao Jun met each other, their physical strength and combat power were greatly weakened.
But at this point they have no way out!
If Sandaojun goes deep into the Wan Yao Valley to repel their six overlords and take away this unknown treasure, their Wan Yao Valley will be a laughingstock of the mainland all day!
Sandaojun will also reach the extreme with this battle name!
The blood vessels of the old ape roared to the extreme, shaking his tall and massive body and falling frost.
The old ape stepped on one foot and went to the original frozen void, and cracks emerged and spread rapidly!
"Break it for me!"
The old ape jumped up and swung up and smashed it toward the front.
The golden light is coming in an instant!
The frost in the virtual world is broken, and the high-order demon struggles to get out of trouble, shaking and panting.
This time, the face of Kung Fu Group Demons has been blue with cold!
If it continues for a moment, they will all be frozen and cracked and completely fall, and they will never break free!
Although the realm is quite the same, San Dao Jun wants to be much worse than them!
The battlefield temperature is still low and scary!
In addition to the six overlords, the high-order demons are already timid.
The overlord of Jinyan Mountain exhaled a golden flame and swept away the shattered frost toward the battlefield.
At the same time, he bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a JingXie that fell into the golden flame.
The flame is full of fire, forming a golden sea of fire and burning away!
A few frosts melted the fog and the battlefield became foggy.
Qixia Valley Overlord’s eyes suddenly burst into two colorful rays of sunlight in generate and disappeared into the folding fan of sex and rain!
Several overlord instruments come at the same time.
Directly smash the folding fan of Yunyu Daojun to dim the light.
The overlord of Silvermoon Valley, the overlord of Thousand Snake Island and the main force of Mist Zeba hit the six-desire handprint with black magic, and it didn’t take long for them to be defeated instantly.
In a blink of an eye, all the means of sex and rain are broken!
Two people look a little pale.
It seems that the fierce battle group demon hard shakes the six overlords, which consumes a lot for both of them and is somewhat untenable.
the other side
Xianjian Daojun didn’t dare to come to the light ball easily.
The light department around this huge ball of light is full of heavenly killing swords, which exudes a firm but gentle and sharp spirit. Even he dare not try his hand!
Xianjian Daojun narrowed his eyes and waved his hands continuously. In the final half of the condensation method, a giant sword emerged and chopped off toward the ball of light!
The giant sword cut off the light ball and made an earth-shattering noise!
The light ball trembling seems to be stimulated by some kind, and generate makes a series of firm but gentle gallops, cutting the virtual capital into a series of cracks and killing!
Xianjian Daojun had already avoided it, but he quickly rushed to condense the law.
It’s another big sword cut off!
The light ball trembled again, and the shock wave filled it.
Boom Boom Boom
In a blink of an eye, xianjian daojun cut down three swords again!
Others can’t feel or see clearly.
But Su Mo embodies Candle dragon’s eyes, but he can clearly see that every time Xianjian Daojun cuts off a sword, the firm but gentle ball will attenuate a lot of light and gradually dim.
It’s not as dazzling as it was just born. It seems to destroy everything!
Su Mo realized that this may be a secret method of Jianzong, and the tactic of killing the sword by heaven established some kind of association.
Xian Jian Dao Jun tried to kill the sword in the light ball!