Daoxin ladder has gradually recovered from cold and cheerlessness here, and no one may come for a few days.

On this night
One person near the Daoxin ladder.
A figure dressed in a Confucian robe appeared in the warning of the Taoist ladder
After this figure appeared, it gently waved the robe sleeve to form a barrier around the heart ladder to isolate it from the outside world.
The Confucian robe man looked at the Taoist ladder with strange luster in his deep eyes.
A moment later, the Confucian robe man stepped on the first step of the heart ladder!
However, when a few people breathe, the Confucian robe man will climb to the second level!
In the past, several breathing Confucian robe men climbed to the third stage!
It seems that the test of Tao-mind ladder and Tao-mind has little influence on Confucian robe men.
The Confucian robe man climbed the ranks all the way, and each step was slightly paused, which didn’t cause much interference to him!
In an instant, the Confucian robe man has reached the first level!
Just then, another brother passed by nearby and looked at this side as usual.
The Confucian robe man is on the first step of the Taoist ladder, but in the monk’s eyes, the Taoist ladder is still one person
This is a method similar to a smoke screen, but extremely high.
Even the fairy king arrival may not be able to see the flaw!
If the younger brother can see the Taoist ladder, the Confucian robe man will be surprised.
Because of climbing the heart ladder, this Confucian robe man is the patriarch of the hospital!
The younger brother passed by here and left soon without stopping.
The patriarch of the courtyard looks as usual, and then step on the ninth order!
The ninth ord is that wisdom order that he condense.
This layer of mind will naturally have no effect on him.
Courtyard patriarch slightly upward looking at the ninth order that a layer of stone steps smiled and whispered, "I’m a little curious about what it would be like to be above my mind …"
As he spoke, the patriarch of the courtyard lifted the Confucian robe and stepped up to the tenth order!
When he stepped on the tenth step, a huge and unimaginable will fell from the sky and surged like a volcano, like a raging sea!
The patriarch of the hospital has never felt such a strong will of the mind!
Great fear, great courage, great courage and great wisdom!
Although thousands of people have gone!
The sky can’t cover it. No!
This Taoist heart is brighter than the stars in the sky!
Even his mind can resist this will and burn!
The patriarch’s look changed greatly, and he was shocked to fall from the Taoist ladder.
He was still in the middle of the class, so he steadied himself and landed slowly.
Failed …
The patriarch’s look is complicated.