Half a month later.

These clan forces have returned messages one after another, but there is no good solution
Although Qin Pianran never said anything, his brow could not hide his loss.
"Don’t worry yet"
Su Mo said, "Xiao Ning hasn’t heard back yet. She has become a brother of Danyang Gate, and there must be some methods."
Five more days passed.
Danyang Menlinghe flies into the bamboo forest!
Qin Pianran hurriedly rushed over and couldn’t wait to beat the crane.
"Yuan Shen’s wound is extremely difficult to heal, and the best remedy is Jiuzhuan Huanshen Dan, but this panacea has long been out of Danyang."
See here Qin Pian ran dark at the moment.
Yan Beichen ended up in this situation because she saved her.
Her heart is more guilty than guilt
Su Mo picked Linghe with a small bottle on his foot, saying, "This is seven kinds of panacea sent by Xiao Ning, and it has some therapeutic effects on Yuan Shen. You can try one first."
These panaceas are certainly not as good as the nine-turn resurrection pill, but they can give it a try.
Yan Beichen tried a magic pill every day for the next few days.
It’s seven kinds of magic pills. I tried it again, but there’s still no sign of improvement
"Eldest brother Qin Daoyou, don’t worry too much."
Su Mo said, "I’ve asked Dimly discernible peak to pay attention to the major auction houses and trading houses. If there is news of Jiuzhuan Huanshen Dan, I will definitely help you find it!"
"That’s it."
Qin Pian ran a sigh in my heart.
Three days passed.
This day Su Mo three people are chatting casually in the cabin.
Sue ink heart movement seems to have turned to look.
"What’s the matter?"
Qin Pianran asked a consciousness to follow Su Mo’s eyes to see the past.
There is a figure over there in the bamboo forest!
Qin Pian ran and a quiver exclaimed!
She is a sword Sect, a Taoist monarch, a fighter and a mind. Even if she sees a fit and powerful Mahayana bodhi old zu, she won’t be so rude.
But this figure is really terrible!
But it’s like a huge black hole that emits endless hatred and seems to devour everything!
This hatred can affect the monk’s mind.
If the Tao’s heart is not strong, it will be completely abolished if it is contaminated by this hatred.
From hating Daojun!
If you can keep calm and calm under this kind of hatred, there is Su Mo.
Even Yan Beichen frowned.
Su Mo’s eyes calmly examined the hatred of Tao Jun.
From hate Dao Jun, of medium build, dressed in a black robe, black hair shawl, deep eyes and dark hands, dragging a long knife wrapped in magic gas and walking slowly.
The long knife crossed the ground and quietly left a clear trace!
Sue ink looked at the long knife handle pupil contraction slightly.
This knife is terrible!