"I knew it would be bad," said Xiao Xunnai.

"Don’t worry, Xiao Xun, you must be fine with me." Xuan said confidently.
"I’m miserable with you," Xiao Xun murmured.
"By the way, how are you and Ying?" Small embalm hexagrams to ask
Hearing this, Xuan’s eyes darkened and she said bitterly, "He has a crush."
"You flinched? It’s not like you Xuan son "small embalm know I put my foot in my mouth.
"They really love each other and it’s me, Fabi."
"Sister!" ⊙⊙ … The world which have such a coincidence?
"….." Xiao Xun was silent.
"Xuan son calm I don’t have much handsome boy to introduce you to a few more" small embalm comfort.
Moreover, Xiao Xun’s words are relatively loud, and when someone hears them, his face turns black immediately, and the temperature drops by tens of degrees, but he doesn’t find a soft side beside someone, staring at someone intently and seeing someone fall in love …
"Don’t say that your former owner is a peerless man who gets into the kitchen and out of the hall." Xiao Xun strongly recommended his brother.
"How about that?" Xuan son followed Xiao Xun.
"Xuan son, why do you ask the sample like this? It’s really superficial." Xiao Xun said contemptuously.
"But no matter how good the quality is, it won’t work without packaging?" Xuan son also justly.
"What do you think of my genes?" Xiao Xun said
"Roughly, but sometimes crazy." This person is too honest.
Xiao Xun rolled his eyes and said, "You are crazy."
"That person you what?"
"My own brother" Xiao Xun said proudly.
"Sister, can’t you give some response?" Xiao Xun was in tears ╮ ╯ ╰) ╭
"Ha-ha, when will you, miss America laguna, be willing to introduce your peerless brother to me?" Xuan son smiled.
"I’ll let you have lunch because you are so sincere!" Small embalm see xuan son smiled a sigh of relief.
"That I’m really looking forward to N73 cold smoked love flowers.
At lunch, Xiao Xun took Xuan Er and Hao around "Love Sakura" before going to the dining hall. When they arrived, everyone was here.
Nangong Muze frowned when he saw Xuaner and Hao Xiaoxun. "Who are Xiaoxun?"
"Hello everyone, my name is Han Zhixuan. You can just call me Xuan Er. Xiao Xun and I are good friends." Xuan Er was the first to introduce herself.
"My name is Mu Junhao and Xuan Er are friends of Xiao Xun." Hao also said.
"Since you are friends of Xiao Xun, that is, our friends, hello, my name is Qian Ling Pupil" Wan Wan said heroically.
"official wing"
"Ouyang Xuan"
"Mu Yu"
"Huangfu Nuohan"
"Hello, my name is Huangfuya Rou." Rourou blushed at Hao and said that Hao gave a smile back. Rourou blushed even more, which was all laughed by Xiao Xun in his eyes.
"Hello, my name is Nangong Muze."
"How?" Small Xun Xuan son ear to ask
"Not bad, but it seems much worse than him." Xuan said bitterly.
"Not necessarily!" Xiao Xun said with a wink