Dozens of strange things happened in one afternoon.

Besides, all the accident victims either threw garbage into the lake or did something bad.
This network is blown up.
There is another problem.
"If you evaluate the incident of Jiahu Lake’s epiphany?"
"Where is the lake god in this world? Wait, I remember that the owner lived nearby. It’s hard to say. "
"But if anything strange happens, ask the landlord!"
Well, we’re all experienced.
Chapter 54 Fishing is a real chat
Dad Zhuang is very busy recently.
Those international winemakers have been here for a long time and refused to leave.
It’s hard to send them away, but there’s another guy who won’t leave anyway
That’s the big Hu winemaker
Dad Zhuang is worried. There are so many secrets in his manor. There is an outsider hanging around here all day, which makes Dad Zhuang very nai.
Well, this Dahu winemaker is very disciplined and never goes near Zhuangda winemaking area without permission.
Dad Zhuang thinks it’s estimated that he has fallen in love with all kinds of wines with different flavors brewed by Dad Zhuang when he was cultivating brewing strains in front of the winery, but recently he has suffered from seedlings.
However, Dahu doesn’t drink Zhuang Dad’s wine for nothing. Recently, he shipped several large boxes from Nut State to Guizhou, including his pride and his collection of good wine.
One bottle for another.
In this respect, this Dahu winemaker is very suitable for Zhuang’s dad, and he is a straightforward person.
Although the two people don’t understand the language, they can communicate with each other with lively gesticulations, and sometimes they can have a good friend appearance.
Besides drinking, Dahu winemaker also has a habit of fishing.
However, people’s hobbies are not sitting with a fishing rod beside a small river ditch for an afternoon, and their fishing style is relatively high, such as sea fishing.
It’s fun to fight a huge fishing rod with a shark or tuna (if there is one) in the sight of the sea for an afternoon.
However, the current state does not have the conditions to go to sea, so he can carry a small fishing rod and make do with it in the lake.
However, this person is very interesting. It seems that he can never make do with a small fishing rod, dragging a small Mazar and wearing a green hat, and squatting by the lake seems to make him sit all day.
Dad Zhuang has no time to accompany him. He doesn’t know many people here. If he sees Zhuang not far away, he will shout "jr!" While holding out his bear’s paw, he grabbed his shoulder and dragged him to go fishing together. In the past two days, Zhuang has caught fish twice. It’s not bad to think about it and think about life.
However, since he dragged Zhuang not far and fished twice, he never asked Zhuang not far to go together. It was boring to go with Zhuang not far and became a person to go fishing again.
Today, he went out with a fishing rod and came back wet after a long time.
"What’s the matter?" Dad Zhuang wondered, "Did you fall into the river?"
"Zhuang!" Hu excited way "monster! There are monsters in the lake! "
"Ah?" With his fascinating understanding ability, Zhuang Dad understood the big nonsense "monster? What monster? Did you get dragged into the lake by a monster? You can be careful! "
"I am an excellent fisherman and hunter! Watch me hunt it! " Dahu patted his chest with excitement and then ran to pack it himself.
This box was shipped by Dahu from Jianguo, and it was full of his treasures. There are all kinds of equipment. Sometimes Dad Zhuang thinks that this thing is a match with Zhuang’s backpack. I really don’t know when he can drag a brewing team out of it.
In less than five minutes, Dahu went out excitedly with a huge fishing rod and sang a heroic song in his mouth.
Dad Zhuang thought it might be like he sang the song of returning from shooting or guerrillas.
"You can be careful," Zhuang Dad hurriedly told him and shook his head.
This foreigner is just different from the state. How can the state be so excited when this happens?
Dahu returned to the lake with a huge fishing rod and was immediately surrounded by several old men and women.
"Look, look, that foreign ghost was dragged into the lake just now, and he didn’t give up and came with such a big fishing rod!"
"These foreign ghosts are too greedy!"
"I don’t know how to die if I offend the lake god!"
I don’t blame everyone for whispering.
There are not one or two fishermen dragged into the lake today.
Old men and old ladies found a rule.
Fishermen will be fine if they throw the fish back into the lake after fishing.