After all, most monsters are alone, and the demon hunters don’t need the strong physical strength of the army.

After Hui Ji became a Buddhist teacher, he did not forcibly reverse this way of fighting, but this foundation emphasized the importance of "combination"
For the vast majority of demon hunters, they are still alone.
But the appearance of "being alone" is the fact that more demon hunters are working together behind the scenes.
The demon-hunting division with strong fighting capacity is responsible for cutting and removing demons …
Demon hunters with unusual talent for tracking and divination are responsible for searching the whereabouts of demons …
Specialists who specialize in special alchemy and refining devices are responsible for refining special Dan medicine instruments behind the scenes …
Hui Ji even singled out some demon-hunting teachers who were dedicated to practicing and were responsible for compiling the practice method and the demon catalogue …
Therefore, compared with Zhao Guizhen’s period, Qin Tianjian is now able to walk outside. Although the number of demon hunters has been greatly reduced, their achievements are even better than before.
In Hui Ji’s words, this is called "special warfare"
Fan Yuzheng is a member of this "special war", and his duty is to be responsible for uniting fighters from all over the world to prepare for the battle.
To be honest, Fan Yu didn’t have much talent in practice, and his timid character made him not want those ferocious and terrible monsters to fight each other to death.
If it was Zhao Guizhen’s period, people like Fan Yu would be screened in the initial stage and then assigned to a township to serve as the envoy of the local government.
However, with the concept of "teamwork", Fan Yu discovered his own talent of "running" during the quiet period.
For Fan Yu, it is not that difficult to achieve the ultimate goal of the whole Qin Tianjian prison.
Coupled with the miniaturization of the "round mirror", it is generally necessary for Qin Tianjian to have that requirement, and Fan Yu can unite a corner of the land of China to arrest demons in one day.
The fact is that Fan Yu has gone to great pains to run Qin Tianjian this month, and 90% of the fighters have secretly sneaked into Tanzhou territory.
Just like Fan Yuzheng has made contact with a newly-arrived demon-hunting master through his specially-treated circular mirror.
"Have you entered Tanzhou?"
Somewhere in the corner of the humble street, see travel-stained Fan Yu holding a bronze mirror and asking.
"I have arrived, remember to send me the latest’ target’ information and location."
Soon a rough and deep sound came from the other end of the bronze mirror.
With the appearance of this rough and deep sound, the bronze mirror surface is marked with a big red "danger" position by a road map of overlooking angle.
That is the so-called "goal"-choose to follow Huang Chao to subvert the evil spirits of the Tang Dynasty.
"I have sent you the target, but you must not act without authorization this time."
Knowing each other’s recklessness and impulsiveness, Fan Yu hurriedly said after sending the target position to each other.
"You go first and contact the local company Chen Shi to report your position and then get the’ trench’ first …"
Tone slightly paused a Fan Yuji continued stressed.
"I don’t want to be ordered by the boss to say that I have embezzled your trench again."
Hear Fan Yu say so bronze mirror on the other side obviously some nai sighed.
"Is it not some healing Dan medicine and disposable multiplier? Is it necessary to be so serious? "
"It’s not that you don’t know my strength, and you can’t hurt me with those little demons and kids!"
In the face of the dispute on the other side of the bronze mirror, Fan Yu was straightforward and rolled his eyes.
"No matter your strength, this is the rule of the Buddhist!"
"I know you are used to doing your own thing, but there must be no accidents in this’ encirclement and suppression’!"
"In addition, I have helped you to unite the recent combatants …"
"If you find that the information I sent you is different, remember not to act in the form of a’ three-person team’ of nearby combatants by one person."
Say Fan Yu also too lazy to tangle with the other side and gently point a bronze mirror surface.
One second, a line of words flashed on the surface of the bronze mirror blessed with "circular light", and then it quickly jumped to a combatant who needed to contact.
The words "a hundred people slaughtered" can be seen vaguely in the text that flashed before.
Chapter 56 One hundred beheaded people tu Li Xi
"Yeah, I hung up again!"
Looking at the bronze mirror back to normal, the round mirror is called "a hundred beheadings" and Leahy can’t help licking her lips.
Li Xi Zhao Guizhen, the demon master with the oldest qualifications and the largest number of murders, stepped back and will stay in a remote town in the south of the Yangtze River for a generation.
As a result, I didn’t expect that this new Buddhist was really worthy of being called "the Buddha with evil spirits", and even dared to enlighten himself.
"Although this new Buddhist has many rules, I have to admit that he also has many tricks."
Looking at the round mirror in his hand over and over, Li Xi never thought.
This door was originally used to spy on Taoist magic from a distance, but it will be specially refined to contact the instrument one day.
Through this circular mirror, Li Xi can not only quickly determine his current position, but also lock the range of "target" and "teammate"
I’m afraid the only drawback is that the range of circular mirror is too small.
Once it goes beyond the scope of a circular mirror, this circular mirror is no different from an ordinary bronze mirror.
But this is enough, at least for Leahy.
With this round mirror, Li Xike can contact the nearby Si Chen envoy and the demon hunter at any time, which greatly reduces the situation of "manslaughter" when killing to the fullest.
Of course, if Li Xi finds out that the local Si Chen envoy and the demon hunter fish the people again, even if he has a round mirror, he can’t stop him from "manslaughter"
The big deal was sent back to Jiangnan town. Anyway, Li Xi has long been used to it
If Li Xi still holds the title of "the strongest demon hunter" and wants to dispose of others, he must weigh his own weight first.
""trench "?"
"I wonder if there are any interesting gadgets in the trench this time."
Conveniently put the round lens into his arms. Li Xi recognized the direction slightly and walked towards the nearest Si Chen envoy.
—— Every combatant must go to the local Secretary Chen to get the corresponding "trench" before fighting.
This is another new rule after Hui Ji became a Buddhist.
In addition to some normal healing pills and instruments, these trench often have special props specially aimed at the "target"
According to the investigation of the demon hunter who was in charge of collecting information in advance, these special props include, but are not limited to, menstrual blood, black dog blood, shroud, Buddhist scriptures and Taoist scriptures, which are more than some machine-made objects.
God knows how those demon hunters who are in charge of logistics got these things.
Anyway, every time Li Xi sees the trench, he will feel a sense of sighing.
Thanks to full prior investigation and strong logistical support, although the number of demon hunters who really participate in the battle has dropped sharply, the results and casualties have been guaranteed to the maximum extent.