"Bully you?" He said with an understatement and handed it to me from the other end of the sentence. "My sister, I will take it back for a few days. Is this bullying?" According to you, you lied to me, and I have to figure it out one by one. "

"thin words!" She suddenly hysterical roar is resentment to bone disgust and ability to roar "you say! What are you going to do to let me go and let my child go! "
He seems to have heard a big joke. Pass it to me with a deep sexy smile and a disdainful smile. Man, we’ve only signed this contract for a few days. You just want me to let you go? "
That kind of brain has been in a tight state, but suddenly it relaxes to the height difference. Does she still come to refute that she feels at the moment? Completely unconscious …
Next to him, the police got a fright. Did he hold his consciousness? Man "? Miss? ? Miss you wake up … "
Bo Jingyan, who was driving, heard the police shouting and turned pale. She also slammed on the brakes in the road.
A sudden stop of the tire screeched on the ground.
"Hey talk! ? Man, you talk to me … "He shouted at a burst of rage.
"Hello, is this Mr. Bo?" A strange line came. "I’m the head of the police station. This way? Miss suddenly fainted … "
"Then what are you waiting for?" Bo Jing’s words were deeply concentrated, and the whole car echoed with his angry roar, "Don’t send people to the hospital quickly!"
Hang up. Did Bo Jingyan get there at the first time? When the car in Mann’s hospital is fast? Mann also just arrived at the hospital.
After diagnosis, she was seriously deficient in nutrition these days, which led to anemia, and she was treated from time to time with a cold and fever, which caused acute pneumonia.
The doctor in the ward looked at Bo Jingyan like an alien and didn’t understand "how can a good person be malnourished? It’s not like he can’t afford to eat or drink …"
Bo Jing looked at the bed without saying a word and fell asleep? Mann looked at her motionless until the doctor left him.
Until noon, Bai Mi sent him a message, "President Rui Rui said he wanted to see you. What do you think?"
Bo Jingyan glanced at his watch and said lightly, "I’m in the hospital now and let Lin’s assistant car send him over."
Mann woke up from his lethargy and opened his eyes to see Bo Jingyan sitting in front of her.
She tried to sit up from the bed regardless of her strange body, and when she moved, she pulled her voice and coughed.
Bo Jing said that she patted her back and Junmei couldn’t help but wrinkle up "Lie down!"
She didn’t want to shake her head and pull his left sleeve. His face was pale and terrible. "Where did you get him?"
"The first thing to do when you wake up is to find your illegitimate child?" Bo Jingyan mocked and pulled a lip corner "Lie back!"
She didn’t seem to hear what he said and kept asking him, "Is Rui Rui okay? What did you do to him? "
The handsome face of the man is as heavy as water. "I told you to lie back. Did you hear that?"
"I don’t want it!" ? Mann hangs her head and looks sad, but her mood seems to be out of control. "You give me my son back!" "
Bo Jingyan stared at her with heavy eyes and just wanted to force her to press her in the hospital bed? Mann is like a touch to avoid his touch.
Bo jingyan’s face "shua" sank.
He sneered at his hands and buckled her shoulders again. Did he just reach out? Mann’s violent struggle and rejection means "don’t touch me!" "
Because of the struggle, her severe cough is getting heavier and heavier. Bo Jingyan’s consciousness is loose, but her eyes are tightened again. The woman who resists him is cold and cold. "You don’t want to live, do you?"
"You give me my son back … give me my son back!" She was out of control with these words.
"Get well as soon as possible if you want, and go back to Nanling Villa honestly, otherwise you will never want to see your baby in this life!"
Thin jiing words say that finish strode out of the ward to leave? Man sat alone in the big bed of the ward and secretly wiped his tears.
Bo Jing spoke out of the ward and went straight to the balcony. He was so upset that he took out a cigarette from his trouser pocket.
Cigarette gradually calmed his violent mood.
Vibrating again, he glanced at the screen, picked it up and asked directly, "Are you here?"
"It’s the president" Bai Mi should "take Rui Rui in?"
"No" Bo Jingyan’s eyes are very weak, and her lips pick out the inhuman shallow arc. "No, let him wait for me in the car, and …" Fingers flicked the ashes. "Find a way to connect with? Miss came back from America together. The woman told her? Miss is hospitalized in this hospital. Let her come over. "
After hanging up, he waited on the balcony for a while before turning and walking outside the hospital.
You have to pass by on the way out of the hospital? Man ward. He just arrived? It happened that a nurse came out of the door of Mann ward and saw him smiling. "Mr. Bo, it’s you!" "
Bo Jingyan gave a faint glance at the little nurse who didn’t look old. She nodded politely and was about to cross her and leave the nurse, but she wondered and called out, "Are you going out? ? The young lady is playing the infusion bag. She seems to be asleep. Why don’t you go in and watch the infusion bag? "
The man is handsome and gentle. "I have something to deal with. Someone will take over later."
The nurse with Bo Jingyan looked envious. "I didn’t expect such a handsome and rich man like Mr. Bo to be so devoted to you?" Miss together for at least five years? "
When Bo Jing heard this, she looked at the talking nurse and asked, "Who told you?"
"It seems that Mr. Bo has forgotten me." The nurse smiled. "Have you forgotten? I was your nurse when you were hospitalized in a car accident five years ago. "
"I don’t remember" Bo Jingyan narrowed slightly? "Eyes" is hard to hear. I was in the hospital at that time. What do you think of me? Is there any direct connection between the two after five years together? "
"Mr. Bo is quite joking." The nurse laughed more and more. "At that time, you were seriously injured and sent by an ambulance. You had to have surgery because of your injuries. Did we find the recent phone records from you? Miss, she took care of you day and night during your coma. Now? Miss is injured and you are taking care of her. Isn’t that enough to say that you have been together for five years? "
"You mean …" Bo Jingyan said that the bottom of her eyes rolled over rough waves. "What were the days when I was seriously injured and unconscious? Miss has been taking care of me? "
If so, why did he first see Ge Shu when he woke up? And Ge Shu naturally admitted that she had been taking care of him in a coma?
"Yes," the nurse nodded. "You won’t always be unclear, will you?"
Bo Jingyan didn’t say anything again. She glanced at it from the window, lying in the hospital bed with her eyes closed, and seemed to have fallen asleep. Man, there are still tears in the corner of the woman’s eye. He took one look and left the hospital with an expression on his face.
Bo jingyan said that the car was parked right in front of the hospital. When he drove, the little guy was already asleep.