Also see Sue ink what move Huang Jinshi prone to dust again.

"Uh …"
The golden lion groaned in pain.
It feels that its spine is almost crushed by this seemingly thin life!
The student’s legs clamped his ribs on both sides as if they were an indestructible iron hoop, and his flesh and blood roots would not hold.
Don’t say that it will be crushed to death if it is lifted off!
Huang Jinshi couldn’t believe his heart was yelling, "How can this thin student have such terrible physical strength!"
Just then, the student bowed slightly to his ear and whispered, "Be honest, don’t have any other thoughts."
As he spoke, the raw palm fell on his head and rubbed it gently.
It looks soft, but the golden lion is full of excitement and a chill is coming from the spine!
It clearly felt that the raw fingertip slightly poked out an inch and the fingernails crossed its scalp.
This nail is so sharp that it is sharper than a blade!
It has no doubt that this vital force can grasp its head out of five finger holes!
The golden lion wants to cry.
It finally realized that it was not this brainless person but this person who was strong enough.
Powerful enough to suppress it at any time even if it doesn’t sign a blood oath!
"Let’s go"
Sumo sound qi
Huang Jinshi suddenly felt thin before Wan Jun force like suddenly disappeared.
But this life is still riding it.
"Where did this happen? It’s really bloody mildew."
Huang Jinshi sighed and thought to herself, and suddenly became listless and slowly went towards the layman in the valley.
It’s crazy lion ridge, and it’s also a fierce beast with a face.
Entering this ancient battlefield, it intends to defeat the Terran’s arrogance and arrogance, and show its great power and fame.
I didn’t expect to have a big fall just a few days after I came in
Well, in the future, I will be invincible, and I can be a mount for others honestly.
Huang Jinshi is most worried about meeting the monster beast in the ancient battlefield in the future.
If those monsters see this, it’s really embarrassing. Huang Jinshi’s whole family is humiliated by it!
On second thought, the golden lion’s sadness came from it, and his eyes were a little wet.
"Sister, look at this lion. It seems to be crying!"
Next to a monk novel way
Hear this sentence Huang Jinshi face a black feet a stumble almost spit out an old blood.
"Be steady!"
Sumo reprimanded angrily to a.
I got a slap on the head for no reason
The golden lion really cried this time.
Chapter six hundred and forty-three South bucket pie