This train is a passenger train to Jiangzhou area, which has to pass through more than 20 points halfway, and the speed is relatively slow.

The regional army education office has already communicated with the railway management unit, and three trains have been specially reserved for the students returning to the local area, namely carriages 1, 6 and 9.
During the war, Qi Lin Ruan and some military officers from the Xujia family all took the No.1 sleeper car, while Xiaobai Wang Tianhui and them took the No.9 car, and the distance between the two sides was quite far, but there was no him in the car. The passengers were all officers.
After the train moved slowly, Qi Lin lay down on the sleeper and took off his coat before he got drunk at the graduation dinner, saying, "Don’t call me when I sleep."
"Brother Lin, don’t sleep. Get up and play cards together." This person is called Qi Wei. He was a platoon leader in the first 117th regiment of Qijiadi, Nanmu Life Town, Sichuan Province. He was young and energetic before being sent to the walk area for further study.
"I have a headache if I don’t fight or drink," Qi Lin replied with a wave. "I have to sleep when you play."
"Chief of staff, do you play?" Wei twist a head at the calendar war asked 1.
After studying a novel with some colors, I shook my head and said, "I won’t play with you."
Ruan sat in a small chair by the window and waved and said, "Come and I’ll play with you."
A group of officers gathered in an instant.
"Pay cash, but don’t charge to an account." Ruan looked at the crowd with a smile. "Come and get the poker. I’ll harvest you."
"How big is it?"
"One hundred dollars each"
"Ruan Tuan, this is too big."
"… how do I ask you to give me some?" Ruan quipped and asked
"Come on, come on"
With that, a group of high-spirited officers gathered around and played poker with Ruan.
Another car, Xiaobai, is talking to his wife Jiao Xu in a sleeper with a mobile phone.
"When will you get home?"
"It will take a while to get to Jiangzhou by car the day after tomorrow, so it’s estimated that I can get home late." Xiaobai said with tenderness on her feet. "Alas, I miss you …"
"You have a good mouth. I heard Xiaoliang say that you are idle and have nothing to do. Just go out and have a big drink with the officers in the district and go to the club." Jiao Xu said, grinding his teeth. "I’ll check you when you come back …"
"That’s no problem. I’ll go home to Sichuan House and let you check it." Xiao Bai said in a low voice, "Hey, if you have nothing to do, go out shopping and buy some tough socks."
"You are shameless!"
"I love you"
"You’re disgusting." Jiao Xu was disgusting.
"Hey, are we video?"
"I’m not kidding. Let’s talk about it later."
"Then send me a photo."
"I’ll send Nimale" Jiao Xu crisply scolded "All right, so I’ll pick you up in Jiangzhou the day after tomorrow"
"Love you!"
"Oh, come on, love you, love you." Jiao Xu replied and hung up the phone
Xiao Bai turned to look at his little brother and said, "Come to my bed and let me hug you for a while."
My brother’s name is Liang Xu. He is the youngest child of Xu Yan. He looks very white and looks like Jiao Xu. In recent years, Xiaobai put his spirit on him and harassed him when he was fine.
"Brother-in-law, don’t bother me. I feel very uncomfortable with hemorrhoids." Liang Xu said in a depressed mood
"… well, it’s not convenient for you either." Xiaobai sighed and said, "That’s no fun. I’ll go to bed, too."
In a few days, all the officers in the carriage will return to their units, and the wild day will be over. Everyone is in high spirits, either drinking or playing cards to chat and communicate with colleagues in other places.