I said,’ You tell the truth. Are you telling the truth?’ Ji Xiucai said,’ Which of my words is not true?’ "

I said,’ I was blown away by the wind and you said I went to your house by myself? How should I know where your home is? I don’t know the way!’ Ji Xiucai said,’ You don’t know the way, but won’t you hire a carriage? Isn’t that how you came back from my house today?’ "
I nu way’ you argue irrationally! And last night, your mother-in-law slept with me in the first half of the night, but in the second half of the night, the old woman disappeared, and you came to pester me, and I vowed to die. How do you say I pestered you?’ Ji Xiucai said,’ This can be called a mother-in-law card! See if you mean it or I mean it.’ I said,’ She’s your family. Of course she will help you!’ Ji Xiucai said,’ That’s a neighbor card! You said I would pester you. If so, you would definitely call for help and see if the neighbors heard me.’ "
I heard Ji Xiucai so tired and angry that he was cold and scolded,’ I love fame, but how could they hear it!’ Ji Xiucai sneered,’ You can’t do this, and you can’t dare to say that I’m lying without any real evidence? Today, if you don’t give everyone an explanation, we will sue the official! Sue you shameless whore!’ "
I’m shocked and angry. I haven’t said I’m going to sue the officials. They’re going to sue the officials and the wicked first. It’s insane! But there’s nothing I can do. I can’t prove my innocence. I can’t say that Ji Xiucai and all the people believe in him and don’t believe me. I can pin my hopes on the official body in any other way. I’m going to sue the official! "
Wang Ronghua couldn’t help interjecting, "Did you win?"
I was very sad and uncomfortable when I heard Wang Ronghua ask, "If I win, will there be ghosts?"
I didn’t find myself hoarse until I spoke this.
Wang Ronghua sighed and scolded a few words. Gui-hua wang’s eyes were red over there.
Listen to Yuzhu went on to say, "When the people in the government county knew about the trial, many onlookers outside the yamen were not responsible for hearing the case. The magistrate didn’t believe that the whirlwind could blow me away from the beginning, but it just happened to fall unscathed and just fell to Xu Xiucai’s friend Ji Xiucai’s house. I knew whether the case won or lost from the beginning."
Ji Xiucai said in the yamen that there was another old woman who argued from circumstantial evidence that I was really detained by the county magistrate as a shameless and corrupt slut. I agreed to the Xu family’s divorce. My father was angry and vomited blood on the spot, and I was completely desperate. I don’t know what bad things my generation did, which caused me to fall into this situation. I hate Ji Xiucai, Ji Popo, Xu Xiucai, Xu Juren and the county magistrate! "
I hate all decent people. They must be full of nasty things in their hearts! I was determined to die at that time. I smiled and said to the county magistrate,’ You are our parents on behalf of Tianmu, but you don’t distinguish between right and wrong. Your corpse is a vegetarian meal! You’ve got a pair of eyes and ears for nothing. I curse you for being born with wealth all your life, but you’re blind and deaf all your life!’ "
After hearing this, the magistrate was furious and sent someone to slap my mouth, but I still said that I was still cursing! "
I said to Xu Juren and Xu Xiucai,’ I’m your daughter-in-law who hasn’t gone through the door. I haven’t been stigmatized for more than ten years, but you don’t believe me. I believe that devil wears prada! I curse you for being your father for generations, but your father turned against you for generations, and your father was kind and unfilial! Don’t you want me to be a slut? I curse my son for marrying sluts and prostitutes for generations to come home! Destroy the lintel! "
I said to her mother-in-law,’ You are kind-hearted but so vicious! You’ve lived your life for nothing. You’re wasting people! You framed me and forced me to come to this place. I curse you for being a woman for generations, being wronged by your husband’s family and committing adultery for generations, being scolded by your husband and in-laws and being reviled by the world for generations! It’s impossible to avenge the wrongs forever! "
Finally, I looked at Ji Xiucai and laughed,’ You are so cruel and ashamed. You are not a person. You waste people. I want to give you the most vicious curse! I curse you for dying soon and then reincarnating the 230th, the 15th, the pig and the 15th, the dog! Once a year! Pigs are eaten by the slaughtered flesh and blood; Dogs starve to death after eating dung day and night for a year! On dogs or pigs remember what happened before they died, and remember that they used to be people and Ji Xiucai! "
"curse!" Wang Guihua shouted, "If you don’t behave yourself, don’t let him behave! It is cheaper for him to be a pig and a dog! "
Yuzhu said sadly, "I was already yelled at by the county magistrate, and when I finished the last curse, it was already bleeding, and my teeth were all falling. People don’t change color, especially Ji Xiucai and Ji’s mother-in-law are white and bloodless because they know that they have done something wrong. They are afraid of ghosts knocking at the door at night! I laughed and said the last sentence,’ God, if you look, if I am wronged, let all my curses come true!’ After saying this, I killed the stone pillar in the hall on the spot and the soul returned to him. "
After listening to Yuzhu’s words, I don’t know what to say. Wang Ronghua and Wang Guihua both wiped their tears, and the real person didn’t do it. Uncle De suddenly asked, "So you didn’t drown?"
"I’m not drowning," Yuzhu said. "I’m not a drowning ghost."
Uncle De said, "Then how could you be dug up by Mr. Shui San at the bottom of the river and driven by his soul?"
Yuzhu said, "After my death, my body was hastily buried. Ji Xiucai had a guilty conscience. I was afraid that I would become a spectre to retaliate against him. I secretly hired an old road to tamper with it. The old road was an evil way in the blood of the cult in the Sun Palace. He dug up my body and sank it in Yingshui, and the bronze symbol locked my body and soul in the mud at the bottom of the river, so that I could never be reincarnated. My property changed from soil to water until recently. People in Shuitang of the five elements didn’t know where to get the news, so they sent Mr. Shui San to Yingshui.
Chapter sixty-nine Set aside resentment and wait for the spell to be tested
"The Golden Palace of Blood?"
Uncle De, I looked at each other and said, "So that’s it. You’ve been shackled by evil methods for more than two hundred years. It’s normal to teach that the blood of the Sun Palace has been destroyed by Chen Yuanfang, the Chen family! But I wonder why you didn’t listen to Mr. Shuisan, since he put you in black ice by witchcraft? "
Yuzhu said, "Although I am dead, my personal resentment is too strong. I have never forgotten Shuitang for more than 200 years. It means that I will be detained first to finish my sacrifice, but they will drive me to be a spectre, but before I have finished, you will come. Mr. Shuisan released me to deal with you because he was not an opponent. All this happened later."
"All right!" Taikoo Zhenren said, "We all know what to do before and after the whole story. Why don’t we make a charter? There are so many dead people in here who can’t stay well. "
Uncle De asked Yuzhu, "Are you still determined to kill good people?"
Yuzhu shook her head and said, "I’m not determined to kill good people. I’m resentful. If the sky is fair, will I fake my hand again?"
I said, "Consequences must come from antecedents, and all the things you encountered before your death may all come from your past life."
Yuzhu said, "If all the curses in my life can work, then I have nothing to say."
I said, "It’s not difficult to remember the past when the curse of the cursed person is fulfilled. If you don’t, we will go to those cursed people and see what they are like in this life."
Wang Ronghua exclaimed, "How can we find so many people in this world? How to fulfill it? "
I said, "It’s God’s will. How dare you violate it?"
Wang Ronghua was stunned. "What is the fate?"
I asked, "If that’s the reason, why did you meet Yuzhu here and she didn’t die? Do you still care about what happened before her death?"
Wang Ronghua stayed for a moment, then looked at Taikoo and said, "What did Master say?"
Taikoo Zhenren said, "Amak Chan’s words are unreasonable. People and things pay attention to a karma. Now that we have reached this festival, we must end it well. It’s not that my Taoist school has managed this case-solving for more than 200 years. For those who settle it, it is indeed a good deed, and I am afraid it will not be settled easily."
I said, "I’m not afraid of difficulties, but it’s all practice anyway."
"good!" Taigu Zhenren said, "If that’s the attitude, then it’s not up to you to decide what to do next."
I said, "There is nothing to say. Find Ji Xiucai, Ji Popo, Xu Xiucai, Xu Juren, and the county magistrate, and then eliminate the resentment in Yuzhu’s heart and let her reincarnate."
Uncle De looked at Yuzhu and said, "Are you willing?"
Yuzhu said, "I have nothing against it. If you are so Yuzhu, I will be grateful!"
Uncle De nodded and hesitated. "Is it a jade bead or a ghost? Are we different like taking the road?"
Yuzhu said, "I’m still hiding in the black ice. If you take the black ice, you will take me."
Uncle De said, "We don’t care about the black ice. What if it melts?"
Jade bead gave me a look and said, "Putting black ice in this Chen Zhenggong body is in the way."
I quickly waved my hand and said, "Don’t call me Gong. This title is not popular in our time."
"Yes!" Wang Ronghua said, "Call Comrade."
Jade Pearl wait for a while spat at me and said, "Don’t listen to him, just call me Amak Chan. I’m just curious. What’s the matter with black ice?"