"Not good!"

Look at Su Mo Liang Dan with discoloration.
Where is this Terran look?
This look is to eat people!
Su Mo leaned out of his left arm, and his bones and muscles screamed, and his arm swelled and collapsed like a long snake, and Liang Dan’s head quickly rolled up!
Liang Dan’s head and neck turned a circle, and it was almost unrecognizable when he was screwed to settle down!
Liang Dan breathed his last.
Then fall!
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Psychological game
From the night spirit to Liang Dan’s two rounds of fighting and killing, and then to Su Mo’s bullying and successively releasing the killing tactics to slay Liang Dan, the whole process is slow, but it takes two breaths.
The yard suddenly quieted down.
Meng Han stared at the ground and Liang Dan’s eyes were full of incredible color.
Then the real person died in the hands of Godsworn Tsukiji!
It all happened so fast.
Fast enough for Meng Han to accept.
What makes Meng Han don’t understand is that his flying sword didn’t pierce Su Mo’s palm?
The flying sword has pierced Su Mo’s flesh and blood and suddenly got stuck, but instead came to Jin Ge?
If not, Liang Dangen would not have died!
That’s exactly what happened.
Although Su Mo is a fairy demon fellow initiate and a night spirit, although his minions are sharp, if the real strength is the real face of Fa Jin Dan, it will be hard to shake.
Change the environment, change the situation, and fight alone. On whether Su Mo or the Night Ghost can be defeated and flee.
But there are too many factors that affect the result of the monk’s fight.
Being able to fight the elixir is a great achievement.
If it hadn’t broken Liang Dan’s protective symbol and attracted most of Liang Dan’s attention, Sumo would hardly have a chance to get close.
Of course, Liang Dan’s biggest mistake was underestimating Su Mo’s verve and determination!
Not only is he Meng Han also didn’t expect to face two big then real assassination Su Mo still dare to take the initiative!
The situation has changed dramatically after only two breaths.
Liang Dan’s death
Meng Han is left alone
The most important thing is that when he has three breaths left
I don’t know when a 17-year-old girl came out of another room, dressed in an elegant long skirt, and her yellow hair was scattered with curls.
In front of Nianqi, a flying sword is suspended, and the body is humming and trembling, and the light is shining.
There are four spiritual lines flashing on the face!
Flying sword!
Meng Han glanced at the corners of his mouth twitched a eyes almost fell out.
He lived for more than 400 years and died on sight. He never flew a sword in his life.
Is this girl a little maid in the early days of Tsukiji who has a flying sword?
Meng Han suddenly remembered some words in the city recently. Many monks said that the blue monk in front of him was the first refiner in Da Zhou, and he could customize the magic weapon.