Heaven and earth means that

Now the wilderness is not as good as it used to be. It’s not too big. What about Luo Jinxian’s office? If you want to continue to practice, go to me. You specialize in building a big Luo Tian to practice.
It is much easier to practice in Luo Tian than in the outside world, which shows how sincere heaven and earth are.
It’s hard to leave home!
Even with such great benefits, it is estimated that it is not that simple to let the pick Jin Xian go to Luo Tian.
However, the appearance of Luo Tian has already expressed the meaning of heaven and earth.
You have to go if you don’t go!
Brother Luo Jin Xian Ji
The decision is not to continue to leave the flood.
Of course, things are not that bad. There may not be a way to enter Luo Tian.
There are three roads in front of many pick Jin Xian.
First road
Nature is to go to Luo Tian.
The second way
Is to go to a paradise.
Blessed land?
Nature’s clock!
It is easier and harder for heaven and earth to affect these places and still maintain the top cultivation environment.
It is not a problem to raise Luo Jinxian or to raise a mixed yuan Luo Jinxian.
After he went to the paradise, he didn’t worry about the daily practice.
It’s the vast expanse of land, and all the land is in the hands of those who have the top magical powers.
Ordinary people can’t get in without access.
This limits the number of people
Besides these two roads, there is a third road, which is to go to heaven.
It is the world’s top-level gathering place of heaven and earth.
The level is several times stronger than that of Kunlun Mountain, a holy place where the cave is blessed and the land is a saint Dojo.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven The sun star lives in Shennong
Heaven and earth are easier this time.
Not only did it not reach heaven, but it made the weather content in heaven continue to rise greatly, and its status was not to mention, it also made the weight of heaven even heavier.
It has really become the center of the universe, and the weather is like a cloud, covering the whole heaven, visible to the naked eye, and the marginal domain name is ashamed.
In this way, the cultivation environment is that the law of heaven and earth has never been easier, and it is far from the same.
The condition is more than a few minutes than that of osawa, a famous mountain in the ancient lich period, and it is superfluous to meet the daily cultivation needs of Luo Jinxian in the wild.
At present, Luo Tian’s top-level cave in the wild and the heaven in the blessed land are the best three choices for the wild and the golden fairy.
The highest heaven in Luo Tian is also the nearest place where Taoism is practiced, which is of great benefit to practice. It is easier to break through than in other places.
The top fairyland in the wild is the Dojo of the top avatar. You can get the guidance of the avatar to practice here, so you can take fewer detours and save a lot of time.
And what about heaven?
This practice does not have as many advantages as the first two paths, but the key is that the heaven is big enough and several times bigger than the world.
The greater the freedom, the higher the freedom.
Moreover, heaven is the center of the universe, where the fate of heaven and earth meets, and the number of opportunities here is counted. It is hard to say that when the opportunity comes, it will soar.
These three roads have their own advantages and disadvantages, but on the whole, they are definitely better than continuing to leave the wilderness. It depends on your own choice.
Of course, in addition to these three roads, the underworld can also raise Luo Jinxian. This time, the heavens and the earth are easier and the underworld has not been affected.
The underworld is an extremely cathode, and the cold land belongs to the dead. The world is shrouded in death, and the environment between heaven and earth is very different. Not everyone can adapt to this environment.
The underworld is not suitable for the public and is not listed as a choice.
"moderns is finally over!"
Luo Tian stroke Zichen looks inexplicable.
When Luo Jinxian is dead, the flood will really change, and the figure of the past vertical and horizontal flood will become a saying that the strength of the whole world will show an overall downward trend
This is the general trend of heaven and earth, which cannot be changed or violated. Luo Tian appeared and Luo Jinxian died in seclusion.
The standard marks the end of moderns
It’s sad for the old guys, but it’s a good thing for the vast universe to be a sentient being.
With the seclusion of Luo Jinxian from the world, the degree of doubt will skyrocket in several ways.