Yang Xu put his hand on Yang Ye’s shoulder and forehead, and sighed lightly against the back of his hand, so he said in a low voice, "Actually … my brother is going to speak for me, miss. Just now, you also saw that many difficult moves were done by us when surfing, and I always grasped the direction in front and controlled the balance of modeling …" Yang Xu said, and turned his back slightly to "Miss, I understand your hero worship, and I want to give this honor to my brother."

If there is a video camera, Yang Xu can shoot a MV after his performance, especially on this sea and sky beach. He just moved in one go, perfect, smooth and sad, slightly melancholy and slightly melancholy.
After listening to Yang Xu’s words, everyone was stunned. It was quiet for a while. There were waves rushing to the shore and people frolicking in the distance.
The first sound was Xiao Nan. She smiled and walked to Yang Xu and slapped him on the head. "Sorry, hero, I’m interested in your brother, not the hero …"
As soon as Yang Xu got embarrassed, he got up and argued, "Well … surfing, but should I have a share in the bet I won with my brother?"
"I say it’s okay to stay with your brother late, if your brother doesn’t mind." The little girl smiled and blinked at Yang Xu.
Yang Xu eyes stare big face laughed like a monkey jumped to Yang night before shaking his shoulder and called "elder brother! Did you hear that? The beauty … "Words don’t say that finish head has been heavily got Yang night a fist.
Yang night twist a head to look at is also provocative to see his little girl in the mind more and more puzzling, what does this girl want?
The old bald man on the side sneaked into Gao stubborn’s ear and asked in a low voice, "Is she … going to be all right, young master?"
"Ha ha, don’t you know Xiao Nan?" Gao Qian smiled gently. "This little thing will be out of luck tonight."
That night, according to the high stakes in advance, everyone was invited to witness the surfing competition at the seaside during the day. It was impossible to remember who was who, so I simply invited all the guests of Jinshi Islands No.1 Island Resort Hotel to have dinner together.
This meal is nothing to Yang’s family, but the amount is relatively considerable for the small door of Gao stubborn family, that is, the Wansheng Group. Moreover, the tourists in the resort hotel who didn’t go to the seaside during the day heard this kind of thing and more and more people came to join in the fun. So the hotel arranged Yang night and simply held a grand dinner party for nearly a thousand people that night. Of course, the hotel will be relatively responsible for some things. Even if it is so stubborn, it will be painful to cry. This Yang Banner resort will already be expensive to add this gathering of one thousand people … Gao stubborn is worried that this time will not come back.
Yang Ye and Yang Xu both attended the dinner party in a low-key way, and took Qian Bo to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan Yang Ye to leave them in the room to play with Sura, because Xi Shi Zheng Dan’s beauty is too outstanding. Once this kind of party happens, if those drunk and rich people make any ritual moves, I’m afraid there will be some trouble again.
Yang Ye didn’t forget the purpose of his trip. Going to the seaside for the first time during the day seemed a little too excited. This kind of thing must be avoided. Tonight, we must keep a low profile.
Yang Xu was even more excited. The guests who saw his wonderful performance at the seaside during the day came to propose a toast. It wasn’t long before he was as drunk as a fiddler. Yang Yema asked Qian Bo to help Yang Xu back to his room for fear that he would get into trouble after getting drunk.
The dinner party is in the banquet hall of the resort hotel. Yang Ye tries to stay in the corner and watch the crowds coming and going in front of him. It is strange that Yang Yegen didn’t see the little girl except for forcing a smile and being stubborn and those who thanked him for his hospitality.
Where did this little girl go? Yang night didn’t understand what the little girl was going to play. Since she hated him, why did she promise to stay with him late? Is this a joke? Maybe she will get pregnant …
However, one thing that makes Yang Ye happy is that there are no real people in these resorts, and no one recognizes him and Yang Xu as the young family gentleman and second young master.
While chatting in the corner with a glass of wine to avoid being found, an executive of the hotel quietly walked over to Yang Ye and whispered, "Gentleman, someone sent a letter to the front desk for you."
"ah? A letter? " Yang night was taken aback. How could someone send the letter to the hotel front desk?
Many things are intuitive. For example, Yang Ye just walked to the front desk and took the envelope, and his heart turned white. This letter came from a hotel envelope that said Room 16 was closed. Obviously, this person didn’t know Yang Ye’s identity or that he lived in a special luxury suite, and this room 16 was an extra ordinary suite after Yang Ye came and pretended to register.
There is a line on the cover of the torn letter. Come to see me in room 3115.
Face signature is a chip.
Yang night smiled as he guessed. This letter is more like challenging this little girl than an invitation, which makes Yang night more and more puzzled.
Without much hesitation, Yang Ye was alone on the 31st floor of the resort hotel, just as a little girl was curious about Yang Ye. Now Yang Ye has a lot of question marks in her heart, and a force drives her to know exactly what she thinks. Why does she want to see me alone? What exactly is she and the Mu family? How big are her breasts … No! What the hell does she want?
Out of the thirty-first staircase, Yang Ye walked gently towards Room 3115. She felt a little nervous when she stepped on the soft carpet in the corridor. Yang Ye suddenly felt that she was led by the nose by the little girl, but she couldn’t turn back. He always felt that the girl wouldn’t be so simple. The closer she got to Room 3115, the more she felt that the face was unknown. What’s the mystery of her arranging to meet me on the thirty-first floor? Does she want something from me? Or know something? Could she know my identity and deliberately not say it? She has big breasts … Shit! Why do you think of this again!
Tap on the door of 3115, and a woman’s soft and scary voice "The door is unlocked" comes out.
Lift the ban and smash the ticket
Surfing competition!
◎ Yang night is cool with Yang Xu.
◎ Respect surfing combination appears.
"What did you say, Xiao Nan?" High dense surprised twist a head and asked
"I said I’d stay with him tonight." The little girl looked very calm and spoke with a faint glance at Yang Ye.
It’s quiet all around. Xi Shi and Zheng Dan wait for a while look at everything and think that this girl is incredible. When they first arrived at the beach, they were dumbfounded. I’ve never seen a girl dare to expose so much of her body in broad daylight, but every girl in front of me is like this, especially now. How can this girl so easily promise herself to lose a bet and deliver it to others?
Yang Xu grinned a lot, but he kept watching Xiao Nan’s promise to Xiao Nan calmly, feeling a little surprised. He always felt that this time he was not soaking others himself, but letting others soak himself.
"Why? Shouldn’t you be very concerned? " Small nan lukewarm looking at Yang night walk in the previous step deliberately stood a proud chest.