It’s not easy to finish in ten miles, but you can still reach it.

After finishing this basic training yesterday, I felt like I was dying!
I also took this opportunity to make a retreat. Before and after the injection of drugs, I found the genetic basis point before the end of today’s training
This is a group of 14 gene bases, but the distribution is different.
Retirement is mainly in the lung area.
But the lungs have four hearts, three heads, two liver, kidney and other areas, accounting for the remaining five.
When found, these 14 gene bases have been affected to some extent.
On the evening of the same day, Xu retired and opened four genetic basis points.
On the third day, the oxygen density of hypoxic limit training was 10%
On the same day, the intensity of oxygen reduction was just a little easier. Many students practiced climbing again and directly experienced the feeling of dying several times.
It is very easy to retreat!
When you finish all the training courses, you can return them to other students who can laugh, not to mention crawling. Some students twitched on the spot and were carried away by robots.
Just as Xu tui was watching the music, instructor Lu Kang suddenly appeared in front of Xu tui and stared at Xu tui with sharp eyes.
"Is it on?"
Xu back dazed a fierce nodded his head.
Lu Kang is a little serious, and occasionally he smiles a little, but he doesn’t smile, but he smiles. That face is as scary as the scene of a car accident!
Xu back nodded his head.
"If you have already started some genetic basis points, then today’s training course is nothing for you.
I don’t have time to make a separate training course for you now.
Practice by yourself
The intensity is determined by yourself!
You should know that this harsh environment is a rapid strengthening of the ability to start genes.
Whether your body can adapt to this harsh environment quickly needs training.
With different training levels, you have different strength ranges in harsh environments.
Including your ability to fight continuously, you need to realize yourself in extreme training.
For example.
The body is like a car, which is equivalent to giving your body a new engine after the oxygen-powered genetic capability chain is started.
However, the output performance, ultimate performance, chattering and the most durable economic output of this engine require you to personally drive the vehicle for a long time to accurately grasp it.
And this will determine whether you gain or die on the battlefield of Mars? "
"Is it white?"
Xu back heavily nodded his head.
Instructor Lu Kang said it was so straightforward. It would be really stupid to make a refund if it was not white.
"Well, since I understand, you have already arranged your own training courses today."
Then the instructor Lu Kang left.
Xu tui is really educated.
Instructor Lu Kang pointed out that it was very vivid.
The engine has been changed and the capacity has increased.
However, grasping the specific performance requires the driver to practice for a long time.
Otherwise, when encountering a strong enemy in battle, the strongest attack broke out and destroyed the enemy.
But the horse found that the explosion exceeded its oxygen consumption limit.
The enemy is killed.
But he died on the spot because of lack of oxygen.
That’s sad
With this knowledge, Xu retired from the horse and worked out a training plan for himself from actual combat.