Whether the road to Huaxia Gene Evolution University was raided by Dawning Redemption or later Luo Shifeng was killed and retired by a painting that might belong to Yu Shuguang Redemption is all anger.

One day, it will dig the root of dawn redemption.
But now that I see Raymont recruiting these things, I feel a kind of depression rising and hovering in my heart.
If Dawning redeems the high-level officials to make a retreat before making a retreat, they will definitely do it themselves!
Dawn is the cancer of blue star!
"Myth and dawn? Did you ask? " Xu looked back at Yang Huai.
"Colonel asked! I asked thirteen times, but every time Raymont answered, I didn’t say a word more than three words! "
When I heard that the answer was’ no’, I was a little surprised to return it, but when I heard Yang Huai say that there were three words fixed in the answer for thirteen times, I realized that something was wrong.
Xu tui worked in the secret service and learned about phase knowledge.
The answer to the same question is the same when the person being interrogated collapses, but the answer or expression is absolutely impossible to be the same every time.
Every time you are the same, you can say a question-this aspect of the problem Raymont has been hinted by the ultra-high intensity mind many times!
This gives the answer-no, but actually there should be.
Aside YangHuai nodded his head. That’s true.
Smell speech Xu back yoshimitsu in the eyes.
The mythical Lord Ula!
What role does Ulla play in the dawn redemption or the dawn redemption?
After thinking about it for a minute, Xu retired and directly contacted Wei Bin through the independent channel. "Wei Shuai, I want to completely encircle the dawn redemption traitor organization and give me a plan."
Wei Bin was silent on the opposite side of the communication. "I’m afraid it’s hard for Colonel Xu to clear it completely …!"
"Where is the difficulty?"
"Blue Star’s joint zones are full of intelligence screening actions. I’m afraid …"
"WeiShuai if you can give a short-term solution, this time the action will pass the devil take the hindmost high-level master.
Just leave it to me to prevent information from leaking.
What I nee is a highly feasible scheme, "Xu said.
"What about the myth? The dawn of the myth of intelligence reasoning should be combined or linked, "Wei Bin said.