"This is called casting, not the long horn, but the role!" Old man Jia said, "I’ll show you what a role is today!"

In the crowd’s worship eyes, the old man Jia came to a casting director who had just been tied up.
The casting director first came into contact with this strange world, but it is still awkward.
Who am I? Where am I? Who kidnapped me?
Know nothing
But now that the boss card director has spoken, what can he do? Can do the work
Not far from the village, a servant was sent to help him. At this time, both of them stared at the old man Jia.
"Old man surnamed Jia Tian, the head of Breakfast Village, welcomes guests to breakfast village. Old man has been singing for decades, but he has been praised by the master and performed on stage many times, which is very popular among fans …"
With that, the old man Jia started singing.
After a long time, the old man Jia stopped and looked at the casting director with a big smile. "What role do you think the old man can play?"
The casting director is stupid again.
"Who am I? Where am I? Who kidnapped me? What was this just now? "
Casting director, look at the servants of the nearby manor, look at the casting director.
And then …
One side of the manor servant solemnly handed a piece of sugar cube to the old man Jia.
Old man Jia looks at the sugar in his hand and then at the servant.
"You poor boy have been singing for so long that you sent me away with a cube of sugar?" Old man Jia gave the servant a beating and left indignantly.
Next to the breakfast village, the villagers’ eyes are bright.
So casting is singing? You can get sugar cubes by singing? Can you beat others up after receiving sugar cubes?
Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, and then a farmer came out.
This farmer was the first villager to join Breakfast Village No.1, that is, the earliest farmer leader. He bowed shyly to the casting director and the manor servant and said, "Please forgive me if I can’t sing well …"
Then he stood up straight slightly, and his waist was already a little rickety, and he sang loudly.
In fact, the pronunciation of farmers is not the same as that of humans, and the tone is also very different.
The casting director’s eyes popped out when he heard the desolate and quaint tune.
Although he is a casting director, he doesn’t know how many films he has taken with him. An assistant director will almost always follow Ka Dao throughout the film process. After all, it is too rare to learn from the master.
He doesn’t know how long he’s heard the soundtrack.
But he has neve heard such music.
It’s rougher than black continent music and bleaker than polar cold zone folk songs. Although he can’t understand the lyrics, there seems to be a desolate, lonely and almost desperate scene in front of his eyes. A long line of people spread to the distance in the ruins and wasteland, facing whips and yelling …
And this song seems to come from the farmer’s miserable life, and it seems to ring from waving a whip, which resonates with many people nearby. Many farmers sing along with it, and even non-farmer races hum along with it.
"Come on, shoot it!" The casting director quickly looked at the camera next to him.
The person in charge of the camera made an OK.
"Call the soundtrack quickly!" The casting director thinks that the award of "Best Score" is 100% won!
After a few minutes, the casting director couldn’t help clapping his hands when the farmer’s song slowly sank. Send sugar! Send sugar! "
Pieces of sugar cubes were distributed.
Everyone got the sugar cube and refused to leave happily.
"My Lord, I know a song …" The farmer leader said.
"Come and sing!" The casting director completely forgot that he was casting.
The farmer sang another song, which was a little cheerful just now when it was desolate.
The farmer is like a young man who has just entered the bridal chamber, with a trace of joy and joy. Another farmer next to him reached out and held the farmer tightly.
The casting director recognized that it was a love song.
A little joy can’t show too much, as if afraid of getting a supervisor’s whip.
It’s like when two people meet each other, they dare not hug and reach out and hook their fingers to exchange a look.
But that happy little tune of blink suddenly became sad again.
The two hooked fingers were broken off and discounted, and they liked each other quietly. Two farmers were separated, and the world was separated forever.
After the minor, the casting director was stunned for a long time.
"What these songs are so sad …"
"Because we are farmers, my Lord."
After the peasants, other races joined in.