Zhou Yi’s figure appeared in a cloud, took out the treasure map in his arms, looked at it and compared it with the terrain.

"Here we are!"
Break the false eye!
Chapter 9 Harvest
With the improvement of the law, the coverage of the eye is also increased, and the changes of the celestial body in dozens of miles can be seen at a glance
Just like this,
When the morning sun rises, the sky is clear, the air floats, the air sinks, and the aura is like a torrent of rivers and seas.
Many flashes meet in front of our eyes to form a beautiful picture that is difficult to describe in words.
Even though I have seen Zhou Yi many times, I still can’t help but feel shocked and amazed by the natural nature of this world.
Breaking the false eye, the mysterious abnormal force, is extremely mana-consuming, and it is difficult to last for a long time even if it is based on Tao.
"Well …"
Close your eyes, Zhou Yi gently shows a little fatigue in his temple eyes, and then show the picture scroll in your hand again to compare with the terrain.
"This is the right place."
The map in his hand came from a stone Taoist 300 years ago, who claimed to have a Taoist foundation and was trapped in a corner because of his computer addiction.
On the occasion of his death, Taoist Stone’s scrolls were burned and the surrounding terrain was thrown into empty words, leaving behind relics that were destined for people.
The only requirement is to take his bones back to the Dragon Reef.
Times change, and the world is different
Three hundred years later, no one knows where the Dragon Reef is, but the treasure map happened to fall into the hands of Zhou Yi.
Unfortunately, the Taoist priest was too busy at that time. Although he burned the terrain, he did not point out his trapped place.
It is also possible that later generations deliberately daubed the general map and didn’t point to the hidden treasure.
How difficult is it to find a Tibetan place in front of the rolling mountains?
Zhou Yi has a false eye to try.
Simple array method is a must for exploring 100,000 mountains, and it must be guarded by array method when the Taoist priest is possessed and trapped in the Jedi.
Different from people
There must be enough lingshi array to last for hundreds of years.
Even if you can use the aura of the earth pulse, it is normal for an array to last for thousands of years. This is his chance.
You have to have an array, even if it’s broken, you can see the clue
Take a break, dodge the light, fly forward for a distance, and wait until the mana is restored. Zhou Yi looks away again.
Five days later
Standing in the clouds, Zhou Yi’s eyebrows have been swept away, and his eyes have moved back to look at a pool in the direction.
The pool doesn’t occupy much land, but there are more than ten flat pools with clear water and swimming fish.
"How can there be fish in this place?"
Zhou Yi gently shook his head to escape the light from the clouds.
Water plants and algae mud are all over the border of the pool, even if the water is killed, it is impossible to feed fish under normal circumstances.
Unless …
It’s not that the dead water is fake to see the bottom with the naked eye.
"Sure enough"
The distance is close to the eyebrows of the visual pool, and the faint flashing of the eyes reveals a complete array of the pool side.
Over the past three hundred years, the array is still intact and damaged.
It is worthy of being the first to fix the truth!
"Second-order array method, four-water return flow array"
Visually observing the change of square pattern, we can know that there is a star falling in the sea and evolving into a not too complicated array.
Four-water homing array is a common array method.
This time, many places with rich water veins can keep the array running with the help of flowing water. If Zhou Yi is right, the pool here should not be so small in those days.
In the broken array …
Is preparing to start work when Zhou Yi eyebrows pick slowly stopped.
"Array? In the array? Some meaning! "
In addition to the four rivers flowing in the array, there is actually a law, but the two laws are so cleverly inlaid that even he almost ignored them.
"angry wave array?"
"What a vicious mind!"