Even on an unknown planet without a link. "

"Yes, your players have to take it with them! For example, the gadget I sent you a frequency energy detector earlier is a low-level rhombic moment that was colonized from rhombic tripod.
That’s why I’m anxious to finish it today, "Cai Shaochu said.
Xu back heavy nodded his head, the convenience and importance of his white.
It’s too important to contact in unknown areas!
"But this kind of contact is one-way, but there are some ways to contact in argot. You can study it well.
Besides, it should also bring you a lot of convenience. Take your time to explore it.
You can think of this as a long-term dog training.
Yuanneng is the best dog food!
I think your wisdom should be able to grasp this degree, "Cai Shaochu said.
"The headmaster can rest assured that I will finish this special project as soon as possible and get the photo materials as soon as possible," Xu said.
Smell speech Cai Shaochu is shook his head "don’t worry, don’t worry! We can afford to wait, but we can’t afford to fail
Don’t underestimate Ling Ding, who may be an old fox who has lived longer than all of us.
Of course, its cognition is different from ours.
Get along slowly, build a basic letter slowly, and then look for opportunities to get it. Sometimes, we can exchange interests.
We can afford to wait for five or ten years. "
"I remember the headmaster."
"Go to the day you go to war I won’t send you! I will meet you personally when you come back in triumph, "Cai Shaochu said.
Xu retreated and nodded lightly. "By the way, when was my teacher AnXiaoXue’s shortage?
When will a group of famine groups leave? "
"There is no definite information yet, and it is still in the process of analysis, collection and sorting. It should be around the end of September when the famine group starts.
Your estimated duration of this invasion and plunder war is two months.
When the time comes, if you do well and the casualties are small, and we receive the information in place, maybe the special warfare team will be allowed to participate in the wilderness. "
With that, Cai Shaochu added, "Don’t worry, this batch of famine is the largest, with thousands of people."
"By the way, don’t forget that you promised to give my teacher a life-saving card by yourself."
Smell speech Cai Shaochu pointed to xu back to laugh "you little what don’t believe me! Don’t worry! "
Xu retired students, bowed down and turned away.
The day is July 19, which is the day of the invasion and plunder war.
Every battle is whether Mars is actually fighting or too aggressive, or whether the famine group won a big victory at the end of September, but many people still can’t come back every time
Bury its star forever.
Most students in Blue Star sound very enthusiastic.
But it’s cruel to everyone who goes to war outside the country!
Someone is bound to die, and no one wants to be the one who died.
But no one can guarantee that he will come back alive!
Some people are contradictory, some people hesitate, some people drink and sing.
But everyone left a legacy!
This is a requirement!
Come back alive like Mars in actual combat, and this legacy will be sent to the incinerator. If you die, it will be a legacy!
Most people choose to make a video call with their family, relatives and even friends on this night.
Xu tui is no exception.
The legacy has already been written and
I made a video call to my parents, chatted for a few words, and worried about my parents’ health, but they died in ten minutes.
This is the normal communication rhythm, but talking too much worries them.
Of course, in the end, I made a remark that he was going to attend a special school training period, and there was no network. It is estimated that he will contact them again when he comes back in two months.
Mom and dad didn’t think much.
Special training at school. They feel like military training, but they are outside the country.
Later, Xu retired and called the spiritual boy Zhuang Ziqiang, who confessed a mouth.
Xu retired from the ground and usually took care of Luo Shifeng’s mother in trivial matters. Of course, Xu retired his parents and had to take care of Zhuang Ziqiang from time to time.
Xu tui wanted to call Cheng Mo, but he didn’t call out in the end.