Ceres Erila is one or two satellite stars short.

But Xu counted back and didn’t figure out where the other two guards were.
The lack of two guards requires at least six to seven seven-star satellites to supplement them.
Seven satellite stars are also almost the same.
But this gap should be bridged by the number of people.
In addition, the spillover of other people’s combat power can also make up for it.
It is still possible to break the fire palace in three days.
Besides, there are other means to allow the refund.
Three hours later, the teams returned, and again, asteroid 77 was swept away, and the base energy was taken away, and the strategic resources department got it.
Period cut off hundreds of rebel quasi-planets and transmutations.
Calculate that the source crystal obtained by the asteroid Bluestar Expeditionary Force No.77 from the planet base defense has exceeded 230,000 grams.
You can earn at least 200,000 grams by removing the back-and-forth channel pin and so on.
Sure enough, looting alien races is the fastest way to get rich.
In addition, there are a lot of rare cosmic materials.
In particular, asteroid 77 is a mineral resource, but unfortunately it can’t take much away.
Xu looked back from the extraordinary stars and saw Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao, Mu Xingluan, Miao Huanshan, Dai Lijun and others shivering.
"One month later, if you can’t double the size of the dimensional chain, don’t take part in that distant expedition."
In the expedition, I took many resources with me, but I taught myself one by one, which made many extraordinary stars in the expedition army start the dimension chain.
But most of them are small.
You are like Li Zhen at the latest. At present, her dimensional chain is just three cubic meters in size, and a small equivalent three-phase thermal explosion bomb and some living materials are full.
As soon as Xu retreated from this statement, all the members were nervous.
Other punishments are just suffering.
But if they are not allowed to take part in an expedition, the loss will be great.
The five-satellite star is a watershed. After the five-satellite star, the cultivation becomes slow. If there is no such super-abnormal concentration cultivation during the expedition, it will take three to five years at the earliest by normal cultivation.
If you miss one time, you will drag others far away.
Missing two or three times, the gap between comrades is terrible, and a generation can’t catch up.
It’s really … dreary exercise that you can’t take away so many war benefits.
"light snow"
Xu took one look back at An Xiaoxue and didn’t say anything, but An Xiaoxue instantly got the message. Of course, others didn’t understand the meaning of this Xu tui sentence.
An Xiaoxue’s new star force field is suspended in the spiritual body, and the official seal of the ugly cow star is suddenly inspired by An Xiaoxue’s force.
At the same time, all the power of An Xiaoxue, the new star Guanghua Department, was injected into the official seal of the ugly cow star.
Thirty seconds later, An Xiaoxue gently nodded to Xu tui and then the conscious voice sent two words "Good luck!"
"Walk into the measuring channel"
"Huang controls two fighters to fly into space and then sets a self-destruction program to mislead the enemy."
"Two three-phase thermal explosive bombs in Yanghuai exploded for three minutes."
One command after another was carried out
One minute later, everyone stepped into the measuring channel, and ten seconds later, everyone disappeared.
One man, the base defense horse, the asteroid 77, fell into silence, and there was a countdown ringing.
At the same time, two Xu retired from Ceres and moved out of the first-line battle. The fighter plane soared into the sky and soon disappeared into the middle.
Then it was seen and recorded by an asteroid 77.
Of course, it is one o’clock to mislead the enemy’s large forces to search too far outside asteroid 77, but it can delay the enemy a little.
It didn’t take long for three minutes to count down to two three-phase thermal explosive bombs, which directly destroyed most of the asteroid base defense No.77, and some defensive offensives remained.
The residual biological information in the activity track of Tongtian Expeditionary Force, including the quantitative delivery channel and the residual fluctuation part of the quantitative delivery channel, disappeared in the terrorist energy explosion wave caused by the three-phase thermal explosion bomb.
Even if the nebula is strong, nothing can be induced.
And the blue star expeditionary force has appeared before stepping on asteroid 699.
Asteroid 699 still belongs to the northern star domain of the Eldar, which is a relatively comprehensive planet. However, due to the size of the planet and the fact that the northern star domain has dispatched elite soldiers to encircle the Blue Star Expeditionary Force, the garrison of asteroid 699 is still weak.
Of course, relative to the current Blue Star Expeditionary Force.
There are two six-star stars
"All right, each squad will set out immediately to complete the battle and follow the guardian with the team, unless it is found that it is beyond the limit of two rebuilding or dangerous to life.
Otherwise the military disposal "Xu ordered back.
Instantaneous blue star expeditionary force each battle team like a tiger pounced on all directions.
Still four targets, two delivery channels, one planet, base defense, one planet’s chief residence.
Huang also remotely invaded the 699 asteroid population network through the split program that was spread a long time ago.
It is relatively easy to invade the mass network.