Even if you surrender, Daxi will not blame you!

Your eminence, including us, will give you the greatest respect and reward if you want to return to the embrace of the Lord again! "Naif is doing the work for Xu tui!
Xu tui’s brain is running at high speed
There is no doubt that this is an extremely dangerous life is the first thing to do and the second thing to do!
Well, Xu tui wants to live and do things!
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-six Who pits who?
"Priest Kodo, remember to be a hero no matter how you want to live!" Force patted Xu back shoulder neff resolutely turned to take the people away.
It can’t be delayed.
Delay leads to change.
There must be some people in the Umayyads who are left behind as if Kodo, the red man, was chosen to be a pawn before Bishop Cyrus.
Of course, no one will show it
Almost all the stars have a sad expression to say goodbye to Xu tui, which gives Xu tui a feeling of death farewell.
Everyone in the base probably thinks that the priest Kodo will die.
Not far away, the Eldar also recognized it in this way.
Elves were selected. The nephew Chixun, who was on the scene, looked pale and clasped the commander’s cold hand.
But in the end, begging for mercy and crying did not appear.
Chixun followed Chijing in the sun for more than a year, and more or less he also developed some courage and wisdom.
At this time, it is nothing to be timid and ask for help.
It won’t change if the candidate is Daxi nationality.
He can make a living by himself.
"Be alive!"
Wave cold clap blazing Schoenberg shoulder said three words also resolutely turned away from other stars also say goodbye to blazing Schoenberg.
A group of stars bid farewell to Xu tui. Gabe, the chief priest of Zhongrou Mountain Derui, came to Xu tui to bid farewell to Xu tui.
By saying goodbye to each other, Xu gave them three grains of source crystal powder
Six grains of source crystal powder, which he scored into the mind magnetic pile and left behind, were given to two people in a short physical contact.
At the same time, Xu tui’s conscious voice told them that one of the three source crystal powders was randomly thrown in the southern Tianmen military camp when they left the road, and the other two were randomly thrown after they left the southern Tianmen military camp completely.
Of course, Xu tui is confessed separately.
No matter whether it’s the meat mountain Derry or the priest Gabe, I don’t know that the other party has also been instructed to retire.
Xu back also prevent their skill.
This is one of the self-help means to surrender one’s life.
After a short farewell, it is said that both the Maya and the Eldar, except Kodo Chixun, quickly sent celestial guards to escort them through the barracks in Daxi.
At the same time, there are at least 20 celestial guards of Daxi nationality, and thousands of celestial guards of Bank of China are surrounded by Xu Tui Chixun respectively.
From 500 meters to 10000 meters to 10000 meters, they are surrounded by a huge encirclement.