"…" Conan turned a pair of dead fish eyes and almost forgot that Baishi didn’t seem to refuse others’ kindness, especially Mao Lilan was familiar with him.

Mao Lilan ran upstairs and packed up to go out.
Conan looked at her back and tugged at Baishi. After he was considerate and crouched, he whispered to him, "Didn’t you say that you have been stared at recently? If you go out at this time …"
"Well," Baishi sighed and his eyes were dim. "Things have been solved. The man never saw a black cat again and said it’s okay."
….. The only good news is that we can gently let Ashihara students continue to hone their cooking skills and bring the trial products to his home.
"Really?" Conan zheng.
He has been paying great attention to Baishi Cafe these days, but he has found nothing unusual except occasionally smelling a little pungent smell.
And …
Is it an illusion? The problem is solved. Why does Baishi seem to be unhappy and disappointed?
Conan thought for a long time and couldn’t think of a reason.
Finally, I guess it may be that the black cat took illegal measures when "solving the problem", such as letting another cement pier with too many impurities in Tokyo Bay …
Of course, it may also be because the black cat didn’t say anything again that Baishi was not satisfied with what he knew-people who had been detectives were persistent about the truth, even if Baishi was easygoing.
Such a thought Conan suddenly felt some sympathy for Baishi.
But after careful consideration, Conan felt that he was more worthy of sympathy.
-Baishi curious somehow can also ask directly.
And if Conan is curious, first, he can’t find out where the black cat is, and second, even if he does, he will probably come after asking questions, instead of answering, but something like anesthesia needles, anesthesia bombs, anesthesia handkerchiefs, etc., which comes with a cabinet, R bucket, and a night trip.
But anyway, it’s good that the tracker is solved
Conan remembered that he had asked Agasa Hiroshi to help him check the list of wanted criminals with "black" in his name.
That list is too long. Conan and the doctor screened out adult men aged 20 to 30, and checked the opposite photos one by one. Some photos were blurred, while others were not at all.
They are going bald, and they have only finished reading less than four points today, and they have not found anyone suspected of being a black cat.
Before there is concrete evidence, let’s calm down and treat black cats as a means. It’s a little tough for ordinary enthusiastic citizens …
Baishi will go to the magic exhibition together not because he is not good at refusing.
Actually, there is no need to refuse a good boy like Mao Lilan-if he promises to hesitate a little and show some troubles, Mao Lilan may take the initiative to cancel the invitation
And Baishi promised happily … because he jumped out again, of course.
And jumped twice.
[Saving Brother’s Revenge Magic Genius 1]
[Savior Revenge Magic Genius 1]
After seeing off Mao Lilan and Conan, Baishi went home to play the screen and saw that these two titles almost unified the network card
A closer look reveals that the details are different.
I’m not sure what the case is, but I’ll find out when I go to the magic show with Mao Lilan.
The Kexue World Magic Exhibition is actually quite interesting.
And regardless of the skills, such as the scene, it is very grand, and the props don’t cost money.
Baishi looked at it for a while and suddenly noticed a humanoid object floating on the side of the venue, which was visually a soul.
In the hall, the black and white stone leaned against the chair and went through the dense chair and the crowd to find the soul and ask about it.
Chapter 24 Come on, don’t be too dramatic.
Suzuki Garden is very entangled now.
Magic. She wants to see the handsome guy. So does she.
But it’s dark around and I can’t see the innocent stone face
Plus magic, after all, it’s not a horror movie. You can’t pretend to be afraid of falling down next to your neighbor.
During the entanglement, Suzuki Garden’s attention was gradually attracted by magic.
It is purely because the magic is wonderful, not because the magician Xinghe Tongwu is performing, and he is also a handsome guy who has completely stepped on her aesthetic.
There are quite a few magic projects that Xinghe Tongwu is going to perform. A "flying man" attracted Mao Lilan and Suzuki Park to scream.
Conan sourly snorted.
"It’s just that the wooden stick supports the performer’s body. The background cloth is criss-crossed. The audience will suspect that the magician has a steel wire and ignores the side support …"
"Shut up! Don’t question Mr. Xinghe’s magic! " Suzuki Park slapped Conan’s skull over the white stone and forced the spoiler machine to sleep.
Mao Lilan also listened to a good play to comfort Suzuki Park and incidentally said that he "never mind that all children are guessing."
It’s a good thing that she didn’t talk. A magician in Conan stands is even more unpleasant to move out of "Wei". "Brother Baishi told me all the tricks!"
"Hu said," Suzuki Park didn’t believe it at all. "Law Ji has been asleep for a long time. I’ve been watching!" And I’ve been expecting a small earthquake of magnitude 23 to shake Baishi a little, and I’d better slip on her shoulder.
"…" How did you manage to take care of both the magician and the neighbor Baishi?
Conan continued to talk hard for a moment, half true and half made up.
"Brother Baishi just found out when he arrived here-you see, there will be some secret machines in this magic venue with rich experience, and you can guess what magic performers are going to do in a flash."
"Is that so?" Suzuki Park squinted along Conan’s direction and took a glance at a certain place in Taiwan. It was really organic.