Who are you going to sit with?

"Ann doll, where are you sitting?"
Xian Lingxi asked Ann with a little smile.
That smile is really … enchanting and heady.
"Xixi over there" pointed to the Liuximo sitting direction in peace.
It’s not bad to have two handsome pots
If you go home later …
You can still see these two goblins when you come to school every day.
Happiness lies in thinking.
"I sit with you" Yan Lingxi said to Ann with a smile.
NingZiXuan beside depressed …
She and her sister are twins.
Well, even handsome guys don’t want her
She struggled with …
It was messy in the wind …
"Uh-huh" nodded in peace.
"Get up" Xian Lingxi went to Liu Ximo and said to Liu Ximo.
"No" Liu Ximo coldly replied.
"Get up" Ling Xi repeats that if Liu Ximo sits here,
What should I do if his baby is swollen? !
"No" Liu Ximo frown.
I really don’t give up. His family is safe. He won’t give it to anyone else
"Do you ask Ann doll who she wants to sit with?" Looked at Liu Ximo Xian Lingxi.
Just now, Anwar has promised himself that he is sure.
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Teacher N8, who do you think I should sit with?
Just now, Anwar has promised himself that he is sure.
Liu Ximo frowned. Why is he so confident?