The four-star large array was formally formed, and everyone was enveloped by the law, followed by Ye Han who drank the whole four-star large array and carried the three-point family elite into the sky and quickly flew toward the outside of the Ye family barrier.

Xiaoli and others looked at it and dared not stay for a moment. They had already followed Ye Han to break the enchantment. A gap led everyone to leave Ye Jia and Xingyuan City and flew all the way in the direction of Yan Yunshan.
In fact, as Ye Han thought, they really met some strangers along the way, but because those people didn’t repair too high, they came to explore what was going on along the way and they didn’t meet any real obstacles.
It was not until they came to a mountain range near the main peak of Yanyunshan that the real obstructers appeared, and these people were the eagle claws of the western Yan Qingzong, but fortunately, they did not appear as real masters this time, and soon this trouble was solved by Xiaoli and others.
Although the eye trouble has been solved, Ye Han’s psychology can’t help but think that these inflammatory blue minions will not appear until some pioneers are really masters.
To be on the safe side, Ye Han soon told this concern to Xiaoli and others so that they could be psychologically prepared before, and what unnecessary influence would be caused by rushing to meet the enemy.
Xiaoli and others are naturally happy to accept the idea of Ye Han. After all, as Ye Han said earlier, everything is important now, and there must be no mistakes, otherwise it will inevitably bring them serious losses, and these losses are exactly what they bear now.
[61] [Surprise] [Explosion 4]
It wasn’t long before Ye Han and others had reached the peak of Keran Yunshan. They wanted to clean up the ruins of Keran Yunzong today, but it was not until they came here that their ideas were so ridiculous 【
The night of Yan Yunzong disappeared for a year, but it was only Yan Yunzong’s people and houses that disappeared. But this time, even the ruins here have disappeared. Looking at the mountains in front of me, Ye Han is stupid. Is this a dream? Such a huge ruin just disappeared? Pinched his face and felt some pain. Ye Han was sure that this was not a dream.
Since it’s not a dream now, it must have been a dream before. Otherwise, how could the ruins have disappeared overnight? When Yan Yunzong was overthrown, it was reasonable to follow. After all, that sect had an impact on others, but now it is a ruin here. Is there anyone interested in the ruins here?
Moreover, dreaming will be temporary. Ye Han has always been reluctant to admit that he is dreaming less. The women around him can’t be dreamed by himself, can they? And everything that happened this year can’t be said to be a dream, can it?
Getting rid of the suspicion of dreams, Ye Han can be sure that all this is not a dream, but that someone has really moved the ruins here. So who, although he is not sure, has moved these ruins in vain? This is to help himself.
It’s white to think about this. I just want to level this place, but it’s already been leveled before I really do it. What can it be if people here are not helping themselves?
After a tangle, Ye Han’s face couldn’t help but show a smile, and then he turned to Lengling and others and smiled. "It seems that someone is secretly helping us, so it’s all right. In that case, we saved a lot of things!"
"Ha ha yes, it’s time for them to come back and help after a hundred years of silence!" Hearing this, Ye Han Xiaoli said affirmatively and then looked up at the sky for a long time.
Ye Han suddenly smiled at this moment. "Yeah, if these four old guys don’t come out to help us, we’ll be in big trouble. I don’t know if they make moves and don’t help each other." So I can get away and look for the first nine planets! "
Said Ye Han also looked up at the day from time to time, and his face appeared a little bit worried. Looking at the bright scene of nine planets that day, he couldn’t help but feel anxious to see that nine planets was about to gather, but none of him was ready to face it!
But when you think about it, he doesn’t have much worry when you cross the bridge. Even if he converges, he smiles and says, "Since they don’t want to help more, let’s do it ourselves!"
To tell the truth, it is a great surprise that he can get the help of the four elders of Yanyunmen now. Theoretically, they won’t make moves at will before nine planets really gathered, but now they really do, and this move has given Ye Han a great help.
Although the ruins of Yan Yunzong are not fresh water, they are not small. If he really gives everything to the elite of the family, he can’t believe how long it will take to remove these ruins. If it is put into normal times, the key is that he doesn’t have so much time now.
In order to find the first nine planets person as soon as possible, he was already very pressed for lang. That’s equal to lang’s own life. He can’t be calm about it.
Daughters naturally know what Ye Han’s mind is about him, and they also agree with this decision. Although they also hope that the four people will always help themselves, everything in front of them tells them that this hope is extremely unrealistic.
Ye Han gently coughed and pulled his daughters’ minds back to reality. Then he carefully looked at all the mountains. After watching the scene of Yan Yunzong disappearing, his heart could not help but give birth to some regrets. Yan Yunzong, the place that accompanied him ten years later, finally completed the past.
Sighing with a sigh, Ye Han looked back and looked at all the family elites behind him. After a little meditation for a while, he shouted at them, "Well, since the ruins here are gone, let’s save the heart and build the palace directly!"
And he looked around for a while and then smiled at LengLing and others. "? Tell me what you want to build our future home? "
By Ye Han so ask daughters suddenly a speechless this building star gate things they never thought Ye Han this question in their eyes now nature is extremely difficult to answer.
Ye Han can feel more helpful when he sees that they are all helpful. He can ask for their opinions, but now they have never thought about such things. It’s hard for him. Everything has to be solved by himself.
At this moment, Xiaoli suddenly came over with a charming smile, looked around a little and smiled. "Cold brother, don’t tell me that you never thought about this. Say what you think. Maybe we will have a chance to help you improve!"
"This ….." Xiaoli said this is quite right. Ye Han did think about this before and he also had a definite idea. Now he is asking everyone to improve his own idea. The original improvement method he thought was to ask everyone in advance and then improve himself.
Now that Xiaoli wakes up, he suddenly wakes up. There are many ways to solve this problem, but what he thinks is the worst one and what Xiaoli said is the best one.