Zhou Chi didn’t stop when he bumped into several people. He continued striding to Li Linglong and killed anyone who stopped others, either by flying or by stunning him.

The fighting was extremely fierce. In less than a minute, those thugs invited by Wei Zhang had already been put down by Zhouyi and Zhou Chi. Ten people tried to bully Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi more and abuse them less, but in the end they were abused by Zhouyi and Zhou Chi. This situation was really unexpected.
These snakeheads have fought several times in a group fight and seen the degree of blood being cruel and complete is far from that of ordinary gangsters, but it is the first time that they have seen two gods as fierce as Zhouyi and Zhou Chi.
Two dozen people with iron bars besieged two people and were put down in half in less than a minute. This is also a bit shocking. Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi came with a murderous look. The rest of these ten people became more and more afraid. When they were afraid, they retreated because they didn’t want to be stunned or disabled for a moment.
The snakehead’s eyes also showed fear. He didn’t expect Zhouyi and Zhou Chi to be so fierce that two dozen people could not stop them from attacking.
The snakehead is not stupid. He knows that recklessness is definitely not enough for Zhouyi and Zhou Chi, so he urges his hand to continue attacking himself and quickly retreats to Li Linglong’s side. By this time, he can intimidate Zhouyi and Zhou Chi into stopping. Chapter 3 is ten times repayment.
The snakehead’s kung fu is not weak. As soon as he rubs against the pole, he pulls out the dagger from his waist and reaches Li Linglong’s neck and holds Li Linglong hostage []
"Looking for death!"
With a binge drinking, a tall figure blocked the front of the snakehead.
The snakehead swooped down on Zhou Chi, so he picked a dagger and stabbed Zhou Chi directly in the throat.
Zhou Chi’s speed is extremely fast. When his left foot stepped in, he stepped on the instep of the snakehead first, and then Zhou Chi made progress again. When he leaned on the bow, he felt like thunder. Suddenly, the snakehead flew out like a broken kite and hit the ground.
"Throw me an iron bar, and I will let you live honestly. It is this field that you don’t listen." Zhouyi waved an iron bar and smashed a hatchet man’s head again, coldly drinking a way.
At this time, there were several flashes in a row, followed by several thunders. Suddenly, the rain poured down and made people blind.
As soon as the rain wet all the clothes, some guys with broken heads were even more embarrassed by the heavy rain, and Zhouyi stood coldly with iron bars in his hand, and finally seven thugs were combative.
"Big brother, forgive me!"
As a thug knelt down and begged for mercy, others suddenly became afraid. They threw away their iron bars, and their boss, the snake head, was crippled by a dozen. They also lost their backbone and dared not fight with Zhouyi and Zhou Chi again!
"If you don’t want to die, just wait here honestly. Can’t you get out of here without telling you to?"
The colder Zhouyi’s face, the colder he shivered in front of his face, and the thugs said coldly
Rain trickled down his hair and flowed over his handsome face. At this moment, his heart was already killing him. If these kidnappers of Li Linglong still resisted him, they would not hesitate to abolish them. Although he is not a publicity figure, he will never allow others to hurt his relatives and friends. Whoever touches this bottom line will make the other party regret for a generation.
"white we are white"
Rainstorm jittery thugs hurriedly replied that they had turned Zhouyi into a teenager who could abuse his prey by himself, but now they understand that Zhouyi is killing gods at any time, and they can kill them at any time. They dare not have any resistance at all. What’s worse, there is a tall Zhou Chi like overlord Xiang Yu around Zhouyi!
Zhouyi turned around and the rainstorm quickly went to the pole to help tie Li Linglong’s rope and quickly solved it.
"Aunt, don’t be afraid that I will come to save you. No one can hurt you without me." Zhou Yi said gently to Li Linglong.
At this time, Li Linglong’s clothing department was wet by the rain, highlighting her excellent figure.
But Li Linglong didn’t care so much. As soon as her rope was uncovered, she jumped into Zhouyi’s arms and hugged Zhouyi tightly. After all, she was a girl and was very scared when she met such a thing for the first time.
"Don’t be afraid if you have a little aunt Yi."
Li Linglong leaned her head against Zhouyi’s shoulder and said that at the moment she was settled by Zhouyi’s arms.
"Aunt, it’s raining so hard. Go to the car first. I’ll take you back when I’m done."
Zhouyi gently picked Li Linglong up and put him in a Cadillac, then turned to the group of thugs who were shivering after losing their morale.
At this time, the snake head fainted and woke up with heavy rain. He was seriously injured by Zhou Chi, and the rain struggled for a few times but still didn’t get up.