Zhang Tao didn’t dare to neglect and reciprocate. "Zhang Gong was offended by Qiu Ling in the past. Please don’t take it amiss." When Ouyang Qiuling first saw Zhang Tao, he said that Zhang Tao was a pity that he was not his opponent. Now that I think about it, she really wanted to find a place to disappear.

And Zhang Tao also knows that Ouyang Qiuling’s meaning has not been revealed. "Ouyang girl is worried about Zhang and is not at ease. I wonder if the girl is here looking for Brother Mo?" Zhang Tao tentatively asked.
Ouyang Qiuling’s face turned slightly red when he heard Zhang Tao’s words, but he didn’t object. He gently gave a favor to Zhang Tao, but he smiled bitterly. This Mo Lengfeng didn’t even say hello to others.
"Ouyang girl is unfortunately MoXiong has left" Zhang Tao is going to tell Ouyang Qiuling the truth.
"Left? When? " OuYangQiuLing amazing said
"Just now, he went out of the city from the south gate, Ouyang girl. Now hurry up and even have a chance. Brother Mo should choose to walk." Although Zhang Tao wants to talk to Ouyang Qiuling about Kai Zhong, it seems that it is not the right time.
OuYangQiuLing gently devoting to "thank you for your public! Farewell! " Say that finish with Kai Zhong chase.
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Chapter 18 Official position
Chapter 18 Official position
Seeing Ouyang Qiuling far away, Zhang Tao sighed, "Brother Mo belongs to you, and the future may have been quietly. If she is really willing to approach, I hope you will feel happy if you don’t refuse people to accept it silently thousands of miles away."
Soon there will be a luxury carriage at the entrance of the Academy Hall! Entering the heavily guarded palace in a carriage is like a prison! The palace is not a place that everyone likes, and it is not a place where the emperor meets his ministers, but a partial hall. Obviously, Gu Longtian deliberately invited everyone here.
Yang Xiaobai, Lu Youcai, has arrived, but Zhang Tao was the last one to arrive. To Zhang Tao’s surprise, even Yang Xiaobai in the palace has a special white cloth. It seems that the emperor likes this talent very much.
"See the Emperor" After Zhang Tao saluted, Gu Long smiled and gave four people a seat.
Zhang Tao and others all thanked him and sat down, but only Yang Xiaobai wiped the original spotless wooden chair very carefully. Maybe this is a psychological reason.
Gu Longtian didn’t mean to wait for the face quietly without any impatience. Lu Zhangtao was the first time I saw him, but he smiled and nodded at himself, which made Zhang Tao feel puzzled as if he were familiar with himself.
"I asked you to come here today in the hope that you can join Honghaoguo to help me in such a big country. I have the heart to work alone. I need such amazing talents. You can rest assured that I will definitely give you a suitable and satisfactory position." Gu Longtian said.
After a moment of silence, Zhang Tao and others almost stood up and expressed their willingness to be loyal to the emperor. Gu Longtian was also sure that it was the best choice for all four of them not to join the palace with someone from overseas.
"Ha ha good! Very good! " Gu Longtian was quite satisfied. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly, but he was very happy that he invited four people, all of whom were absolute talents. He wanted to attract four people to promise, which was definitely a great blessing to the country.
"Yang Xiaobai, you just learned amazing people can compare don’t know whether you are willing to go to the front to kill the enemy with Zhang Youcai? I believe that I can rest easy with your two front-line help generals, "said Gu Longtian smilingly.
Zhang Youcai will definitely go to the front. That’s his dream. If he has the opportunity, he won’t grasp it. But Yang Xiaobai doesn’t have to sit down. It’s rare for all four of them to see a talented person. Gu Longtian didn’t force Yang Xiaobai to go to the front, but it was a way to ask for advice.
"Report back that Xiaobai naturally likes to clean the front line and kill the enemy. It is not suitable for Xiaobai to go. If Xiaobai is willing, he can also be backed by everyone in the rear." Yang Xiaobai euphemistically refused to look at him. Even Gu Longtian forced him to promise.
Gu Longtian was rejected without any dissatisfaction. "In that case, you can go to the court first. It’s a place where you can believe that you will be promoted to the university position soon. I’ll keep it for you." The fact that Yang Xiaobai just went out to fight is really a bit wasted, but he said that the position can be absolutely rare and the wizards have to cherish it.
"Xie Huang" Yang Xiaobai’s whereabouts decided, and Zhang Youcai’s whereabouts also decided that he volunteered to go to the front without the emperor’s command! Although he is a humble student, he was trained by his father when he was a child. Even though he has no extraordinary strength, there are soldiers marching with everyone. It is definitely not a problem to become a counselor and strategist. It is his lifelong wish.
"Lu, do you have any favorite position?" Gu longtian asked
"Back to positions! Lv has nothing in particular that he likes to be effective. Lu has no complaints, "Lu said lightly."
Although I haven’t fought with Lu, Zhang Tao knows that Lu is also an innate master! And he is a congenital expert who is not weaker than Sima Chang. He is the oldest one who has come to study this time, but even so, it is a genius to reach the realm of five qi and Chao Yuan.
"good! The head of the Nangong bodyguard in my palace has been promoted and has entered the palace to serve the temple! You are young and successful, your strength is extraordinary, and your potential is also great. You can replace him as the commander of the Nangong guards and help me manage the safety of the Nangong and rule over 1,000 forbidden palace guards! " Gu Longtian said
In fact, there are four commanders of the Forbidden Palace! Protect the outer palace, southeast, northwest, respectively! The division is so careful because I am afraid of rebellion and forcing the palace to buy off four people and then go against the emperor, even if it is impossible. This way is also to protect myself!
Of course, the palace is protected by the temple! Yu concubines’ bedroom also belongs to the jurisdiction of Fengdian!
Bong Dian is a place where great masters tie the knot. People here are retired great masters. They are not only loyal to the palace, but also have extraordinary qualifications and strong strength!
If you want to be a leader, you are all born masters, but if you want to enter the temple, you have to be five-spirited! Although the Grand Palace is a place in the earthly world, it is also unfathomable. There is still a statue of Tianshi in Wenfeng Hall, but it is not clear whether it is true or not. Anyway, some hooligans who want to harm the palace have been solved by Fengdian Hall.
"Xie Huang" Lu Da said.
Don’t underestimate this little 1000 forbidden palace guard! These guards are all carefully selected elites, and their fighting capacity is not weak! You know, the forbidden palace commander is Masazo! Even some ministers should be courteous and respectful when they see the Forbidden Palace guards, because they can make you prostrate at any time.
"Zhang Tao don’t know mo cold wind place? And that Zhao Daniu "turned to look at Zhang Tao after everyone else was arranged.
"Back to the position, Mo Lengfeng left Honghaoguo and went to overseas land for further study." Zhang Tao did not hide anything.
"Oh away? So what position are you willing to take? " Although Gu Longtian is a little disappointed, this time there are many fly in the ointment, and it is normal that everything can’t go well, isn’t it?
"Zhang Tao is willing to stay in the imperial city to help him." Although Zhang Tao said that he was loyal, he also said that he did not want to kill the enemy at the front. However, in some places, it is fortunate that his military talents were not shown this time, otherwise he would be at the front.
Yourself for military although not as strong as Zhang Youcai but it is definitely not an amateur battlefield to kill the enemy. It is by no means a problem. "Ha ha is very good! In this case, you will be the commander of the East Palace Guard like Lu? "
"East Palace?" Zhang Tao’s one leng, everyone else is one leng. Although the East Palace is also an outer palace, there is no one living here, and the situation here is different from his outer palace. Because the East Palace is a place of residence, it can be said that the residents here will be emperors in the future.
"Yes, the East Palace commander has also entered the Fengdian, and you are not a congenital master. I will also promote you because I know that you will not lose to a congenital master," said Gu Longtian.
This atmosphere has become a bit strange. Everyone looks at Zhang Tao differently. The head of the Eastern Palace is generally the confidant of the emperor. Did Zhang Tao become a red man when he first took a horse?
Yang Xiaobai looked at Zhang Tao’s eyes, and it was quite strange. "Thank you, I will do my best." I wondered in my heart that Zhang Tao still agreed to come into this profession, which is also good for helping Gu Wei in the future. It is good for me to pay attention to the defense because of people living in the East. It is much easier for me.
"good! After today’s announcement, you can prepare for it in three days, "said Gu Longtian.
"The emperor! Please wait. I have a request. "Zhang Tao suddenly asked.
"say it!"
"I hope to go back to the moon city once. I have something important to do," said Zhang Tao.
"oh? Is it important? Is it more important than helping me? " Gu Longtian slightly narrowed his eyes.