"By the way, what kind of magic do you need? Sometimes I help you refine it together. I am a first-class magic weapon that can be forged by a first-class soul refiner. "Gufan asked with a smile when he was satisfied with the fleeting reaction."

"Well, Master, I want a knife." Time flies directly, saying that it’s impolite and unpretentious. I took out a long-drawn drawing from my arms and handed it to Gufan Gufan. After taking a faint glance at my heart, I knew that it was a knife that was not heavy, and I could feel a chill and sharpness by looking at it. It must be a good knife! Sharp weapon!
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Gufan didn’t have a fleeting time. He stayed here for too long, only less than half an hour, and then left alone to watch the sunset and the sky in the western hills. Gufan said, "Surely they are all living and practicing at the moment?" Immediately strode to the ancient home the most dense buildings.
Gufan first came to Gubeibei’s residence. Guqingfeng didn’t, and Wang Yanran’s attitude when he saw Gufan’s arrival was much better. At least there was no more hostility. His face was full of smiles, and he nodded gently and said hello. Gufan diameter stepped into the little girl’s room.
Otherwise, my little girl is sitting with her legs crossed and her eyes closed in the process of cultivation. That tranquility makes the whole pink jade carving face look softer and more lovely.
"Brother Gufan" found someone coming, and Gubei instantly recovered. When he saw Gufan’s little face, he suddenly showed an innocent smile. Immediately, his mouth was a little weak and said, "You don’t knock, but Beibei is a girl."
"Ha-ha" Gu Beibei’s blushing expression made Gu Fan laugh. In his eyes, he took this girl as his own sister and didn’t think about it so much. Before he left, he directly sat on the pink soft bed and rubbed her head. "What is a little girl afraid of?"
Gubeibei’s mouth pouted higher. Looking at her flat chest and short body, she suddenly felt a little discouraged. Looking at Gufan, she made Gufan more happy and shook her head and said, "Are you hurt?"
"It’s already ready. I’ve been to see you. I didn’t bother you when the temperature of the soul flame came out in your room." Gu Beibei said cleverly that Gu Fan nodded his mind and suddenly appeared in his hands. He prepared three spiritual beads early and handed them over and said, "You keep this and give it to you when you’re finished. I will definitely fall into a long period of time."
The only difference between these three spirit beads is that they are all 40% or 50% pure for the year of giving, but 60% pure for Beibei.
Looking at the three golden beads in front of her eyes, Gu Beibei suddenly seemed a little flustered. The purity of the beads was very good, which could be clearly distinguished from the color and aura induction. She knew that the three beads were of high purity and quickly waved her hand and said, "This is all refined by Gu Fan’s brother. I don’t want it."
"Ha ha, you have a lot of me for you. You have a strange soul. If you don’t even have a spirit bead, won’t others laugh? It’s a joke! " Gufan frighten way with a straight face
Sure enough, Gu Beibei vomited a small sweet tongue before she felt wronged and stretched out her hand and took it. Gu Fan looked at her reluctant expression, and suddenly she was in distress situation. This Ni was too pure and pure to let people give away the spirit beads for nothing, but she still showed such an expression. Don’t say Tana city, I’m afraid the whole suspection.i empire can’t find a second such a silly girl.
"Well, I’m leaving. You should practice well. If you haven’t improved by the time I get out, I’ll spank you." Gufan got up, smiled and threatened to wave his hand, scaring Gubeibei into shrinking her head and holding her head up timidly. She said, "Beibei will definitely refuel and won’t be a drag bottle for Gufan’s brother."
Gu Fan thought for a moment and continued, "Lingzhu, although I will have someone send it to you every once in a while, I don’t care. At present, the most important thing is to upgrade, and there will be a triennial spiritual meeting, which will be an opportunity for us to seize!"
"I will be an ancient brother" Gu Beibei once again promised that when she heard the words Sheng Linghui, a bright color flashed in her eyes, as if she was looking forward to it. It is indeed an opportunity for all young talents. If you have the capital, Sheng Linghui will give you a chance to fly higher and go further!
Gu Jian’s residence is also in this complex. He is a separate courtyard. When Gu Fan came here, Gu Jian was also practicing as expected. For every young spiritual practitioner, talent is essential, but more importantly, it is necessary to persevere in practicing the surface. They also made too many efforts that others could not see.
Gu Jian was a little surprised by the suspicion of Gu Fan’s arrival, and then his face was happy. Gu Fan was happy to see things and was sincerely happy to be able to let bygones be bygones with him.
"how about it? Are you all right? " Gufan one-way asked a stone pier in the courtyard.
"Ha ha, it’s just a minor injury." Speaking of this, Gu Jian said with a wry smile, "We haven’t thanked you yet. We have earned a sigh of relief."
"Nothing will make me feel too melodramatic when I say this nonsense," said Gu Fan with a wave of his hand, and Gu Jian smiled tacitly. "But I thought too much. We are all a family. We are all honored and lost!"
"I came to see you this time because I need your help." Gufan adjusted her look and looked at Gujian and said.
"eh? Ask me for help? You said you’d never refuse if you could do it. "GuJian said with some doubts that nothing was asked, but he promised directly.
"Do you know that there is still a big gap between Mu Angran and me? It must be that I can’t fight him. I plan to take it for a long time, but there are some things outside that I need you to help me with." Gu Fan paused and looked at Gu Jian’s listening and waiting expression and continued
"I need enough aura beads, but it can’t be got all at once. I think you can help me take care of these things when I close this period. Of course, since you have helped me, I won’t treat you badly. Do you count the aura beads as one?" Gufan breath to say out in my heart.
GuJian body fierce shock stare at expression indifferent GuFan look complicated GuFan this which is looking for his help? Obviously, it was a great benefit to him, and he found a reason to accept it with a clear conscience. At this moment, his heart was touched by something.
He can’t see Gufan clearly more and more. Usually, he gives people the impression that he is bitter and bitter, and he never suffers a little loss. But this time, he has shown such an magnanimous mind that he not only doesn’t care about the past with him, but also occupies the absolute peak. He has to bend over to help himself.
"This is a Zijin card with a limited amount, and there are nine Lingzhu, three medium-sized six. When you can find someone to divide each Lingzhu, I will leave it to you. Whether you can get more refined Lingzhu depends on your own performance."
Gu Fan put the Zijin card and nine gold-patterned spirit beads on the stone table beside him. Without waiting for Gu Jian to speak, he got up and walked to the outside of the hospital. Suddenly he paused and added, "I hope you can keep it a secret, at least for now."
After all, the effect of gold grain is too sensational. Although the refined Lingzhu root can’t see the effect of gold grain going against the sky, where are so many high-purity Lingzhu from the hands of the soul refiner who has just started? It’s hard to make people think of one thing or two, but their strength is not high and they don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.
Gu Jian looked at the swinging gate for a long time and didn’t return to absolute being. He knew that Gu Fan asked him to find a per capita share, which means that he should also give the Lingzhu to Gu Xinyue and Gu Hua, the two most potential people in the family.
"I’m not as good as you in any aspect. I hope our ancient family can lead you further. I hope you can make our ancient family further!"
Gu Jian’s heartfelt words floated in the courtyard, but no one heard his face return to its normal color. The confident and relieved smile emerged and he picked up the stone table again. "Running errands for you seems to be very good, too. Don’t worry! How can I hold you back? "
After finishing these things, it was a relief for Gu Fan. What he would give this job to Gu Jian to do was because he really didn’t care about the previous things. He should vent his anger and prove that it was over.
Secondly, it’s also because the ancient family can hold its head high and hold its chest high without relying on him alone. After all, the family is a family, and no matter how strong a person is, it can’t support a family. The ancient family is the youngest living force. Gu Fan hopes to be strong, so that their mainland can be more stable and straight! Besides, refining the spirit bead is his easy task!
This is not to say how open-minded he is. That shit is worthless. There is no weight in Gu Fan’s eyes. "Well, now that everything has been solved, Lingzhu has also been helped to purchase me. Next, I will practice Mu Angran day and night. I think you will be surprised when you see me again. How long can you be proud of that bitch in misty rain?" Back in the courtyard, the ancient people whispered softly, and then strode into the room. It was a blink of an eye. The cold winter passed, the spring flowers were warm, the spring tide came, and the sunshine became warmer. The ancient house was full of colorful flowers, exotic plants and green trees, and from time to time, cheerful and crisp birds could be heard everywhere.
In the past few months, the dragon has never seen the tail, and the ancient fan is still mysterious. No one has seen him since that flash in the pan, and the attention paid to him in Tana City has gradually decreased. But it is strange that the one who has been active all the time has never heard from you.
Seems to have disappeared! Few people can see him.
Mu Angran and Gu Fan disappeared one after another, which doesn’t mean that the family circle in Tana City was calm. During this period, there was a person who was very active, and he could be seen in almost every auction place in Tana City. That was that the ancient family was only ancient on the first day!
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