"Do you have to quibble when the facts are in front of you?" I ignored Yi at night, but I was so angry that I hurt my favorite sister and Tong. How can I not be angry? !

"Escape is not …" Xia Qingyan couldn’t help shivering when she saw such a terrible escape.
"Xian you also listen to my explanation …" Bai Mengjie begged her eyes to look at Xian.
Frever, 53 is toxic.
"Xian, you also listen to my explanation …" Bai Mengjie begged her eyes to look at Xian, but Xian looked at Xian, but she looked at Xi and saw the blood flow on her face. The whole heart was pulled up, and then turned her head to Bai Meng Jie. Bai Mengjie would listen to her explanation. She was very happy, but she didn’t expect Xian to spit out a sentence that made Bai Mengjie fall directly from heaven to hell. "You must give, me and die!" Xian said slowly, gnashing her teeth.
"Ha ha ha ….." Qiao Shuyun laughed when he looked at this situation and saw that it was bad for him.
"Yun …" Xia Qingyan saw this Yun and shouted softly.
Yun stopped laughing. "Come out, all of you, except these three men, and leave the rest for me to kill!" "
"Oh, Qiao Shuyun, are you the elite killers who can kill them?" Night sneers.
"…" Qiao Shuyun remained silent.
"Come!" Escape a roar from the door into a lot of people and all of them are elites!
"See Big Master, Second Master and Third Master!" The men in black said this sentence neatly, which didn’t surprise Qiao Shuyun, but it was also the reaction that everyone in the school knew that they were the world’s second "bloodthirsty gang". The three Wang’s strength was naturally great, but it was the first time that Qiao Shuyun saw such a big show …
"Kill everyone except those three girls" pointed at the three girls at night and seemed to watch the drama (Xiao Ting wow … and used to watch the drama …)
The men in black are surprised that their leaders have always killed all the people in the field. How did this time …
"Didn’t you hear? Do you need to repeat it? " Xian Leng Leng Yin really isn’t just a hollow reputation!
"Yes …" The men in black knew that their Wang hated repeating the words the most, so they quickly started work …
Qiao Shuyun everyone was beaten, leaving Qiao Shuyun, Xia Qingyan and Bai Mengjie. The men in black just wanted to solve the problem, but they were shocked by a cold sound.
"Wait, let them go!" Ting yin milli temperature is like shura in hell.
"This ….." Black dress person difficult and look at their wang see they nodded and flash to one side.
Ting, they are completely awake, so they broke free from the rope and jumped from the frame.
"Listen, Qiao Shuyun, Xia Qingyan and Bai Mengjie!" D. a look motioned tong to say
Tongbai nodded. "We won’t let them kill you today, but we will kill you ourselves!"
Cherish also went on to say that because she knew what her sisters were thinking, "Don’t let us be too interesting before our game is over!"
Qiao Shuyun three people listened to the bold stare D., tong, precious little at a glance even rolling and crawling away …
Christine saw them go and finally "poof" a blood spit out from her mouth and the whole body fell forward.
"Ting!" Night saw Christine vomitted an one mouthful blood heart whole nervous up for fear of what happened to her, and one side of the black dress person even opened his mouth wider and couldn’t close properly … It was the first time they saw their Wang so nervous about a girl!
Ting herself would have a close contact with the earth, but unexpectedly she fell into a warm and reassuring embrace. She looked up and saw an enlarged handsome face and gently called "Night …"
Frever, 54, a hundred poisons do not invade.
"Ting, are you okay?" I was relieved to see that Ting could still call his name at night. Unfortunately, Ting Fa answered him again, and his heart became nervous again. He turned his head to Tong and asked Xi, "What happened to Tong and Xi Ting?"
"This … that …" Seeing Tong and Xi prevaricated, his heart was squeezed into his throat and he just jumped out.
"say it!" In one word, both Tong and Xi sighed that it was really as cold as Ting!
"Ting, she is poisoned!" Tong knows that he can’t hide it from the past, so he just said how frank it is.
"Poisoning? What’s going on? What poison? Say it quickly! " Night heard the word "poisoning" tore heart crack lung roared.
"Christine … she … has been poisoned by blood clotting pills … Qiao Shuyun let her eat …" Cherish the more she says, the more she wants to cry, and she still blames herself. "I’m sorry for the night … it’s all me … I didn’t protect Christine … meowed … I’m sorry .."
Tong listened and blamed herself. "I’m also at fault … I didn’t protect Christine … I’m sorry … meowed … I’m sorry …"
Yi Hexian saw his lover in such pain that he couldn’t bear to go to them and put his arms around them, trying to give them a little warmth as much as possible while comforting, "It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself."
Night is leng over there, the in the mind has been repeatedly thinking about blood clotting pills … Blood clotting pills … It’s the blood clotting pills that will make people bleed to death … Unless they survive, they will be invulnerable … But he hopes Ting will survive!
"I think you should know that the blood clotting pill will choose its own owner and let him (her) bleed to death if he (she) is not satisfied. I hope … it will be satisfied … or Ting will … meowed …" Tong just calmly analyzed but sobbed again as he spoke.
No one spoke any more. They all stared at Ting nervously. At this moment, Ting grasped the arm and face of the night with both hands. The expression on her face was very painful. At night, she looked at the person in her arms in distress, but she couldn’t do anything … She could wait quietly to give her warmth …
Ting held on tighter and tighter, but she didn’t feel any pain at all. His heart hurts more than being hurt!
I don’t know how long it took. Ting’s face has been much relieved. There is no painful expression. Holding the arm at night, her eyes have been loosened, and everyone expects to slowly open …
"The night worries you." Although Christine is fine, it’s just hard to be weak and speak softly.
"It’s okay. It seems that the blood clotting pill chose you. It’s good to have you all right …" Night D. gently pecked a crisp limp and numb mouth, and D. blushed a little, and the black dress person was even more surprised …
"Uh-huh, I forgot my best friend when I kissed my husband!" Cherish at this time also have the mood to play a joke.
"pity!" D. growled. Although weak, the deterrent force can’t be underestimated …