It is a good thing for him who has always been obsessed with yy novels. Anyway, he was an orphan in his previous life and didn’t care. Although he graduated from college, he still didn’t have a girlfriend to cross over. It should be a great joy.

What makes him unhappy is that although he came to this Wu Zun Tian Wu mainland, he seems to have nothing to do.
I don’t know this world, and no one has taught him martial arts. Even if I am full of ambition, what can he do except this grandfather named Yang Ruoshan sleeping in his arms?
"Alas ~ ~ ~ ~" complained for a long time as usual, and he finally turned his head with a long sigh to prepare for a big sleep.
Suddenly, as if he remembered something, he closed his eyes and suddenly opened his chubby little hand to scratch at the beard that swept his face.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Xiaotian is so naughty that he wants to play grandpa Hu."
Yang Ruoshan smiled lovingly and stretched out his hand to fiddle with Yang’s lovely nose, only to find that the little guy in his arms was dragging his chubby little hand forward and pointing to the yellow mouth.
"Hey, Xiaotian, do you want to see it?" A puzzled frown Yang Ruoshan’s eyes lit up with excitement because of his age. "Well, I like to watch the future civil and military double haha ~ ~ ~".
After a big laugh, he immediately straightened up.
"Good Xiaotian, don’t move. Grandpa will teach you."
"Beiming Mountain"
"Xiaotian, you have to remember that Beiming Mountain means"
Yangre Mountain read and explained with something.
Yanglingtian trickery succeeded. insidious smile combined the old man’s pronunciation with those strange glyphs without happy people and gods.
"northern ghost fish"
"East Cape"
With a little vicissitudes of life hoarse voice floating in the room.
Finally an hour passed.
Yang Ruoshan slowly closed his hands.
Knowing that you have to review Yanglingtian after studying, I also recall the words "stealing learning" just now, but Linglong’s small eyes just closed but soon opened again.
"How can my memory become so good? Such a short time seems to have been remembered by me just now? "
"In my life, I just had a bad memory, and my liberal arts was terrible. Fortunately, science was ok, so I barely got a one?"
Like a ghost, I closed my eyes again and recalled what I had just learned.
That every word is still so clear as if it were engraved in my mind, but it’s so unreasonable, but it’s so real that he can remember just now after listening to Yang Re-shan read it again.
"Is it the same as when I went to that cave just after I died?"
Suddenly I found myself getting "super power" for a sudden reason. Who can’t help but panic and pursue the reason inexplicably?
It’s a pity that although he is "expensive" and "prodigy", he can’t understand the mystery at last. The only suspicious thing is that he has been to that dark cave just after his death. The sad thing is how he remembers what happened in that cave as if he were shrouded in black fog.
Fortunately, Mr. Yang is not the kind of person who can’t get out when he gets into a dead end. Since he can’t remember it, he simply gives up the same trick for six months, but he succeeds again and again. In just half a year, almost all of Yang Ruoshan’s books have been "read" by him, and he also learns the world words by heart.
What’s more, trick or two let Yang Ruoshan willingly take him into the secret room of Yang’s martial arts classics, and he also took advantage of the thick pile of "crawling at random" and "playing with classics"
Of course, those books that have been turned over are engraved in his little head.
"Ha-ha, the old man can finally practice. I’ve only been practicing this Wu Zun Tian Wu mainland for seven months now. Isn’t the old queen so beautiful?"
After the last time he "played" in the chamber of classics, Yang gentleman finally gave a roar in his heart.
Excitedly, at the same time, he returned it for nearly two days, sorted out his back things and concluded that there are two jade laws.
First of all, the martial arts realm in the world is divided into three levels: Fanwu, Diwu and Tianwu. There are nine levels in Fanwu and six levels in Tianwu. Generally speaking, if you reach Fanwu level 9, you can reach Diwu level 6 in a county and an official, and you can have a free and unfettered party in the county. However, you can’t remember much in the Yangs’ classics. If you enter Tianwu, even if you enter Tianwu level 1, you will already be a princes and princes.
Secondly, the classification of martial arts in this world seems to be almost divided into two kinds: Qi and lighter, and both of them have five attributes: gold, wood, water, fire and earth.
After roughly sorting out the martial arts system of Tian Wu Da Lu, Mr. Yang finally got the secret to cultivate the true qi.
This practice is four years. Yanglingtian is almost five years old, and Master Yang Ruoshan officially taught him to learn martial arts six months ago.
Yanglingtian’s performance also made him happy.