But Yang Ye still asked, "Are you Dr. Sun Yat-sen?"

The man nodded. "I am."
"Mr. Sun, you must leave here immediately! Horse! " Yang night nasty took a step forward, but was behind sven glasses force grabbed the muzzle and more force against his temple.
"What?" Sun Yat-sen smiled and asked
"Yuan Shikai wants to kill you! Mr. Sun, believe me, you must leave here! " Yang night regardless of sven glasses behind him to pull nasty ran to sun yat-sen said as he stepped.
"You be honest!" Behind the sven glasses force pulled Yang night a gun is almost poked Yang night head.
Yang night was impatient, turned around and glared at the sven glasses and said coldly, "Don’t mess with me."
Sven glasses have gunmen who didn’t take Yang night seriously. They still stare at the muzzle and mercilessly resist Yang night’s head and shout, "Don’t touch again! My gun loves to go off! "
Yang Ye was so angry that he let you steal the show at such a critical moment? So I turned around and the Sven glasses were not white. What happened? The gun had reached Yang Ye’s hand and the muzzle turned to his head.
Yang night learn to sven glasses to sample grabbed his arm muzzle mercilessly hold his head and said in a low voice, "don’t follow Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s revolution, you can be the boss. Have you ever tried being pointed a gun at your head? No! " He changed his posture and pointed the gun at his eyes in front of Sven glasses. He continued, "A year ago, I played with those children around my house, and I made a mistake and offended them. They pointed two toy guns at my head and let me drink the whole bottle of 1,500 ml of coke! I’m scared to pee my pants. I really pee my pants. It’s better if I don’t drink them. It’s worse if I drink them. Then they point four toy guns at both ends of us. Do you know what they make me drink? Drink urine. I’ve never cried since I was so big. That was the first time I cried. After that, I vowed never to let anyone point a gun at my property again! "
Everyone around me stood there, and the sven glasses turned pale with fear.
The middle-aged woman who saw Yang grabbed the pistol at night reacted quickly-her fertile body stood in front of Sun Yat-sen and shouted, "Mr. Sun, let’s go!"
Yang night looked up and let him admire Sun Yat-sen. There was no panic and fear in his eyes and he was still looking at him.
Yang Ye let go of his hand and took a shot in the gun. Yang Ye caught the gun barrel and handed it to the sven glasses. He said, "Take it and remember that holding the gun is not a joke." Then he turned to Sun Yat-sen and said seriously, "Mr. Sun, I really came to inform you that Yuan Shikai is going to send someone to kill you. You must leave quickly!"
Sun Yat-sen turned to the beard like Yang Ye and said, "Let that gentleman go in Ji Zhong." Then he smiled at Yang Ye and said, "What’s the name of this gentleman? How did you know that Yuan Shikai was going to kill me? "
"Ha ha, Mr. Sun, we are the people Yuan Shikai sent to kill you." Yang Ye also smiled and said softly.
"oh? Then why do you want to save me? " Sun Yat-sen was puzzled by his eyebrows.
"Because I know that Mr. Sun’s history would be a mess without you, and China doesn’t know what it would be like without you." Yang Ye told the truth
Sun Yat-sen took a few steps to hold Yang Ye’s hand and thanked him. Thank you, friend, for believing in me! "
"You’re welcome" Yang night smile turned to look at the south glory magic said "a rare opportunity!
Come and shake hands with Dr. Sun Yat-sen! "
Nan Rong Huan hesitated, came over with a smile and shook hands with Sun Yat-sen and said, "Mr. Sun Yat-sen, we support you!"
Sun Yat-sen nodded and looked at the middle-aged woman, sven glasses and beard next to him. They all smiled and nodded and came over and patted Yang Ye and Nan Rong’s shoulder and mouth and said, "It turned out that comrades were embarrassed just now!"
Yang night also nodded with a smile thinking about comrade alas! What a glorious word! It was changed by modern people …
The sven glasses took Yang Ye’s hand, embarrassed to apologize, and then curiously asked, "Comrade, how did you just … take my gun away? I didn’t see it clearly! "
"This ha ha ….. need to practice" Yang night ha ha smiled and dozen careless eye.
At this time, Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom heard strange sounds outside at the same time, looked at each other and said in a low voice, "There is someone outside!"
The beard stood up with a gun and said, "I’ll go and have a look!" " Said gently sliding door flicker out.
Middle-aged women and Sven glasses looked suspiciously at Yang Yenan Ronghuan and stepped back to distance themselves.
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "Don’t be nervous. We didn’t bring people. It’s easy for the two of us to kill Dr. Sun Yat-sen. You guys can’t stop it."
Sun Yat-sen also stepped forward and said, "That’s true." He patted middle-aged women and Sven glasses. "Revolutionary comrades should not doubt each other that these two gentlemen are on our side."
Just then, a shot suddenly came out of the door, and the middle-aged woman and Sven glasses became nervous, and at the same time, they raised their guns and stared nervously at the door.