Hanging in the abyss of my heart, and then falling all the time, it feels like it’s time to hang you up and fall again.

Thinking about thinking about it+I shed a little tears in my eyes, the first time I shed tears in three years.
Glittering and translucent tears with body temperature and heat slide down the cheeks to the cervical fossa.
I feel so tired
The morning has come, last night has passed, and what we have experienced, pain and suffering have passed, and we will accept today’s hardships again.
Brown imported Italian leather sofa wearing white T-shirt pencil jeans girl sitting face wine red long hair hanging down without depressing emotions and darkness.
Purple butterfly yawned while walking the stairs. It seems that she didn’t sleep well last night. She must make up for it today.
"Xin Yu! ?” See the person sitting on the sofa with Zidie’s back Qixuan can’t help but blurt it out.
Xin Yu didn’t turn his head, but simply said, "Hurry up. We have something very important today."
Unconsciously, Wan Xuan has come to Xin Yu and asked curiously, "What’s important?" She’s really looking forward to what will interest Xin Yu.
Xin Yu turned to the magazine and responded faintly, "I should meet my parents after coming back for so long."
Ps is updated today, and it will continue tomorrow.
Mysterious little note
Wan Xuan and purple butterfly looked puzzled at Xin Yu with a face of doubt.
"What are you going to see your parents?" Yixuan supported Ba with one hand and looked thoughtful.
Look at the wooden ancient Zhong Yuxin smiling behind him. Don’t have his meaning from the sand and spit it out slowly. "Well, do you still ask? Of course, it is to send them a big gift. "
Gift? Have you made a mistake? Give them a big gift. This idiot girl can’t figure out what it means and the current situation. The first reaction of her head is what’s good about them. Give them gifts. Is Xin Yu confused?
Ruoxuan thought about it for a long time and finally put on an epiphany to express his thoughts, but when he looked up everywhere, Zidie and Xin Yu were gone.
Yi Xuan sat down on the sofa like a child in anger. "Why do you always do this and never talk to you again?" (It seems that you say this every time, but every time you talk, it doesn’t count. I want you to take care of it! Do you live in the ocean? I wonder why my family lives in the ocean. A Xuan gave her a look at the tube width)
When they were ready, everyone took their cars to the official villa.
After taking the bus, Xin Yu did not move the train first, but took out his limited-edition mobile phone and made a message.
"Inform the six families that none of them will be late at the top floor of the building at six o’clock this afternoon." Then he hung up without nostalgia.
An accurate parking error at the butler’s house.
Coming, Zidie went around behind Xin Yu and held her shoulder. "Do you really want to go in?" With a little worry in front of his brow.
Xin Yu smiled backhand with a purple butterfly shoulder and said softly, "I said I would give them a big gift. Since I said it, I’m ready."
Hearing Xin Yu say this is not only a sigh of relief for Zidie around her, but also a sigh of relief for people who are listening to their conversation not far away.
When they reached the gate, a guard stopped them and said seriously, "Who are you?"
Yixuan smiled sweetly. "We are Guan Yunxi’s classmates who came to see her today."
The guard was incredulous and asked again, "How can you prove that you are miss classmates?"
Xin Yu was completely impatient, but he still suppressed the fire in his heart. "You told her that Nangong Xin Yu came to see her and gave her this little note. No peeking."
Said Xin Yu took out a small note from his purse and handed it to him.
"Well, then you wait." Then the guard left.
Purple butterfly looked at Xin Yu and laughed and thought what was written on that note just now? So mysterious
Ho ho, the first watch today.
By the way, a multinational group "Snow Charm" will concede three points to six families.
Long time no see, parents.
After a while, the guard ran out in a panic, panting and hissing, saying "Come in, ladies" and then bowing and making a gesture of "please".
As expected, Xin Yu was expressionless, as if everyone owed her a million dollars (shame)
The white stone path is full of lush trees, and the sunlight shines on their figures through the cracks in the leaves, gradually stretching and leaving traces.
There are a pair of white wings left behind and scattered all over the floor.
The wind blows up and falls down, and tens of millions of feathers gather together and set off in one direction. Although they have separated, they still have the same goal to sweep away.
Send it to that distant country like a messenger, and send it to me with deep blessings and deep greetings.
Even if it’s just a’ good’ word, I don’t expect too much. It’s enough to know if you are good.
When the butler’s door was hit, he saw the housekeeper in front.
The housekeeper looked up slightly, but she was shocked by that piece of Yan Zhen, not because she was beautiful but because she was picky.