"Because the emperor is more beautiful than those girls!"

After seeing someone suddenly turn black, she got up and waved leisurely. "Now I can always walk around, right?" Even the doctor too much has promised that you can’t bully people again! "
Say that finish and dally toward the bottom. Chapter 34 It’s not far from the time when dreams are broken.
Donglan emperors are several princes, that is, emperors and brothers, such as Jun Hanxiao. That is the first emperor’s son and emperor’s brother, and then that is the extension of hereditary system of county kings a little further, and that is the duke’s class. There are not many titles in Donglan.
Naturally, the first choice in front of a bunch of xiunv is to kiss the princess.
Looking at these beautiful women and girls, I quickly immersed myself in this work.
This pile of beautiful flowers looks pleasing to the eye, but it is not much worse than those real flowers in her Fengyang Palace.
Xiunv all know that emperors don’t appear in primary elections in previous years. This year is a special favor for them. Those families who have no money and can’t be selected will have a few more chances this year-if they leave, they will be able to enter the Donglan harem directly if they are seen by the emperors.
I didn’t think I could still see the shallow princess empress today.
Things don’t seem quite the same as they thought …
In previous years, even if the draft was not presided over by the queen and the queen mother, it was rare to have a high-ranked imperial concubine, but how did it become this shallow princess this year?
Look at this appearance. It’s really the emperor’s favorite person.
It seems that if you really enter the harem, this shallow princess is a rival …
The emperor sat elegantly at the forefront, looking at the crowd with a smile on his eyebrows.
The official who participated in the show thought that he was in a good mood and was quite satisfied with these beautiful women.
Did Li Detong know where the emperor was satisfied with the show girls? Didn’t he see the emperor’s eyes tightly locked on a certain figure?
Have given others half a point.
Every one of these people will continue to dream. From now on, it is not far from the time when their dreams are broken.
Phoenix shallow hand holding those xiunv basic information such as family background, native class.
She slowly walked over and compared the information person carefully. From time to time, she bit the tip of the writing brush and painted the book in her hand, or made some appropriate marks with a hook or fork.
Your ink shadow’s smile deepened with the passage of time. It’s really interesting to see the little thing doing things seriously. He picked up a cup of tea on the next table and sent it to his mouth gracefully and took a sip.
Before today, he was not sure whether he was doing it right or not. After all, no emperor had ever set such a precedent.
But now that he saw her like this, he suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with it
It’s not the first time that she has set a precedent. If she can be so happy all the time, everyone will be unhappy.
Thought of here, Jun Mo Ying couldn’t help but smile inexplicably.
If all these women are going to enter the harem, I wonder if the little thing will be so attentive?
Phoenix shallow looked up and saw the man laughing like a Uber, and then looked at the girls next to him, and their eyes were flashing with infatuation with anthomaniac, and they immediately became angry.
It’s simply lying in the trough!
The damn man said he picked him himself, but he sat there motionless like a Buddha and would be lazy!
Even if you are lazy, you dare to seduce people when she is working hard!
There are six more ~ sisters good night touch 341. Chapter 341 points just want to seduce people!
In a huff, Phoenix strode towards him to see that Jun Mo Ying’s eyebrows suddenly puckered up.
"What’s the matter?" He brushed the floor and got up from his chair. "What are you doing in such a hurry? Is there a pregnant person who doesn’t know it himself? "
Feng Shao rolled his eyes and pointed at his face. "Will you care about your daughter and me?"
Jun Mo Ying’s nervousness and half-hanging anger disappeared because of her words.
Pinched pinched the eyebrows handsome face with a nai "my daughter is not your stomach, what’s the difference between you and her heart? What’s more, would you be so excited if you weren’t pregnant with your daughter? "
"It’s as true as it is." Feng left her mouth in disgust. "I saw you release it to those strange women just now!"
"I didn’t put" your ink shadow serious way with a straight face.
Although he doesn’t know what putting means, it’s not a good thing to look at her like this.
Feng Shao couldn’t help but sniff at the corners of his mouth. "Then why did you just smile at them?"
Jun Moying helped her forehead with a headache and said, "When and to which of them did I laugh?"
"Hum, you’d like to. Isn’t it because I’m still on the scene and I’m embarrassed to be so aboveboard?" Phoenix shallow picked his eyebrows and pointed his eyes agley at her and looked at him with faint eyes.
"So you just sit there and smile! It’s tempting to know that you look like a monster and sit there. You dare to laugh casually just to seduce people! "