Lin, if you don’t want to talk about it, I can’t help it, but if anything happens to you, you must remember that I will always be your good friend.

Ouyang Lin’s eyes were red. "Thank you for reflecting the snow." Ouyang Lin smiled happily at the snow.
Snow see ouyanglin smile also at ease to go back to his seat to sleep.
Ouyang Lin feels very comfortable looking at the snow, but she feels very uneasy. Snow, I don’t want to involve you. I’m sorry. Forgive me for not being honest with you …
"Lin" MuBingXuan back patted OuYangLin shoulder.
Ouyang Lin trembled, turned around and saw MuBingXuan smiling face, which was false and frightening, and quickly stepped back.
"Lin, what’s the matter with you?" MuBingXuan puzzled to ask hand ouyanglin.
"Nothing" Ouyang Lin immediately went to the seat next to Ouyang Jun and sat down.
"What’s the matter? Lin "Ouyang Jun asked curiously.
"Nothing, I want to sit with you." Ouyang Li tried to hide her fear.
"Well," gently touched the ouyanglin head.
Ouyang Lin smiled at Ouyang Jun, but her palms kept sweating.
Mu Bingxuan looked at them from a distance and looked at Ouyang Lin’s flustered face …
Staring at Ouyang Lin’s eyes tightly, I flashed a trace of resentment.
Chapter one hundred and four She tried to kill her?
Finally, I finally got to school.
"Night brother, we’re home." Mu Bingxuan deliberately said loudly, showing off to someone, but his eyes kept staring at Ouyang Lin.
Ouyang Lin hurriedly bowed their heads and didn’t dare to look her in the eye until she left with Lan Chengye.
"Lin, what’s the matter with you?" Snow came over and asked anxiously.
"Ah" suddenly shouted a snow was startled by a call from Ouyang Lin and looked at Ouyang Lin strangely.
Ouyang Lin settled down after seeing that the bearer was snow. "Yingxue turned out to be you scared me to death!" Ouyang Lin gently soothed her frightened heart with her hand.
Snow pouted her cherry mouth unhappily. "Am I so horrible?" Say gloomily
"Ah, I didn’t mean that. Ha ha ha" Ouyang Lin giggled awkwardly. "By the way, Yingxue, what can I do for you?" Ouyang Lin immediately changed the subject.
"Oh, well, I think you seem to be in a bad mood today and want to ask you to go shopping for fun."
"Good!" As soon as Ouyang Lin heard the word "shopping", she got excited and looked at Bing. "Why don’t you go with Europe?"
"No, I have something to do today" sounds so boring.
"But …"
"Lin Europe didn’t leave it to her." Snow knew that Bing must be in a bad mood because of what happened at Lancheng Night, and she didn’t know what to do. I hoped she wouldn’t play any more "Death Contact Games".
"Well," Lin Ouyang looked at Jun Ouyang again and looked at him with his eyes full of tears. The "elder brother" sound was so soft that it could turn people into a pool of water and snow and could not help shivering.
"You go, but don’t come back so late." Even Ouyang Jun can’t stand that Ouyang Lin can act like a spoiled brat and say yes. Besides, he just has something to do in the help.
Since Mu Bingxuan came, Lan Chengye rarely went back to help, and everything was handled by Ouyang Jun. Ouyang Junli lamented.
"Thank you, Brother" gave Ouyang Jun a warm hug and then quickly left with the snow hand.
Ouyang Jun, with a look on his face, cried that he could go shopping now, but he ran so fast. What a failure my brother did! Ouyang Jun bowed his head in dismay.
Suddenly, I remembered that there was ice. I looked up, but the classroom had already become swinging …
The ice returned to the villa, cold and bitter. I have something to do tonight, so I won’t be home until late.
Bing looked at the swinging room and suddenly felt lonely and became a lonely person. His eyes lost their former glory.
When I went back to my room, I took off my wig and contact lenses and changed into a suspender and shorts. Suddenly, my mobile phone received a message to have a look.