"Miss Sakura, Chief Financial Officer of the Company"

The waves are silent.
Zhang Yi gave him information about Watanabe Marsh and Gao Qiao right. There are details about this mountain side. I have long heard that the wind is not right. Zhang Yi has no way to find out that the waves killed Watanabe Marsh and Gao Qiao left a Wu Tenglan alive to ask the hiding place of the mountain side.
Sakura, the financial director of Yamazaki Co., Ltd., frowned only when he gave him the information without any waves.
But he can be sure that this Wu Tenglan is not lying.
You!’ The waves stood up and stared at Wu Tenglan word by word and said, "Forget what I saw today. If I see you again, you will die!"
Wu Tenglan hurriedly agreed.
The waves stopped looking at her and went straight to the windowsill to see a big tree not far away. One jumped out of the wall and disappeared into the darkness.
The waves came out of the room and pushed forward quickly and lightly.
There was no sound in the corridor.
Now all three bodyguards have been killed by the waves. He can kill Watanabe!
Came to the entrance of Watanabe Marsh House, took a deep breath and kicked it suddenly-
Ping pong!
The wooden house should fall down!
When the waves flashed into the house bed and Watanabe Marsh didn’t react, they flew in the middle of Watanabe Marsh with a short dagger in their hands and were deeply embedded in the chest.
Wu Tenglan screamed!
Watanabe marsh struggled to touch the pistol before he died.
The other short dagger of the waves flew out again. This time, it was right in the middle of Watanabe’s throat. Watanabe stared at the waves with wide eyes and resentment, and slowly fell.
"Shut your mouth if you want to live!" The waves didn’t look at the dead Watanabe marsh. They stared fiercely, trembled and screamed. Wu Tenglan said coldly that it was slowly approaching.
Wu Tenglan really shut up and shivered, grabbed a sheet to cover her naked body, and stared at the approaching cold uninvited guest with horror.
Wave bed sat down and held out his hand to …
Wu Tenglan trembled and shrank back in fear.
Wu Tenglan did not dare to retreat when the eyes of the waves stared. She reached out and gently brushed her long hair with the waves, and she was shivering and couldn’t stop.
The waves gently brushed Wu Tenglan’s long hair.
Wu Tenglan is nearly forty years old. Not only does she have a good figure and long hair, but she is also very attractive. If someone walks down the street and sees her from behind, she is a young girl. Of course, seeing this middle-aged mature woman from the front will also tempt young men to itch.
-there is a kind of woman in this world who will still arouse men’s sexual impulses when she is 60 years old!
The sound of a smile on the lips of the waves has also become softer. "It really is a natural beauty. No wonder Watanabe Marsh wants to hide your golden house!"
Wu Tenglan barely smiled as a compliment to the waves. She didn’t know that this cold killer would treat her like this now, but he didn’t seem to be going to kill her or he wouldn’t talk nonsense with her. Did he look at me? Want to rape first and then kill! ! !
Thought of here, Wu Tenglan trembled with fear again.
"Don’t be afraid!" The waves gently comforted her, "I won’t kill you if I want you to marry me."
Wu Tenglan’s fear has decreased a little. If she wants to die, she will not hesitate to agree, and she will try her best to wait on this uncle.