Even if the answer is correct, there is still no reward, and the result is still pinched by Zeng Guomin.

Out of the room, he went to the next room and slowly knocked on the door and went in.
This room is much bigger and beautifully decorated. It seems that the people in this room are the target tonight.
There is a man in his fifties lying on the bed. Although he is asleep, Zhuo Qiang can still see the majesty and dignity of his long-term resident.
But no matter who will die, life and death are the same for all.
No matter what his status is, Zeng Guomin’s eyes are just an ordinary human life.
Zeng Guomin gently reached out to rest and finished his evening.
Target person
9 hit again?
Now that the event is over, Zhuo Qiang dropped the screen and went back to his spacious and comfortable lounge. He fell into bed and soon went on a date with the Duke of Zhou.
I didn’t wake up until ten o’clock the next day. Zeng Guomin had already returned to the ship.
Zhuo Qiang suddenly thought of something busy and looked out of the lounge.
Not far from the sea, all kinds of ships shuttled back and forth before he realized that the Long Yun had been staying near Annan Pier!
If it wasn’t invisible, it would have been discovered.
It’s strange that a merchant ship with a different origin stops here and Annan’s phase personnel don’t check it!
This is too much!
Zhuo Qiang looked at his watch. It will be two hours before the scheduled ten hours. If you wait a little longer, you will be betrayed.
"Continue to be invisible for another ten hours!" Zhuo Qiang doesn’t want to show his true colors in broad daylight and spend another energy point to lurk and sneak away at night.
With a sigh, Zhuo Qiang nai returned to the cab and waited slowly.
"Be careful not to let others accidentally hit us!" Zhuo Qiang gave Long Yun a brain instruction. It’s not so easy to send something out of someone’s mouth.
Put your head heavily on the back of the chair. Zhuo Qiang asked Liu Xiaolei to cook something quickly. He doesn’t eat regularly now. Most of the time, he has two meals a day.
After the upgrade, the food will still be kept in the future, because the staple food is seafood, and the consumption is not great.
Originally, there was a broken refrigerator on the ship, and now it still holds the contents for a while, although not much is mixed together.
"Report to the captain that a ship is coming to us. Please give us instructions!" Just picked up chopsticks and wanted to eat. Zhuo Qiang heard Long Yun’s brain alarm
"Depend! If you come to the boat, you won’t avoid it for a while! What else can I do? " Zhuo Qiang, this Long Yun brain has a low IQ and a headache.
Even so, Zhuo Qiang got up and looked out.
This is white at first sight. This is really not something that the Long Yun can handle.
I don’t know when two barges in front of the Long Yun are heading for the dock in a straight line, which directly blocks the passage in front of and to the right of the Long Yun.
On the left, there is a small yacht. I don’t know what it is. It is more than 20 meters away from the Long Yun. It seems that someone is fishing on the sea!
And behind a packing cargo ship estimated to be about 5,000 tons is coming at a high speed, although the speed is not too high, but it is too close, and more than 200 meters of samples will hit the Long Yun in an instant.
"This this ….." ZhuoJiang anger and nasty shouted "why did you go early! Your high-speed brain can’t figure out this simple encounter scene? "
"Captain, it is reported that the cargo ship behind changed its course temporarily, and the two ships in front and on the right passed by temporarily. Moreover, this fishing boat just stopped here. Everything is accidental …"
"If you’re going to hit you, stop nagging!" Zhuo Qiang saw that the cargo ship was getting closer and closer behind him, so he stamped his feet and ran outside to see if he could move closer to the fishing boat. He had to barely avoid the cargo ship behind him.
"Bad luck! I heard people say that I collided with a ship every day. I didn’t expect it to really hit this time! " Zhuo Qiang saw that because the fishing boat was too close, Root couldn’t get closer to that side.
And this fishing boat seems to have completely failed to see the passing freighter, and there is still no escape.
Actually, if the Long Yun didn’t stop here, the cargo ship root at the back wouldn’t have hit the boat. It would have passed by the side of the boat smoothly with the two barges on the right front, but the current situation is that there is still an invisible Long Yun! Even if the Long Yun wants to escape now, it can’t come if it wants to turn around.
Before the Long Yun, you can’t go to the left or the right, and of course you can’t retreat. The time difference caused by the slow speed of the barge in front killed Zhuo Qiang
"The fastest start and then turn right! Quick! " Zhuo Qiang saw that the horse was about to hit Nida’s command
Since you can’t avoid the collision, you can’t hit it, but you must find a way to get away after the collision.
If you turn to the right rudder, even if the cargo ship behind you collides, it will hit the stern of the Long Yun. At this time, the Longyun has turned its head and can leave immediately after the collision
At this time, Zhuo Qiang did not consider whether he would be discovered and must leave as soon as possible.
Zhuo Qiang looked at the monster rushing in and grasped the handrail by the door tightly to minimize the damage during the collision.