She knew this, but once the maids talked privately and said that she didn’t believe it yet.

Because recently, she was jealous of the concubine Chen Si in her house.
Now she is resigned and wants to make up with Chen Si.
It’s a pity that she thought too naively. Chen Sixin was so cold that she disdained to pay attention to her kindness and refused to enter her place of residence.
On the contrary, because his concubine was pregnant, Chen Si hurt her more and more, which made Xiao Ao angry and angry all day, thinking about dealing with her and paying little attention to other things
As soon as Xiao Qian’s words in the main hall fell, the queen mother’s face turned pale.
She thought of Xiao Huang and Su Wan’s order to beat the Lujia sisters.
Not only that, Xiao Huang doesn’t even agree to let the Lu family go to Beijing as an official, but he hasn’t seen any movement yet, which means he really doesn’t want to let the Lu family go to Beijing as an official.
The queen mother became more and more angry, and her face was blue with anger.
Xiao Wenhao immediately went to the queen mother and respectfully said, "Mother, don’t be angry. It’s not worth it if your popularity is broken."
Xiao Qian looked at his mother with such fierce eyes and said, "What are you angry about, mother? That bitch dared to get rid of you like this. This is because that woman, mother, has forgotten the past? Without this woman, my brother treated me well, and treated my father and mother well, and my second brother well. But now our family loves each other and ruined everything because of that woman."
Xiao Qian’s words made the Queen Mother’s eyes deep.
Xiao Wenhao’s eyes are also a bit deep.
Xiao Qian also said, "Mother will get rid of this woman and our family can go back to the past."
"If this woman has been sitting as a queen mother, she should always look at her face and her brother will listen to her."
"Are we really going to watch her throw her weight around? What is she?"
Xiao Wenhao listened to Xiao Qiao’s words and nodded repeatedly. He seemed to agree with Xiao Qiao’s words. He also put in a word, "If the mother is an emperor, she will never be so disrespectful to her mother. She will definitely be good to Lujia and will never let her mother be so ashamed."
Xiao Wenhao’s words made the queen mother’s heart move. She suddenly thought that Xiao Huang had come over and told them that his life and Su Wan’s life were linked together, but Xiao Huang didn’t have Su Wan in the palace alone.
Look at this mother in cahoots. Hehe, it’s bad luck behind. Chapter 195 Flower thief
Su Wan, the Imperial Palace, has been sending people to stare at the Queen Mother’s Yangde Palace. What will the Queen Mother do?
She is very prepared. If the queen mother dares to make any noise, she will not be polite to her.
But for many days, there was no movement from the Queen Mother.
Since the second Empress Dowager and King Wen came to Yugan Palace, the two mothers have settled down, one for Wangfu, the other for the German Palace, and even Princess Xiao Qian, the early advanced princess of Gongjiaan, has settled down.
But Su Wan didn’t dare to be careless. The three mothers are really not good stubble.
Su Wan, think of a way to clean up the three mothers. Unfortunately, these three are Xiao Huang’s relatives. If they didn’t make any mistakes, clean up them themselves. What does Xiao Huang think in his heart? That woman is always his mother.
Secondly, and most importantly, if this matter gets out, it will always hurt her queen’s reputation. She is waiting for these three people to make mistakes. If she catches them this time, she will definitely not spare them.
Try to suppress them all and treat them after Xiao Huang returns to Beijing.
But these three people seem to have telepathy and know that she is going to deal with them.
But Su Wan knew that the greedy three people would never stop there, and they would definitely move.
She wouldn’t believe that she couldn’t wait for them to do it.
Because the queen mother and mother three people didn’t move, there was nothing wrong with the court.
When Su Wan had time to chat, he began to worry about Xiao Huang during the day and at night. Although he knew Xiao Huang would be fine, he still couldn’t help worrying because the northern Jin State was too able to destroy Yuyao with one hand. More than 60 thousand soldiers said that this man was very resourceful.
Su Wan’s ability to think of Xiao Ye’s past life unconsciously when she thought of this northern Jin State.
Xiao Ye’s previous life was not so severe. Is it because of rebirth that his ability became stronger? Is there something to hide from him or her?
Mu Qian watched Su Wan’s belly getting bigger and bigger. It was not a good thing to be so worried, so he called Princess Jiarou and Princess Jiayi in the palace to accompany Su Wan.
So Su Wan found an important thing to do.
It’s her responsibility to choose Xu for the three princesses in the palace, and now there’s nothing to do
There are three princesses sitting beside Su Wan in hall of mental cultivation Hall.
Princess Sandy of Jiaping should have a master.