Perhaps all this is his personal thought, although the facts of the surrounding scenery have not changed much, and it is impossible for his master to appear in front of his eyes in his heart, which will never change the amount of facts. What is missing here is just one person

Ye Han isn’t the only one who is familiar with this place. It’s not a familiar place for Ye Rou. Didn’t she practice here at the beginning?
However, now she doesn’t realize this point. For a dying person, all good or bad memories have become the past, and the past can never reappear or relive.
Ye Han didn’t dare to stay any longer after he missed a good memory because he didn’t come here to lust after the past, but to see if he could find a way to save Ye Rou.
Not many people knew about Yan Yunshan in the past, but Ye Han got to know about it. Although he didn’t know much about it, he had an intuition that the mysterious atmosphere in this mountain might help him.
This point can be traced back to the situation when he entered the forbidden area. At that time, he had just entered the realm of Yuanying. With the help of Master, he entered the forbidden area of the sect, which was a great gift to him.
However, the gift is always the imagination of the law. He thinks that he can enter places where others can’t. This is already a great gift, and he can’t imagine it.
However, when he entered the forbidden area of the sect, everything changed a lot, and his original idea was no longer so simple, because this trip to the forbidden area gave him too many unexpected accidents and also helped him a lot.
Although these help didn’t work in the end, it was already a great gift to him at that time. If it weren’t for that forbidden area tour, it wouldn’t have been possible to rise from Yuanying to Yuanying overnight.
After all, it is not a very strange thing to ascend. In this world, there are not a few transient situations caused by excellent bones, and even worse, there are many people who ascend three or more times a night.
Enough to make him feel surprised. Naturally, the ascension is not so simple. It is just an episode in his accident. More accidents are another point. This may not be very important, but it is a great discovery for Ye Han.
He once saw a very strange Yu Pei in the forbidden area. At that time, the forbidden area was dark, and this Yu Pei was just emitting light yellow light. This doubt made him deeply puzzled about this Yu Pei, and the curiosity of the teenager was suddenly stimulated at this moment.
Looking at this magical Yu Pei or because of simplicity and arrogance, Ye Han was only ten years old at that time. After all, he still couldn’t resist the impulse in his heart. Yu Pei was still scattered, and his hands suddenly reached out and grabbed the Yu Pei ~
[9] [The Secret History of Inflammation Cloud]
With a curiosity, Ye Han’s hands stretched out at the moment, he would hold Yu Pei’s palm firmly until the light in Yu Pei gradually converged before he slowly loosened his hands.
When his hands were loosened, Ye Han felt some regret, because when he loosened his hands, the light in the Yu Pei was once enhanced. When the light flashed, he could not help but close his eyes to keep out the light in Yu Pei.
However, this did play his original thought that he would completely lose his vision after his eyes were closed, and that strange light suddenly disappeared from his vision.
I feel that the crisis has dissipated. Ye Han just opened his eyes, but the scene before him made him stunned for a long time. The Yu Pei had lost its trace and everything around it was no longer like that in the sect situation.
After a careful look around Ye Han, he was even more puzzled because everything around him was very strange, but the situation was not so simple. What surprised him was that everything around him was so different in reality.
In reality, the scene of mountains and rivers can be seen everywhere, but at the moment, although it is also a scene of mountains and rivers in front of him, this scene contains a very obvious breath, which is somewhat unusual for him
"What is this place?"
For strange things, Ye Han’s performance is generally the same as that of others. The curiosity in his heart is even stronger, and a question suddenly rings in his heart.
Swing around in addition to the mysterious beauty, he Ye Han, although he wants to find out the specific situation of himself everywhere, can also be unable to ask and ask.
Naiye Han suddenly felt desolate. What benefits can he get from entering the forbidden area of the sect? Now, although the benefits have been improved by himself, they have also fallen into this place.
Follow his own route Ye Han walked slowly along a stream in front of him and witnessed everything around him. At the same time, he did not stop, and soon he came to a dense bush.
Looking at the trees in front, Ye Han can’t help but feel a little worried about this strange place. Although this forest is not particularly large, it may also be a dangerous place for strangers.
However, worry belongs to worry, and his heart has already developed curiosity, which seems to be even worse than this kind of worry. Curiosity soon dispelled the worry, and after some hesitation, he stepped into this small forest.
The periphery of the grove is similar to that of other Woods, which makes Ye Han’s heart call for gold replaced by curiosity, and the worry disappears instantly. The original grove is a dangerous place, but I didn’t expect it to be rooted in other Woods.
Easy to Ye Han soon returned to his journey, and he felt that the danger was fading away, and his pace was moderately accelerated. Soon he had reached the depths of the small trees.
It’s easy to come here. Ye Han’s mind is even more relaxed. After a short rest, he carefully explores the depths of the trees and tries to find some abnormal things from it.
However, when he was anxious to find something, a strange smell suddenly came to Ye Han. Looking back, he saw that the piece of perfect body was shining in the forbidden area of the former sect. Yu Pei did not know that he actually appeared here.
Seeing Yu Pei Ye Han is naturally full of joy. It is good to see a familiar thing in this strange place. Although the law has changed all this, it can also make you find a little comfort.
It turned out that he fell into a mysterious heart and was somewhat worried, but that kind of worry was not about what danger he would encounter, but that he would never get out of it again.
"Why did you bring me here?"
When Yu Pei approached, Ye Han was busy reaching out his hands to prepare to drag Yu Pei into his hands. Although he didn’t know how he came here, he was white. What he would come here must be this Yu Pei monster.
The solution to the problem is from the source. Ye Han is still white. Now he has fallen into this mysterious and strange place, and it is also caused by this Yu Pei. He knows that he must control Yu Pei first, so that he can go out.