Hearing the master’s voice, Tang Jun was pleasantly surprised and faced with so many years of master siege. If he escapes again, he will not fight! Say anything today and fight them?

Thought of here, Tang Jun glared at many teenagers, releasing a strong fighting spirit, and the whole person was full of energy, just like a statue of a god standing in front of teenagers, which made them dumbfounded and surprised? In the face of so many years of masters, can teenagers still compete? Is that possible? Kill them all don’t believe that this time the teenager can escape?
Tang Jun’s face is very cold, and he is calling out a powerful idea. A part of new gas wraps up his "divine light", "divine fire", "mutated gold", black leather armor, "mutated scar knife" and "mutated magic ball" respectively, and then gradually brings these five kinds of scary babies together.
"What does he want?"
Outside the competition square, Chu Batian saw Tang Jun, the "necromancer", suddenly bringing five kinds of horrible babies closer together and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.
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Three kinds of "variation" level baby, two kinds of "gods" level baby body also has a kind of "fairy" level baby body and six kinds of special gases. This abnormal genius has been difficult to appear for hundreds of thousands of years. Now there is a Nanfeng area? Is it really shocking?
At this time, Chu Batian stared at the "necromancer" teenagers, and now the teenagers actually want to combine five kinds of horror babies to produce a big bang? This is no joke. Once he succeeds in integration, it will be a catastrophe. One hundred and sixty teenagers, including Tang Jun himself, will be seriously injured?
The Tang Johnson next to the beautiful Phoenix Queen is surprised and unbelievable at this time? This kind of fusion mutation level baby is not simple, that is, they have all reached the level of God, and they can also fuse five kinds, and it is even more difficult to fuse the level baby with God level, unless they have super great magical powers, God level masters can only do it. Once the fusion fails, the caster will die unless they immediately crush the "soul bead" to escape.
It’s amazing that a young military commander dares to touch this horrible fusion technique.
Outside the competition square, the experts were dumbfounded when they saw Tang Jun performing fusion, and their eyes were falling off. It’s really amazing for abnormal teenagers.
Although those ordinary people don’t know what Tang Jun is doing? But from the expressions of many masters beside them, they naturally guessed that teenagers must have done an earth-shattering event, and their eyes were full of expectation and encouragement, hoping that teenagers could create miracles to defeat those young masters.
At this time, Tang Jun, the "necromancer", watched the five kinds of babies gradually get closer and look dignified. In a cold war, he just let the three kinds of babies collide and almost failed. Now it is very dangerous to let the five mutation levels of horror babies merge. He dare not be careless at all.
This fusion and collision are two different things, because in the process of fusion, two different kinds of babies are easy to explode once they touch, and what’s worse, what about merging them?
Just the mutual fusion of three kinds of mutant babies makes his scalp numb, especially the explosive "mutant magic ball". No matter what it is, it is extremely difficult to fuse with it. The "mutant gold" has already produced terrible thunder before it touches the "mutant magic ball". It seems that there will be a big explosion at any time.
Fortunately, Tang Jun has six kinds of special gas fusion body, and almost everything in the world will be afraid, even if it reaches the level of "fairy spirit". When the fairy aurora meets the "six-gas fusion body", it is also a bow and dare not resist. At this time, the six-gas fusion body wraps and threatens the "magic ball of variation", although it rejects all kinds of things very much, but it can also obey orders. Therefore, Tang Jun carefully fuses three kinds of variation levels, and the baby is successfully fused by him. He has a small scary ball in his hand.
A breath of terror suddenly released from the little ball of the abnormal young hand stirred around and kept hitting the young terror "amethyst brick", which was a little scared and actually shrank back.
"It’s not good for everyone to step up their efforts. Nothing can let the teenager escape this time."
Chu Fenger has seen that the situation is not good. Teenagers are using the fusion big bang. They can’t help but frown and drink loudly. This fusion technique is very horrible. Once the big bang occurs, conan the destroyer is nerve-racking! Teenagers have already pushed back their 160 young masters because they have combined three levels of variation. Once they have combined five kinds of horror babies, I’m afraid they will crush the "life soul beads" and flee for their lives one by one today.
One hundred and sixty young masters are all highly respected masters. What is Bai Tangjun doing naturally? They immediately stepped up their efforts to continuously convey the body-owned force to the three sisters of Chu family, and the "amethyst brick" beside Tang Jun suddenly emerged, and the impact force became more and more terrible and powerful.
Tang Junzheng was absorbed in fusion. Just touching the small ball, the two "gods" level babies had a great impact. Suddenly, sparks flew and thunder quickly sounded, and a terrorist force immediately rushed to Tang Junshen.
Tang Jun instantly turned into a shivering hand with "Fairy Aurora" and immediately shot it out, breaking it down into several small strands, which eventually impacted his body. The terrorist force was absorbed by the "black leather armor", but he was slightly injured and seriously injured, but it already made him jumpy.
Tang Jun escaped a fatal blow, and his face just gave me a little surprise. Suddenly, a "crack" sounded and kept protecting him. The big aperture was condensed by one hundred and sixty young masters. The "amethyst brick" kept hitting and finally produced a crack. A little bit of terrorist force has been shot in. Although Tang Junshen’s "black leather armor" is terrible, it can’t bear the impact of such terrorist forces, and it also produced cracks. Tang Jun suffered a massive impact and the whole person seemed to fall down. The situation has reached a critical point.
"The abnormal teenager can’t bear it anymore. If you work harder, you can force him out immediately."
Big sister Chu Fenger couldn’t help crying out in surprise. Seeing that the teenager was teetering there, she knew that the only way for the teenager to escape this time was to crush the "life soul bead" and take the initiative to quit.
"Cha Cha"
Suddenly, a terrible sound came up. In the middle school, the teenagers all changed their faces and screamed. At the same time, their faces and the ground suddenly split in two, and the radiant light came from the cracks.
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The crack is not trivial. Once it falls into it, those who have reached the level of the emperor can’t escape. If you touch it, the best way is to escape quickly, and the speed will generally hide.
Those teenagers who were besieging Tang Jun knew that "cracks" were coming as soon as they saw the radiant light coming from the ground. They screamed and fled quickly one by one, but there were still several extremely venerable teenagers, three sisters of Chu family, who were pulled by strong suction to crush the "life soul beads" and fled out.
At this time, the three sisters of Chu family, Tang Jun, are in the middle of the "crack" and the two sides are at war, so they can’t escape and watch themselves being pulled away.
Tang Jun didn’t feel much suction because he showed great power of "Six Qi’s Great Samsara", but he wasn’t very alarmed and struggled hard to escape, but he underestimated the "crack" terror. Although those dazzling lights couldn’t stand the one-meter aperture beside him, he still swallowed people up with the aperture.
Chu family three sisters are also unwilling to be dragged together to display the "Dieyun siddhi" to hide the three people’s figure, and compete with the strong suction of the "crack" in the big aperture to make a dying struggle. The three of them are the highest young masters in this competition. If you crush the "life soul bead" and escape, what else can they see?
It’s a pity that the crack was so horrible that even Tang Jun put out the most horrible "Six Qi Great Samsara". Are they the three sisters? Great suction unceremoniously pulls the big aperture hidden by the three Chu sisters.
Watching all the people outside are dumbfounded!
The abnormal teenager, the three Chu sisters, is the highlight of this competition, and the most promising young players in this competition are now swallowed up by cracks. Is this too hurtful? Even those masters who have reached the level of the divine monarch enter the cracks, and it is difficult to escape from life. Is it the holy one, their martial arts boy?