The door of Wangfu is covered with three gold-plated characters, and the sunshine is dazzling and bright, while Su Ling has a convulsion in her heart at the door. How can she walk back to Wangfu without knowing it?

When meeting Su Ling at the door, Lin Feng and Mo Ying seemed to be relieved in an instant. Lin Feng quietly said in Su Ling’s ear, "Princess, come in and have a look at the Wangfu!"
Su Ling wondered, "What happened?"
The breeze secretly swallowed a mouthful of water and his eyes flashed a few times and said, "A … it’s about the princess of Helian!"
"Oh, she’s not dead yet!"
Su Ling finished and walked towards the mansion, ashamed to look at her back behind the jade tree, and the princess was terrible!
Mo Ying couldn’t help frowning at him when he saw Lin Feng’s worship. "Does the princess usually talk like this?"
Jade smell speech raise "our princess you can’t look at ordinary people! Don’t you think Princess Lian looks much more pleasing to the eye than Princess Lian? "
Ink shadow "…" Shun pleasing to the eye with you?
Walking slowly along a secluded path in Wangfumen, in front of it is the main hall of the mansion. Before Su Ling walked in, she heard crying from the inside. "Third brother, you must let me make decisions this time! This must have something to do with the princess. Few people know that I came to Wangfu. She must have made people do it! And those guards outside your mansion, you have to punish them. The situation is so serious, but they just watched me being bullied and didn’t move. Third Brother Wangfu, these people can’t stay! Meowed … "
"Lian Jinse, are you crazy again!"
Su Ling gathered her arch eyebrows and paced softly, and her voice was crisp and harsh. Naturally, it was someone’s ear thorn, and it must be a slag ear!
Hector even jinse heard Su Ling sound fundus suppression flashed out crazy envy color Ceng Yi got up from the chair to the door into Su Ling cry more fierce "princess, I know you don’t like me, but why do you want people to do this to me? What did I do wrong? Don’t you know how important honor is to women? Meowed … "
Damn it, what the hell! You think you are a crow!
"Honor? Even the small county magistrate, you told me about the festival? " Su Ling looked at Hector even Jinse with a contemptuous smile, crying with a snot and tears, but also found that her head gauze seemed to be thicker.
Besides, the face that was rosy before is still black and blue at this time. Well, it looks very comfortable!
Su Ling’s belly is black!
"Princess, you are also a woman. I know that the third brother is good to me. You are envious and jealous, but don’t you have a bad conscience when you treat me like this? Even if you don’t like me, what can you say to make the people laugh at me in such a sarcastic way? This is the Wangfu, so you can make the third brother face the heaven and man. Meowed … "
Lian Jinse’s well-meaning tone makes Su Ling smile more like a flower. The more she cries, the happier she is!
Su Ling walked to Huang Yinchen’s side with a slender and soft posture, leered at his resolute and handsome character, then sat down on his side and suddenly said, "Yushu!"
"The princess belongs!"
Yushu’s unexpected appearance made Huang Yin’s dust eyes flash. When did he listen to Su Ling? This is business!
Yushu disguised terms Su Ling front for burn three-dimensional dust eyes can bear hard while one side is still crying about Hector even Jinse finish his consideration.
His mission now is to be a single-minded princess! Prevent him from spreading rumors that he likes the breeze all over the sky!
"A cup of tea is thirsty!" Su Ling looked at Yushu with satisfaction, and the smile on her lips deepened.
Yushu moment and then flashed out of the room in the blink of an eye, and this time Su Ling slowly moved his line of sight to Hector even Jinse’s face, elbow chair armrest and dragged his face and jaw and asked, "Hector even the small county magistrate, did you just tell me about honor?" Will you stop teasing me? You, an unmarried woman, went to the palace for the night in the middle of the night. What’s your honor for this move?
What else can I do to embarrass your third brother? As far as I know, there is a king and two kings in your Hector tribe, and there is no third brother! Besides, what do you care if your so-called third brother is shameless or not? Are your claws that long? Why do you want to get involved in everything? You slander me, but can you stop saying that I envy you? What is there about you that deserves my envy and jealousy?
You blame me for the people taunting you. If the people rise up and rebel, do you have to call me a disaster for the country and the people? Are you kidding me? "
Burn assumed the dust face angry Hector even jinse presents a face of dementia!
Su Ling is still not simply annoying about Hector even Jinse. She has long said that if Hector even Jinse provokes her again, she will really start work!
This fellow looks like a dog. Why don’t you look at his face?
Would she have taken the initiative to frame her if the rumor that she seduced Huang Yinchen had not been broadcast in her mansion? She is precious when she is young.
"Third brother, you see …"
Hector even Jinse’s eyes were cold and vicious, and the light passed away, with tears hanging from her eyes and her eyelids drooping, and then she looked at Huang Yin’s dust and complained about some grievances.
But Su Ling can’t let her succeed again!
Since she wants to marry Huang Yinchen, she won’t let her! How can you pretend to be a weak person after picking on her? There are so many cheap things that she has taken up!
Su Ling immediately beat the console table directly to Yushu, who had just presented the teacup to the shock. In the eyes, Li Guang suddenly burst into a way: "Three what three! Who are you talking to? Who are you talking to? He’s the King of Dust in the State of Qi, and the Yamaraja battlefield warrior will bite you. When did you become a princess in the State of Qi? Even if the princess sees him, she has to call him brother. Don’t climb relatives here!
Lord HeLianXiao, I’ll tell you once again today that Wangfu is not your home or a place where you can come if you want! I’m the princess of Wangfu, and the whole backyard belongs to me. You entered the backyard of Wangfu without my permission. Do you regard the etiquette of Chu State? It’s charity that the people didn’t pull you out of the pond just because you acted like this! How dare you call this injustice? Even if you tell the queen about it, you will ignore it first!