That’s where the old cow likes the tender grass best, and the fertile peach blossom garden …

Lady Shao buried her head in the grassland and stuck out her long tongue like a cow to find, chew and search …
Light snow fingers twitched violently, his face flushed, his eyes half closed, his lips parted, and he groaned and gasped.
In the confusion, Xiaoxue suddenly saw the waves coming towards him and held her in her arms with a cold smile, crushing and destroying … The hard and violent impact of the waves brought her to an unprecedented level. On a clear night, she came to a lonely cliff and watched Tian Yue jump …
Light snow grasps Shao lady’s hand and suddenly tightens, deeply sinking into Shao lady’s white hair, almost like nine yin bones claws to be inserted into Shao lady’s head …
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Coming events cast their shadows before them
Liu Yifei sat in the cab next to the car waves, playing soft music, and the waves seemed to be fascinated by the music.
L side eye a look at the waves laughed "what’s the matter? Nervous? "
The waves said, "I’m a little nervous. After all, Matsushima apricot is the first fighting queen in Japan, and I was 50% sure of winning."
Liu Yifei said, "Where is it now?"
The waves said, "Sixty percent is very successful."
Liu Yifei said, "What?"
The waves smiled and showed Sensen’s white teeth. "Because I fucked her!"
His tone is vulgar, but there is a special motivation for Liu Yifei not to feel his vulgarity, but to arouse her deep heart.
Liu Yifei knows that this is not the time to suppress this kind of * * and laugh. "What, you are sure to win if you fuck her?"
The waves smiled mysteriously. "The mystery is beyond words!"
Liu Yifei stopped asking and sneering, "Beautiful you!"
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ __
The car turned a corner and drove to a highway in the suburbs. It took less than half an hour to get to a villa.
This is the first time that Liu Yifei took the waves to see the place of Heishiquan, but this time the waves were the audience and this time he was an actor!
Liu Yifei took the waves into the villa and did not go into the VIP room like the second time, but went to the backyard.
The backyard is a lounge for boxers of both sides to rest temporarily and adjust their state.
There is no need to divide the barbed wire in the lounge of both sides for fear of causing conflicts before the game.
That barbed wire is finger-thick, more than three meters high, and sharp iron stings people.
The waves looked at this barbed wire and suddenly had a strange idea-he and Matsushima apricot were like two wild animals in this barbed wire, killing each other to satisfy the bloodthirsty nature of the ladies and gentlemen outside the barbed wire!
Of course, the waves are very white, this is the rivers and lakes, this is life, life is the law of the jungle, and life is cruelty!
At this time, Matsushima apricot appeared opposite the barbed wire, with short hair, short clothes and shorts!
The whole person looks like a polished gun and a freshly drawn oriental knife, sharp, cold, fierce and violent!
The waves and pine island apricots look at each other through barbed wire. They all have expressions, and the light in their eyes is cold, cruel and sharp like a sword and a needle!
The waves suddenly smiled and slowly reached out and slowly extended their thumbs to Matsushima Apricot and then slowly turned their thumbs back-despising you!
Matsushima apricot did not show weakness, but also slowly reached out her hand, but there was a trend that the middle finger was erected in the waves-fuck you!
Two people laughed at the same time!
The pupil of the waves suddenly contracted-Yamazaki maple appeared beside Matsushima apricot!
Yamazaki’s casual clothes are even more natural and unrestrained. Looking at the waves, he smiled as handsome as the white horse king, and even showed a shallow dimple!
-if you look at his appearance, you would never think that he is a pervert!
The waves also smiled brilliantly!
Then both sides go back to their lounges to rest and wait for the game to come.
In the lounge, Liu Yifei accompanied the waves and waves, thinking about Yamazaki Maple seemed anxious, and the lounge was walking back and forth like a trapped beast.
Liu Yifei discovered that the waves were uneasy, and the sixth sense told her that the waves were afraid!
Liu Yifei was surprised. Who is this fearless person?
She remembered that when she saw each other from the waves, the gentle young man’s mood was very volatile.
-What’s so terrible about that young man?
I think impassability straightforward asked "are you afraid of? Afraid of that Japanese man! "
The waves suddenly stopped and stopped.
Yes, he’s afraid. He’s afraid of that Yamazaki maple!
That Yamazaki maple is a powerful opponent!
Liu Yifei’s words are like a needle stabbing the nerve of the waves sharply, but suddenly it wakes him up and makes him face his fears and weaknesses!
The waves suddenly have an impulse that he wants to vent!