The second part is to make Xia Mo stick to the dark night organization for life, and always wear this strange and cold mask when he respects the king and works in the dark night.
The four elders came up with a list of cruel ways …
Dragon tattoo and Xia Mo body carving can erase the mark forever; Cutting off the pain nerve made him insensitive; "Zombie tears" let him live in darkness forever.
Fragment three dragons holding the evening car two slender pretty figure ran quickly …
Although they are 50 years old, they still have a handsome and extraordinary appearance and are not angry but courageous.
The man on the left is the evening father post … I can see that he is well maintained, but I can’t see that he is in his fifties, and at most he is in his thirties.
The one on the right is Xia Feng’s father, Xia Hanqiu, the fifth richest business wizard … It’s that he has a few traces of time in his eyes …
Fragment 4 Xia Feng has been worried about what kind of harm a beautiful girl like Xi will get if she is caught by the bad guys. When he wakes up and learns that Xi has been rescued, the first thing to do is to see her and check if she has been … hurt?
Even if I don’t want to accept this reality anymore, it still happens.
Xia Feng’s heart ached like a tear, and he choked with pain. He secretly told himself that he must take revenge …
Fragment 5 Charming lyrics Evil sound is really like a devil talking …
What’s even weirder is that I feel a pair of eyes staring at myself in the dark with strange sharpness.
Who is it?
Fragment Six Summer Cold A line of people came home and saw a black extended Hummer parked outside the courtyard, and a black man with sunglasses and facial expression was as solemn and solemn as a soldier.
"Mr. Xia," a beautiful voice came from behind, and everyone looked back dumbfounded …
Fragment 7 "Mr. Wang, you’re finally here" Xia Han’s joyful voice shocked the evening. She returned to her senses and hurriedly glanced at the door, and her body immediately shocked …
The black suit is charming and handsome, the face is leisurely, the pace is wild, the majesty is overbearing, and the spirit is like a natural king who has the power to devour everything. It seems that if he violates it, he will fall into perdition.
There are also those bright and transparent ink pupils flashing cold and mysterious colors, and he is looking at the evening with a lonely smile on his lips.
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"vicious? Very good … "The statue of the king lit two clusters of flames in his dark eyes, like a hell shura with a flaming flame that even her soul could burn.
He reached into her body and tore up her underwear in spite of his chest against a sharp knife in an attempt to get into her body.
"You devil-"Evening was completely crazy and stabbed the knife with all her strength …
Your majesty’s blood is burning!
Spray evening face turned out to be as hot as sulfuric acid, which almost corroded her delicate skin. She actually shed tears unconsciously, and her heart was so sad.