Outside the "Yongfan Gate"

"It’s Master" Teng Yongfan even went to directly bolt the door and saw five or six people standing outside the courtyard gate. It was the head of the clan "Teng Yunlong" Teng Yongfan who saw the words "Master Uncle, please come in" and led the men into the main room.
There are six people in all.
Of these six people, except Teng Yongxiang, Teng Yonglei and Teng Yongfan, all four of them are clan elders, which is very promising.
"Castle Peak, come here" Teng Yongfan even said.
Teng Qingshan came and shouted, "Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Uncle, Uncle!" The Teng clan has a large population. Today, although several elders are Tengqingshan elders, three grandfathers are Tengqingshan’s brothers, and his two grandfathers are Tengqingshan’s cousins.
Grandpa Yu Tengqingshan died in the fight with bandits and robbers a long time ago, and grandma became seriously ill and soon went.
"Castle Peak" Teng Yunlong and other old men looked at Teng Qingshan with bright eyes. This is the hope of the Teng clan in the future.
Teng Yunlong immediately turned to Teng Yongfan. "Yongfan and your uncles have discussed the future of Qingshan. If we let him stay in Tengjiazhuang, our future is limited after tempering some strength. It is better for our family to send Qingshan to Yuan Zong to see if Qingshan can practice strength."
There are two ways to join Yuan Zong.
One is that a 10-year-old child can spend 520 silver to stay in Yuan Zong for a year. During this year, he can practice hard, that is, he will be kicked out of the door if his brother Yuan Zong can’t practice.
Furthermore, adults are assessed to join the Black Armored Army.
"Go to Yuan Zong?" Teng Yongfan’s last drink was also stunned.
Yuan Lan next to "Castle Peak is only six years old" is somewhat reluctant. "Adoptive father, I can’t bear Castle Peak …"
"Hum" TengYunLong not cold hum a low way "loving mother more loser! Qingshan, he has such a good future and qualifications. Who will teach him here? Teach him how to shoot by ourselves? These crops are the gift of Langqingshan! "
The clan is incapable of sending every child to Yuan Zong.
But Teng Qingshan’s talent is so good that they are still willing to take out five hundred and twenty.
Yuan Lan was reprimanded by his adoptive father Teng Yunlong and dared not say anything.
"Master, you said that this level is indeed a gift of blue hills for us." Teng Yongfan, after all, is the first hero in the family and has seen many big scenes to nod. "But Qingshan is only six years old and is now in a hurry to send it to Yuan Zong? Isn’t it ten years old to return to Yuan Zong? You can wait another two years. "
Teng Yunlong next to a forehead with a small sarcoma silver-haired old man deep way "confused! Yongfan, haven’t you heard that the sooner the better! "
Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan are, after all, parents who let their children leave their hearts so early.
Teng Yongfan looked at his wife’s last grind and nodded. "Well, then let Castle Peak him …"
"Grandpa!" Teng Qingshan suddenly said, "I don’t want to go to Yuan Zong!"
Chapter 10 Selection
A group of adults, such as Teng Yunlong, turned to Teng Qingshan from beginning to end. They never asked Teng Qingshan’s wishes because Teng Qingshan’s talent was good in their eyes, but after all, he was a six-year-old child. How much can a six-year-old child know about the future?
How can a child decide such a thing?
"Castle Peak" Teng Yunlong smiled kindly and said, "That belongs to Yuan Zong, which is the first sect in Jiangning County, Yangzhou. When you get there, you can get a secret book to practice your strength. When you practice your strength, you will look at the whole Yicheng in the future!"
"I don’t want to go" TengQingShan firmly shook his head.
He has no particularly good excuse for the time being. After all, he is a six-year-old now.
"Master, I think wait another two years." Teng Yongfan still couldn’t help but say that he didn’t give up on himself.
"Hum Yongfan, your castle peak will be considered in the future!" Tengyunlong face a heavy.
The silver-haired old man with sarcoma on his forehead next to him shouted sullenly, "Never ruin your son’s future!" Teng Guzhuang, the third grandfather, is famous and strict, and ordinary children are too scared to speak when they see him.
"I don’t want my brother to go!" Xiaoqing next to the rain’ wow’ actually cried.
"Don’t cry in the rain" Yuan Lan immediately picked up her daughter.
"Xiao Yu is good, don’t cry, don’t go." Teng Qingshan also touched his sister’s smiling face and then turned to look at this group of adults. "Grandpa, what must I go to Yuan Zong? I don’t want to go! " Teng Qingshan has no other way. By this time, he can fight as a child and lose his temper!
"Castle Peak, stop it!" Tengyunlong drink a way
"Castle Peak! What do you know about obedience as a child! " Next to three grandpa also rebuked way
Teng Qingshan doesn’t want to go
Because even if he has a strong practice method, he can’t practice because … The strong practice method is to get through the meridians and let the strength body run on Sunday to enhance the strength method. This Tengqingshan also knows something, and he also knows the secret of this posture.
But now many of his meridians are blocked.
If the meridians are forcibly opened according to the strength secret method, it will be more difficult for him to get through the meridians. Then the advantage of other practitioners of "Family Boxing" will be lost, and Teng Qingshan will not practice the so-called secret book until all the meridians are unobstructed.
After all, it is an advantage for practitioners of Jiaquan to get through the meridians. Although the speed of progress in the early stage is not fast, it can be unobstructed in the later stage