Mo Haiyang said magically, it seems that when he talks about his grandfather, others will be afraid.

"What master Mo hasn’t heard of? You’d better keep your mouth shut, or it will be miserable. It’s not the two of us but yourself." Chen Hu sneered and slapped Mo Haiyang again.
Mo Haiyang dared not say anything when her mouth was bleeding again, so she kept her mouth shut and didn’t talk, but his heart was secretly thinking about how to retaliate against Zhou Chi and Chen Hujiang in the future. Today, she humiliated one hundred times and one thousand times and went back to Chapter 5 Square Sketch Art.
"You are kidnappers, right? I can’t help you with this car. Take your car []"
Zhou Chi, Chen Hu, and Mo Haiyang talked to each other. The driver heard it. I didn’t expect the taxi driver to get more and more scared after listening to Zhou Chi and Chen Hu. He Zhou Chi and Chen Hu were gangsters who kidnapped Mo Haiyang and stopped the car and stopped moving forward.
"Uncle, what do you know from a few words? Are you a good person?"
Zhou chi after a fright said to the driver
"Sorry, I won’t do your business. If you don’t drive, I’ll call the police."
The driver is a young uncle. He is nervous and says to Zhou Chi
"You’re so wordy. You don’t want to drive. I’ll drive." Zhou Chi said.
"What are you going to do?"
The taxi driver became more nervous.
"Let you have a rest first."
Zhou chi sneered at a quick hand and beheaded the driver’s neck.
The driver fainted when his neck tilted, but Zhou Chi was very measured. The driver was temporarily in shock and his life would not be in danger.
Zhou got crazy and put the driver in the driver’s seat with one hand, then he drove the driver’s seat and walked to Wulin Square downtown.
Before the car arrived at Wulin Square, Mo Haiyang was stripped naked by Chen Hu.
Mo Haiyang huddled in resentment with Chen Hu and Zhou Chi, but there was no way because he knew that once he resisted, he would be stunned by Zhou Chi and Chen Hu, which was even more miserable.
At this time, it has just entered the night. Because of the good weather, Wulin Square is full of walks, and the citizens are full of people.
Zhou Chi drove the car into Wulin Square, and Chen Hu threw it out as soon as he hit the door and was naked.
When Chen Hu threw Mo Haiyang, his strength was very clever. After Mo Haiyang fell into the square, Root couldn’t help rolling forward.
Chen Hu threw Mo Haiyang out and got off the bus. Zhou Chi immediately backed up, and after a beautiful drift, he turned around and drove off.
"What is this?"
There were many people in the square, and the horse found that someone had thrown something from the car, so the horse was surrounded.
A girl screamed at once because she met a naked man.
Mo Haiyang’s mind was very clear at this time, but he covered his eyes with his hand and dared not get up. He couldn’t wait for a hole horse to get in
"Who is this? How can someone throw it from the car?"
The car was thrown, so a naked person came to Wulin Square, and people gathered around in an instant. Some people even speculated curiously and talked about it.
"Who knows? I guess it’s sad that this guy was found cheating outside and was thrown out." Someone gloated, but his explanation was reasonable. What he said was that many people secretly nodded their heads and recognized his statement.
"It’s a windy day, so he really deserves it."
An old man scolded Mo Haiyang on crutches and then shook his head and left. Obviously Mo Haiyang was despised by this old man.
There is no shortage of lively people anywhere in the country. In less than two minutes, many people gathered around Mo Haiyang and pointed at him in a big circle. Some people took out their cameras to take pictures of naked Mo Haiyang or send them to the media.
Mo Haiyang is a person with status and background. How can he be willing to let these passers-by photograph his face? If so, he will be ashamed. Even if he returns to Beijing, he will tell his grandfather and father about it.
Momo Haiyang has been hugging his head and lying prone to protect his head, preventing others from taking pictures of his face and crotch with cameras and mobile phones, but he has no clothes at this time, and his glistening ass is still exposed, which has caused many people to laugh.
There are two policemen patrolling Wulin Square with patrol cars. Recently, an election is about to be held, and the urban area is also strict with public security. In many parts of the urban area, police patrol around the clock to maintain public security and prevent any accidents.