Lin Yucai no matter how the magic seven little threatens his family, he cares about hiding in the family’s practice.

Those family members want to kill him, Lin Yu. That depends on whether they have infiltrated Yun He City!
Lin Yuyuan will be fine if he hides himself, but it will come eventually.
On the second day, the demon asked for information within seven days and ten days. Elder Shen found Lin Yu sweating profusely. "Sigong is not good. Miss Yue’s brother Yue Qiuxiang was surrounded by people and said that if you don’t save him, they will kill him!"
Yue Qiuling also received the news and ran over in tears. "Lin Yu, help my brother!"
While comforting Yue Qiuling, Lin Yu asked Elder Shen, "Who are the people around Yunduan City?"
"These guys have their faces covered or passed through Yigan. I don’t know which family member it is and how many people it is." Elder Shen is very anxious. "And they said that if you go alone, you will die if you meet Yuan’s predecessors or others."
See Lin Yu also meditation Shen elders advised "Sigong I think you still don’t go …"
"I must go," Lin Yu said very seriously. "Not only will I go, but I will also make these people pay the price!"
Lin Yu wanted to go this trip is not finished Yue Qiuling.
He thought that those bastards were so vulnerable to the threat of the magic man, and God knows if they would be threatened again in the process of dealing with the inferno and stab themselves in the back.
If someone comes to provoke their relatives and friends at every turn, can there be a peaceful day after themselves?
This time, Lin Yu wants to let the whole Cangyu mainlander know that the consequences of offending himself will not be better than offending the magic man!
Yue Qiuling knows what it means for Lin Yu to go alone, but being able to save her brother also has Lin Yu’s ambivalence, which makes Yue Qiuling’s face extremely ugly. "Lin Yu …"
"Rest assured" Lin Yu put her hands on Yue Qiuling’s shoulder and looked at her eyes carefully. "Believe me, I will be fine."
Looking at Lin Yu’s bright and clear eyes, Yue Qiuling wiped away the tears in her eyes and nodded "hmm"
"Well, I’m going to prepare something to wait for my good news." Lin Yu smiled at Yue Qiuling and turned away.
See Lin Yu so firm YueQiuLing heart can’t help but feel a sweet happiness.
Knowing the difficulties ahead, he is still willing to stand up for himself. Who else can he find if he doesn’t find such a man in his life?
Yue Qiuling prayed silently from the bottom of her heart that "Lin Yu must come back alive …"
"Don’t have your dad to protect you, you can fool around." Seeing that everything is ready, Lin Yuyuan Lan snorted and said, "Don’t forget that Yuan Wei and the Great Devil can pin him down."
"Don’t I still have a master?" Lin Yu smiled at Yuan Lan. "I have confidence in Master."
Yuan Lan caught a glimpse of Lin Yu. "Don’t flatter those guys there. Didn’t they say that they would die if they saw my brother Yue Qiuling?"
"I haven’t seen Yue Qiuxiang’s former master." Lin Yu said slowly, "I have studied several kinds of silver-striped magic guns and demon nuclear arrays to make me believe that no one can deal with me if it weren’t for Yuan Shenjing guy."
"By the way, didn’t you pick up a rope from the ancient god war field? In fact, the rope name is very good. If the strength of the other party does not reach its class, it can be tied. "
Yuan Lan’s mind moved that seemingly ordinary rope and immediately flew out of Lin Yu.
Since Yuan Lan was "that" by Lin Yu, Lin Yushen’s things are no different from Yuan Lan’s.
Lin Yu naturally doesn’t know anything, but he doesn’t mind Master touching his things.
Master gave himself hell. Why not give it to Master?
"Look at this rope!"
Yuan Lan’s right hand vitality draws a "bound" word, and the left hand lifts the rope immediately, like a soul, and it flies out in less than a blink of an eye, and Lin Yu is tied like a dumpling. Chapter 88 Daughters say goodbye.
"Oh dear!" Lin Yu was firmly tied with a rope, and the rope was even tied to his self-confessed hard meat, which made him cry, "Master, let me go quickly!"
Yuan Lan casually waved the word "loose" and the rope whizzed back to Yuan Lan.
Lin Yu grinned with pain, but his eyes were all naked when he looked at the rope. "Master, can you just draw words directly?"
Yuan Lan took a white look at Lin Yu: "How can it be so easy for you to remember these spiritual methods?"
Soon, Lin Yu’s mind immediately came up with a paragraph of words such as controlling the binding of yuan rope. He immediately urged the spirit to firmly remember these words
Now Yuan Lan is not hiding in Lin Yu’s body, but what she wants to do for Lin Yu is still as convenient as before.
The only difference is that if Lin Yuxian really wants something, Yuan Lan can’t know it for the first time.
"Hoo-"It took a long time to remember the control method of the bound rope. Lin Yu was finally relieved.
At this time, Lin Yuxin suddenly trembled because he heard a long-lost voice, "Big Brother, do you really want to take risks?"
"Little Laner!" Lin Yu looked at his Yuan Lan with stare big eyes and couldn’t help hugging her.