Xia Xue gloated at Mr. Xia.

Min Xu said cautiously, "Brother michel platini is too worried about dopted mother, but he doesn’t have other ideas. Don’t be angry."
Xia Han didn’t speak, but put the dishes and chopsticks up. "You slow me down and look at the displacement."
After Xia Han left, everyone quickly ended up. Xia Feng was taught by Xia Han in front of so many people. He was naturally in a bad mood and went back to his room early, but before he left, he patted him on the shoulder and comforted, "Your father is such a bad temper. Don’t take it to heart."
"Why am I used to it?" Xia Feng forced a smile. "By the way, uncle, do you know who is behind this today?"
"You are really smart," Lang said. "Let’s talk in the room."
When they came to the room, they saw Xia Han staring blankly in front of the French window. His charming and handsome face was deeply worried, and the wrinkles around his eyes seemed to have deepened.
"Daddy," Xia Feng went in and comforted, "Mommy will be fine. Don’t worry too much."
Xia Han turned and saw his one eye and said nothing.
The random act of touching the vase next to the door and sitting on the sofa did not escape Xia Feng’s eyes. From childhood, every time Xia Han and Lang talked to the room, they would caress the vase. Xia Feng knew that it was a secret passage that could cut off all the sounds in the room to avoid eavesdropping by outsiders.
"I’m sorry that the cold has brought trouble to you again." Post guilt said to Xia Han.
"If you are a brother, don’t say such a thing. I’ve got you into trouble many times." Xia Han waved and lit a cigar.
"Isn’t this a rush to Xier today?" Xia Feng lost his mind when he heard this. He is really clever.
"Is Long Hao" post micro frowned "now you should say nothing about Wang Zun? People are really kind. "
"It turns out that Long Hao has never given up. If he is not refrigerated by the Queen, he will definitely find a way to change this state. I have long suspected that he was not behind the incident that night. He didn’t have suspicious behavior …" Speaking of which, Xia Feng was dazed and a bold idea came to mind.
"The royal fight is so complicated," Xia Han sternly woke up. "Even if you know what’s going on in your heart, don’t show it as if you don’t know anything."
"White daddy" Xia Feng’s eyes passed a ray of complicated light "so Long Hao is now finding a way to recall Xi Er’s memory? Clear his name? He must have been rebuffed by his uncle and then a coward. "
"I solemnly warn you not to think about it again. It’s not necessarily a good thing to start and find out about the incident of hurting Xier gangsters two years ago, you know?"
Xia Han seems to have seen through Xia Feng’s mind and kept a close eye on him. I haven’t seen through your mind for twenty years?
Xia Feng dazed a nod a way "know".
Post glanced at him and drank tea. Xia Fenggen didn’t love Xi ‘er enough, otherwise he wouldn’t be obsessed with it until now.
"Come to this matter, we don’t want to let you know that because you are too suspicious and afraid that you will spoil the broth on impulse, now Long Hao’s action is too big. You are a summer family man who must assume the responsibility of protecting his family, and your uncle and I didn’t tell you about it.
Come on, I’m going to go to Denmark in person in two days to discuss this matter with the queen, and let her control Long Hao. Your uncle stayed to protect Xi Er, but now that something happened to your mommy, I have to accompany her, and my uncle has to go to Denmark, so I’ll leave it to you to protect Xi Er.
Long Hao’s main goal is Heer, but it doesn’t rule out hurting people with her. Remember that you must not let them take Heer away, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. Recently, you must be careful and take good care of her. It’s not for nothing that I sent you to Japan for training these years. "Xia Han looked at Xia Feng seriously.
"I know I will be careful to protect their safety." Xia Feng nodded solemnly and felt a little happy, so that I would have more opportunities to be with Xi ‘er. Maybe she would slowly try to accept me again.
"Uncle, you must not let Xi ‘er have something to do for two days."
"Yes, I will do my best to protect her." Xia Feng firmly returned to Chapter 145 Surprise discovery.
"All right, go to rest." Xia Han waved and Xia Feng got up. "Good night, daddy. Good night, uncle."
"Good night" post smile response Xia Han is nodded.
Xia Feng walked to the door and met Xia Shihao who was pushed by the servant. He accidentally asked, "Grandpa, why haven’t you rested?"
"I have something to discuss with your father. Go to rest," Xia Shihao said kindly.
"Good night" Xia Feng let the road watch Xia Shihao pushed by the servant, and then the servant came out and conveniently closed the door.
Xia Feng was full of thoughts at the door. Grandpa must have found something, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to Daddy so late.
Xia Shihao usually doesn’t tell Xia Han unless he knows any secrets or finds any problems, but today he found out the secrets is a great surprise.
"Daddy didn’t rest so late? You have something? " Xia Han pushed Xia Shihao to the sofa and took a thin blanket to cover his knees.
"Cold, I think that Wang Zun is probably Mo Er." Xia Shihao was excited to say this sentence, and Xia Han and Lang were shocked
"What? What did you find? " Xia Han excitedly grabbed his father’s hand.
"Today, when the cruise ship was shot, I could see that he was very nervous, but he tried to hide his emotions. However, when he went to Moer before he was in a coma, he couldn’t help it any more. Although he hung his eyes and tried not to let others find out, I found it by accident.
He is always cold at ordinary times and has no mood in his eyes, right? But at that time, his eyes changed like a sudden resurrection, and he also said that he would never let the displaced person have something to say. When he said that, his eyes were very firm, and the displaced person said that if Mo Er knew that something had happened to her, he might come back to see her. Then when he gave the displaced person a bullet, he said that Mo Er might really come back … "
Breath with these Xia Shihao very excited hands shaking "you say if he is not ink son? How could you say that? How can you be so worried about your safety? How cold he is at ordinary times. "
"It is indeed possible" to judge calmly.
"But I have sent someone to check his background before. He does have parents in England, and I have seen photos of his parents. His father and I both have some imagination." Xia Han frowned.
His heart is beating very fast. He really hopes that his father’s speculation is true, but he can’t believe it. If Wang Zun is really Moer, why won’t he recognize us? And that day at Fengyun Hotel, he personally told me that he was not my son. Does he still blame us?
"It’s not surprising if he really intends to hide these illusions." An outsider post is calmer than summer cold and sees through some things, but the authorities will be blind to the beholder.
"What does he want to hide? What refused to recognize us? " Xia Han’s mood is very uneasy. Deep in his heart, he hopes that Wang Zun is Xia Mo and that he doesn’t want to recognize his son. But at the thought of Wang Zun’s indifference to them, he is very afraid and afraid of Mo Er. He still hates them. He is even more afraid that Mo Er has a way to get rid of the shackles like the former post …
"Cold, calm down and have a glass of water first" Post handed him a cup of hot tea.
After a few minutes of silence, everyone’s mood gradually calmed down.
Xia Shihao sighed deeply and said, "What I am most afraid of now is … the ink is still dark."