Shinohara snow hanging eyes looked at Su Ling pulling her hand and listening to her sob pharynx pharynx words in the mind also sour unceasingly.

Immediately, I also gave up the white jade cup and directly picked up the big bowl of plump plump and dried it upside down!
"Ling, it’s all my fault! Anyway, it’s my decision! If you are mad at me, you can hit me and scold me! But don’t drink! "
Said Shinohara snow potential will Su Ling front wine bowl away, but just held out his hand move suddenly stopped by Su Ling.
Everyone who has drunk wine with Su Ling knows that firstly, her wine is not good, and secondly, she belongs to the kind of person who can drink a cup of wine!
Stopped Shinohara snow after moving this time Su Ling directly grabbed the jars from the table and clutched their hands without putting their arms in Shinohara snow and said, "Leave me alone! I want to drink today!
Shinohara, tell me the truth. Did that flat calf named Lou force you to marry him? If it is, I won’t believe it if you tell me!
You say it and I’ll back you up? ! "
Look, I just drank a bowl of wine. Su Ling’s speech has been upside down!
At this time, the only consciousness in her mind is that she can’t let Shinohara go against her will to do things that wronged her!
She’s too white. This time, the damage caused by Huang Yin Li is unprecedented. That’s why they are about to leave. If everything can’t be solved perfectly before leaving, how can she feel at ease? !
Shinohara snow took one look at nai noncommittally burn old see he doesn’t seem to stop Su Ling drinking meaning immediately wry smile turn eyes looked at Su Ling pandering way "three you are quick to stop drinking! To tell you the truth, I married him willingly. No one forced me or forced me!
It’s all my decision. Don’t drink. You have to hurry! "
Shinohara Snow tried to persuade Su Ling, who was drunk, not to wake up.
And because Su Ling drank too much, she spoke with scruples, but Lou Zhan, who was sitting opposite her at that time, didn’t look very good.
When did he become a shriveled calf?
Perhaps Lou Zhan’s whole body was cold and soon attracted the attention of Huang Lao!
It just so happens that the two people are sitting in a moment to burn the old one, then holding the glass to Louzhan and gesturing at the same time, a warning look emerges in the fundus.
It seems a little humbled to see this building without saying much, and gulp it down with a glass.
Of course, they all abandoned the sea bowls that Yushu had filled before!
Everyone’s heart is white on this occasion tonight. If they all drink too much, what will Su Ling do sometime!
In order to be on the safe side, I can’t help but give myself a written pledge to fulfill a military order. I must let Su Ling give up drinking when I have the opportunity!
"Catch the hair road! Can you make me feel at ease when you are like this? Xia xiaoxue, where have you been domineering? Aren’t you Taitai’s wife from Southern Xia Kingdom? How did you mix yourself up like this? I came here thinking that if I divorced Huang Lao, I would come to you!
And look at you. How can I come to you like this? "
What does it mean that others are not too white to divorce, but it is clear to burn the old three!
The problem is that he doesn’t feel that he has done anything to make people angry recently!
But what Su Ling this xiao ni has been wandering the idea in my heart? !
Is this okay? !
"Ling you …"
"Don’t talk!" Su Lingqiang interrupted Shinohara Snow and then blew the bottle with the jar!
Don’t be so scary that scene!
"Cousin, what about this?"
Seeing Su Ling holding the jars and not letting Shinohara snow go, she could not help but pray and looked at the third place.
We can stop Su Ling now. He should be there!
Nai Huang Lao is still sitting on a mountain and looking at Shinohara Snow with gloomy eyes. Su Ling’s eyebrows twitched for a moment and her voice was low. "Let her drink, isn’t it all because of you?" !”
This Shinohara Snow feels like a sinner through the ages!
She feels bad, too, but she can’t talk!
In that case, drink it!
Even burn old can’t hold Su Ling, Shinohara Snow White herself is even more difficult to beat her!
Su Ling’s holding the jar and drinking more than spilling sake from her mouth wet her chest.
This scene is also like a gourd painting gourd ladle!
Directly grabbed another jar, and the two sisters just held jars around each other and drank them.
Xiao Yu Xue Su Ling, do you want to make a group of men sitting at the table at this time look at each other with small eyes? !
Burn three-dimensional glass corners of the mouth twitched and looked at them, then lowered his eyes and looked at the small white jade cup placed in front of him.
What rhythm is this? !
Burn old and burn three-dimensional xuan also moment not instantaneous looking at shinohara snow and Su Ling the whole lobby pin falls audible silence Su Ling an altar of wine has been drunk!
Cough up!’
With her awkward posture, Shinohara’s jar in her hand has been like this after she burped!
But even so, Shinohara Snow still has clear eyes and can’t see the slightest drunkenness.