"Well, that’s more like it." Jia Zheng nodded with satisfaction and walked back with measured steps. "Okay, everyone, let’s go in and continue talking."

Xiao quietly sighed and glanced to the side. The second position on the left in front of him was the very handsome girl Chi Xiaozhu.
In a sense, Xiao Yan is a rather slow person. He never set foot in the relationship between men and women during his whole study period until he graduated from work and came to such a company. When he first saw Chi Xiaozhu, he suddenly understood what love was.
At the first sight of Chi Xiaozhu, he felt that something in his heart was smashed like fragile porcelain, and then the girl lived in it and occupied the whole heart, making him feel that others were no longer handsome, elegant and stubborn, and that indescribable temperament seemed to be a thunderbolt in the sunny sky, which directly hit the careful room and fell directly in just one second.
In other words, his love for Chixiaozhu is very typical. If it weren’t for his infatuation with Xiaozhu and his temper in his school, he would have scolded Jia Zhengzheng directly.
It’s a pity that although he loves Xiaozhu to death in his heart, Xiaozhu seems to have no interest in him at all, except when he is bullied, she usually regards Xiao as a very quiet girl. Every word and smile in the silent class is full of a leisurely and leisurely charm. It seems that the whole person lives in a spirit, full of rhythm and rhythm, and carefree and independent in the state of life is not like this world.
It is said that Xiaozhu’s family is also very rich. She came to work here because her parents have a friendship with the head office. Even if she often contradicts Jia Zheng, Jia Zheng dare not give her any difficulties. Even if she takes ten thousand steps back, it is impossible to marry a wage earner who can barely solve the problem of food and clothing.
In other words, even if she really looks down on her, she and Xiao are completely rooted and can’t have a result
But only when I was so young, I became more infatuated with her. The more infatuated I was with her, the more I could stand Jia Zhengzheng’s oppression.
The cerebellum sent a message to Xiaozhu. In the past, Xiaozhu quickly replied with a simple smiley face symbol, and then he didn’t know what to say. Even if he was slow, he could see that Chi Xiaozhu didn’t even have the slightest interest in his roots, and he didn’t even have interest in talking.
The class flies so fast that it’s five o’clock in the afternoon. I’m nervous and staring at my mobile phone for a second and counting down. "There’s still half a minute … there’s still twenty seconds … there’s still ten seconds … ah, I’m so excited that the horse will be twenty-one years old! Is my real horse about to change luck? "
"Yan Xiao!" Familiar growls resounded through my ears. "What are you doing!"
Little scared a quivering looked up and saw Jia Zheng’s close face.
"I … I didn’t do anything." Small panic explained.
"Nothing?" Jia Zheng sneered, and his two hands holding the glass baffle deliberately put his face close together to form a form of coercion. A burst of smoke in his mouth made him want to vomit. "I saw you staring at the countdown of your mobile phone when you were in class. You just sat here and waited for the class. You didn’t even have a little enthusiasm and sense of responsibility!"
"I was wrong" is simply a mistake. According to the experience in the past few months, if I don’t admit my mistake directly, I will definitely admit my mistake. At the same time, there are many ideological and attitude problems that are guilty.
"Just admit your mistake?" Jia Zheng waved an arm and leaned forward and shouted, "If every employee is like you, what is the future of our company?" If every employee … "
Just then, I heard the ringing sound of the wall clock overhead. It’s five o’clock.
"It’s my turn …" Small quietly thought.
Jia Zheng glared at the wall clock and turned to reprimand "If every employee … ouch!" Just then, I heard a crisp fracture at hand. It turned out that his hand was pulling the transparent glass baffle and suddenly it broke. Jia Zheng’s body suddenly lost its balance. He also tried to keep his balance. He immediately put his hand to help the baffle on the next table and leaned back desperately, but the baffle actually broke at once. Jia Zheng finally lost his balance. He jumped forward and missed the corner of the table. When he fell, his head was hit hard by the corner of the table.
When the "Peng" rang, the bump was really not light. Even when I looked at it, I felt my head numb.
The ground is full of broken glass dross, which is also Jia Zheng’s bad luck. The glass baffle in this office is extremely hard, even if his whole fat body is pressed away, it won’t matter. But at this moment, two pieces of Jia Zheng’s face were broken, and he just fell into the glass dross, and he heard a "ouch" like a pig, so he couldn’t hear another sound.
"oh, my god! Manager Jia, are you all right? " Suddenly, three or four people rushed in and were very enthusiastic about pulling Jia Zheng up. At first glance, he couldn’t help laughing when he saw the face inlaid with several glass dross. As soon as he laughed, he felt that something was wrong. Before he could react, he saw that the bloody face in front of him suddenly opened a small hole. From the hole, he flew out a sentence that was more angry than growling, "How dare you laugh!"
"I …" Small forehead suddenly sweat.
"Tintin" words rang at this time, but Qin Zhen hurriedly ran over to answer the words shaking his ass. "Manager Jia …"
"What is it? Just say it! " Jia Zheng was obviously confused by anger and didn’t see Qin Zhen’s face was wrong. "Don’t dally."
"Oh, well," Qin Damei immediately said, "The financial situation in our department is a little wrong. The financial director will come to inspect it in a couple of days."
"Finance … Finance Director …" Jia Zheng’s face is probably white, but now he can see a piece of red blood and a full face of glass scum. "When … when will you come?"
"The day after tomorrow" Qin Zhen said
Jia Zheng took a long breath and digested the bad news. I turned around and stared at the little "Yan Xiao, you made everything out today! I want to deduct you this month … "