But at the gate of the main palace, two Yuan guards armed with halberds blocked their way. "Third-class untouchables must climb in on their knees if they want to see my emperor."

A junior of Zhao family really can’t bear to shout, "How dare you … Ah!"
Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof.
"Nine brothers!"
Two brothers behind him just stretched out his hand to help and several cold lights flashed to cut off the two young people’s hands.
"Ah …" Two people scream and their arm blood KuangPen staggered into one place, even if others want to help them, they don’t have the guts.
To have Zhao Xiao, the strong man in heaven and earth, those cold light roots can’t hurt their successors
But he knew that even his own hands were cut off.
It’s better to do nothing.
Zhao Xiao, who can bend and stretch, was the first to climb to the top of the palace on his knees.
"What’s the point of uncle living like a dog!" Seeing that Zhao Xiao was the first to kneel and have his feet cut off, the younger generation of the Zhao family was indignant and inexplicably yelled, "It is better to die than to kneel!"
This heroic Zhao junior blew himself up with a bang!
"Nine brothers!" Seeing that his good brother was so unyielding that his arm was cut off, the younger generation of the Zhao family did not hesitate to choose to go with him. "You will continue to be your dogs!"
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and bang.
Not seeking common life but seeking common death, they did what real brothers did.
Compared with these three tragic people, others actually knelt down step by step towards the Yuan Emperor’s Palace in addition to their sad faces.
Wang Yuan has never been subjected to such humiliation except for bowing down to his elders and ancestors, but at this time he can also endure such humiliation and force himself to be calm, but he can’t help but spit out a mouthful of depressed blood.
Crawling all the way, his blood spilled all the way.
Looking at this mighty crawling team, the bilateral ministers of the Yuan Emperor Palace are either laughing or spitting there. "Haha, untouchables are untouchables!"
"It is this kind of root that is not worthy of Cangyu mainland to live!"
Yuan emperor’s facial expression toward the virtual said "Lin Yu and six families that a few pale yu strong people do you see? If you don’t want them to be so practiced, come out and let go! "
In the magic mirror, when Wang Haoxuan saw his grandfather vomiting blood, his heart was greatly shocked. His hands could not help but hold his fist tightly and his teeth rattled.
Even Wang Haoxuan and Wang Yuan turned against each other and said that Wang Haoxuan was a traitor to the Wangs, but Wang Yuan never said that he would expel Wang Haoxuan from the Wangs.
To say that Wang Yuan, an aspirant, still has affection for anyone in his family, that person is Wang Haoxuan.
Wang Haoxuan immediately wanted to rush out of the magic mirror and kill the Yuan Emperor Palace, but he was pulled by Lin Yu. "Brother Xuan, if you go out now, you can’t save them. Rest assured, I have an idea."
Wang Haoxuan looked at Lin Yu’s calm face and nodded slightly.
In the face of the Yuan Emperor’s provocation, Lin Yu finally appeared in the Yuan Emperor’s Palace. "Old things, if you want to draw out Xiao Xiu Xiaofei, you don’t expect them to be rooted by me. You don’t know what happened here. These people have been enemies with me. Do you expect me to save them? Come on, these people have chosen to be dogs in front of you, so you can kill or cut them if you want. Chapter 481 reignite the war.
Lin Yu directly chose to regard Rao as the Yuan Emperor and Nai for these people.
As Lin Yu said, these people are not "attractive" to Lin Yu at all. It is not Lin Yu’s business to die.
However, Emperor Yuan was not willing to be regarded as such by Lin Yu. "Lin Yu, if you really don’t care whether they live or die, that’s fine. They are here. I will kill ten people a day until I kill them all. I don’t believe this. If you let your good friends see you one day, I don’t know if they will see your friends at that time."
After thinking for a moment, the Emperor Yuan said, "By the way, there are six big families of women. My Yuan family is enough to give them courtesy. Ji didn’t touch them. If you still can’t hide, don’t blame me for treating them as prostitutes."
"Damn it!" Xiaofei, Wang Haoxuan, Ouyang Xiu and Yan Ruoning all watched and listened there. Seeing that the Yuan Emperor was so despicable, they all gnashed their teeth with anger.
"By the way, there is a strange woman here." With a wave of his right hand, Yuan Huang threw a disheveled and disheveled woman out of the void.
The female eye hole landed on all fours like a female beast.
"She is …" The Lins didn’t recognize this woman, Xiaofei, but her eyes were already latosolic red.
Yuan Huang snorted. "Xiaofei, you are somehow a reincarnation of the strong in Cangyu. Do you have the heart to see your mother being so humiliated?" In a word, Lin Yu, if you don’t give me a reply, don’t blame me for letting the most bitch in this continent wheel this woman. "
"I’m going to kill this old bastard!" Xiaofei’s eyes were wide with blood, especially brilliant red.
Although Xiaofei has no affection for his mother, no matter how the mother bond is broken, it can’t be broken.
Lin Yu knew that he would go crazy if he went to Xiaofei in silence again.
Even if he doesn’t want to fight again, he has to fight at this time.
"Yuan emperor, what do you want? It is always impossible for me to let you cut in front of you? " Lin Yu hum said.
See Lin Yu finally compromised Yuan Huang’s face with a little smile. "Lin Yu is simple. I will put six family hostages in six cities respectively. If you have something to do, just let go and attack and save it."
"So you like others to attack you so much," Lin Yu said coldly. "Okay, you draw a path and I’ll come."
"Happy!" Yuan Huang rose from the throne and said to Lin Yu’s imaginary shadow, "These six cities are the main cities of the original six families. Can you conquer the emperor one by one or attack the emperor at the same time?"
"I will break your six cities in a month, and you will wait!" Say Lin Yu immediately cut off and Yuan Huanglian.
There was a strange smile on the face of Emperor Yuan. "It’s good to have confidence, but whether you have this strength or not is another matter."
Just as the Yuan emperor was thinking about calculating Lin Yu, a guard of the Yuan royal family rushed in and knelt down in a panic to report that "all the harem departments of the six families of the Yuan emperor have disappeared and disappeared!"
"What? !” Yuan emperor smile suddenly froze for a good half-day before huanguo to god.