"Xiao Jiu sister-in-law polite" eleven emperors got up and reciprocate.

"Sit down," Yan said with a smile in front of her stranger for weeks.
Su Mian sat in front of Yan Gui.
"Although I haven’t done the conferring ceremony, I’m also a serious side princess. It’s not good not to send a gift when I meet you today," he said, and gave Su Mian a pair of jade bracelets on his wrist.
"Thank you for the reward from princess royal." Su Mian looked at the pair of bracelets and didn’t see any joy. It’s good, but it’s better than the jade beads that Yan Gui once gave her.
At this time, a woman came from outside the tent, and then a woman dressed in red came in like a red cloud.
Su Mian looked at the woman and had a strange feeling that she seemed to have seen it.
"Mom!" The woman cried and rushed at the princess royal.
"This girl didn’t see so many people? Don’t salute well? " Princess royal scolded her, but her eyes were spoiled.
"I have seen my ninth cousin and my eleventh cousin. Who is this?" Say, pointing to Su Mian and ask.
"Don’t be polite. That’s your ninth cousin’s side princess. The Su family should call her sister-in-law." princess royal said.
The woman in red had a slight disdain flash across her face, but she was still slightly blessed and called "Xiao Jiu is good."
"Good country" Su Mian got up and said
"Greet the Princess Su of the Nine Emperors and Eleven Emperors in princess royal", and then a soft woman came to be blessed with a pink skirt.
"Xin Yu, get up!" Big princess royal smiled and waved, and both of them passed.
"This is my daughter wan infanta. Her best friend’s name is Yi Wu Xin Yu infanta. You haven’t seen it before, have you? That’s the only daughter of General Zhen Guo, and it’s common to raise the queen mother before and after. "
This is Su Mian talking. She got up and said, "Thank you for seeing the two infantas again at princess royal Point."
"The side princess gives birth to a good color and Xin Yu is envious." Song Xinyu said with a smile.
Su mian smiled and didn’t answer. It’s not a passer-by who needs nonsense
"Well, not to say that afternoon to take flowers? Since the ninth cousin is also here, why don’t you join us? " Leaf in accordance with the dance too lazy to say these didn’t pull big princess royal sleeve way
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good."
"Nine cousin together? If you come with us, you will win. Do you want to shine again today? " Leaf in accordance with the dance at yan to way
Big princess royal is frowning and trying to reprimand Yan Gui lightly. "Since the monarch says so, the temple is a desperate woman."
Su Mian almost opened his mouth. His temple was switched?
Yan Gui looked at her with a ghost expression and smiled "Come on now"
Saying this, he took the lead in taking the eleven emperors out.
The stands have already been set up outside.
Taking flowers is a kind of horse racing, that is, putting a silk flower at the finish line and then fighting for it.
But it would be wrong for you to run over there.
Because it’s a maze to pass through
Even the square maze on the northwest side of the racecourse is complicated and covers a large area, which is as lost as going in several times.
Putting flowers in the maze, the starting point outside, the easternmost part of the racecourse, and entering the maze as soon as possible, will have more opportunities to find a way out and seize flowers. This is such a game.
It’s also that idle people such as your games don’t have a maze or don’t have such a big maze to play with.
The stands are at the end of the maze. When everyone enters the maze, they can see the people inside, but they can’t shout.
They were all ready. princess royal led Xin Yu’s monarch and Su Mian to the stands.
"This flower grabbing is a test of human brain and dancing, and that rectum is not going to take flowers." Big princess royal said with a smile
"It’s not necessarily a good equestrian dance. If you enter the maze early, you will have more chances." Xin Yu said with a smile.
"Let’s sit down. If Xin Yuqin plays well, why don’t you play a song for us and they will almost come over? Let’s take your time." princess royal said and motioned for the handmaiden to move to the piano.
Song Xinyu washed her hands and played after the handmaiden burned incense.
It’s a song "Warrior Lanling Ensemble", which is in line with this situation. Su Mian sat quietly drinking tea.
At the end of the song, the horseshoe gradually came in the distance to participate in the flower-grabbing and swallow-returning period. Liu Xin, Song Zhicheng, Ye Yi Dance, Ruan Leyang and Cao Gang all came running one after another.
Yan returned to the fourth place. Su Mian couldn’t help laughing. His house is hiding others, right?
Just at this time, Song Xinyu ended a song, or she saw Su Mian’s smile at the corner of her mouth. Looking down her eyes, she was angry with her clothes.
Song Xinyu’s eyes flashed a glimmer of gloom.